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by Matt @ Kurb on September 24, 2009

Great big huge pile of branding concepts flying around for artists straight out of my email consultations!

What’s the story? What’s your brand narrative as an artist? Why get deep into marketing strategies when your brand and your content doesn’t have the clout to motivate fans?

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This is Matt from Kurb promotions and just emailing you about ideas
for video, branding etc.

The idea is – well you saw it with kanye, taylor swift and beyonce
this week – stories and characters drive brands and entertainment
these days.

So the idea behind your videos and whatever work we do on your blogs
is about stories and episodes that kids want to see, and want to “find
out what happens”

You’re the hero of the story and the main character, so it’s about
making you look good.

It’s also in the beginning, about helping kids to understand instantly
what you’re about – it helps kids make the connection, and gives it a viral
element that’s easy to translate.

that’s a start. The other thing of course it to make it as easy on you
as possible so this doesn’t end up taking up too much time and it’s
easy for you to make a contribution each week.

So I’m just going to start firing ideas at you, you’re welcome to pick
and choose what you’d like to run with:

– music review: basically sit down with one of your favourite albums
and talk about it. the idea is you do a bunch at a time then we space
them out so we release one a month.

– “cooking with [your artist name here]” idea is you just do it once so it’s
“random” in fact you could just make a sandwich or fry a sausage and
act like your the master chef.

– the stalker: this is a storyline which suggests you are being
stalked by some weird obsessed fan which is both mysterious and
humourous for the fans, and frames the idea that you’re a big deal. It
also means we can develop content that is from the “stalker” rather
than from you – that is weird emails, letters, and even video that we
can post from the “stalkers” account. Then you can make videos about
how you’re really freaked out about the stalker.

– vampires and wizards: obviously if you have a teen target, vampires and wizards is a theme you
can get traction with especially by having some kind of humourous or
satirical take ie “rudeboy vampire”.

– silly competition for silly prize: be serious about something
completely ridiculous, win an old sausage

– weird neighbours and friends – generally weird people who can go on
about how much they love you

– stage a bizarre one man protest against [your cause here]

– mock movie trailer: “the ARTISTNAMEinator” “the ARTISTning” “dirty ARTIST”
etc. you could do a series

I guess that’s just a start – the idea is to isolate what aspects of
your character we want to develop and then coming up with appropriate
concepts that you can execute easily.

Funny stories funny scenarios etc that are easy to execute, especially
as I mentioned earlier, where it ties in with concepts your fans are
already familiar with

This is just an introduction so when I get thinking about specific
ideas I can come back to you – especially things that are topical. I
would have discussed what kind of kanye stuff we could have done but
it’s already too late. That was last week.

As I mentioned we have our own video team so anything we can
do using footage already online, or fan footage where you asks fans to
do something or participate in some way, or getting reactions from
ordinary bystanders on a certain subject – again especially a subject
that people are interested in and relates indirectly to you.

What other clients are doing is recording audio mp3’s of them telling
stories and my video team are putting together video to go along with
it – this way you can make videos without all the hassle of . . .
making a video.

so yes, just some thoughts to get you started, it’s all about developing ideas so that your fans are going to stay plugged into what you’re doing through this regular content.

with your blogs it’s like this: you and I focus on the content – But
the distribution, as in where it goes – to blogger, wordpress,
myspace, facebook, etc., that’s what my staff do. we just have to
worry about whats funny/engaging and keeps the fans reading.

So 1 week a serious music review, the next music opinion, the next,
something silly, it just mixes it up for you and the fans.

you can also do video and my staff can write out as a blog post. It’s
all about saving you time so you’re focused on creative.

AND all content is pushing fans toward the mail sign up (as well as
twitter etc) which is our main line of communication. So it doesn’t
matter where it goes as long as it’s herding the fans where we want
them – email list, twitter, myspace etc.

For the myspace fans we’re going to keep baiting them with this
content, but we need at least 1 major push in the next month.

1 major proposition.

have you seen this vid?


this is about fansourcing content – motivating fans to get involved
and become connected to the brand. obviously we’re not planning
something like this, but this idea of getting fans involved combined
with my video team means: us putting together videos of fan promotion
without to much effort on your part.

just need a solid idea.

so then we hit social media like this – with a big basket of goodies

– new videos
– new music reviews
– mention latest single
– mention of regular competitions
– mention of twitter

and we really stress the interaction of the video project – that we’re
appealing to fans to be involved in a video and send pics and footage
that follows a certain theme.

what exactly that theme is something very clever we’re going to have
to come up with that will motivate the fans . . .

with fan management – this is a fine art we’ll have to perfect.

both through content promotion and automation. The first step is
content promotion because it feels not only like youre “there”,
involved but also communicates that essential idea that you’re not
just some internet myspace guy who has time to chit chat all day.

These people are your fans, they’re not your friends. Access must be
kept special.

We’ll get deeper into it, but that’s again, part of my job – it’s
important to know now though that we use technology to bare out the
appearance that you’re a lot more active with fans than perhaps you
really are, so when you do have thousands of fans its easy to keep
them engaged.

If you’re doing 2 videos a week, there’s less need to be directly
accessible, and answer every email.

With google, social media etc. basically your whole online campaign
it’s like this: your sites are the centre of the wheel. Only high
quality original content will pass through and your site will be
“pure” both in terms high quality entertaining content and
non-duplicate, but all the other sites are maintained only to push
traffic there, so while all duplicate content points back to your
site, we achieve 2 aims:

high rankings for your home site

traffic and backlink authority being pushed through feeder sites

Again, with the music review – you see a problem, I see an
opportunity. You’re the cool guy. You’re the guy who knows about this
stuff and has the musical knowledge so use it. I think we could do a
great little series of videos with my guys putting together old school
footage of these artists and you doing voiceover and presentation.

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