Pirate Party: Children’s Entertainment Auckland from $150

by Matt @ Kurb on September 6, 2009

Matt @ Kurb: kurbpromo@gmail.com provides online marketing and music business services for artists that are comprehensive and affordable

He also dresses up as a pirate on the weekend as a childrens entertainer – a great way for artists to make decent money while finely honing their performance chops.

contact in Auckland: 027 684 8250 – Or READ MORE about our PIRATE BIRTHDAYS

Okay I’m going to have to hoist some more trashy posts up here so that’s why I sneaking a few

Why am I posting trashy posts? Because this blog has actually got a bit of authority behind it now so it will help my pirate site rank higher in google.

Pirate site?

Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know I came up with the idea of going into business offering a service I did in university – turning up at kids birthday parties dressed as a pirate.

This is an example of where a performer can leverage a high value service that’s in demand.

I go to kids birthdays and get $150-200 for an hour. For most musicians this is pretty good money – hell, it’s good money for me too, but I wouldn;t know because really I’m just a greedy bastard and I love making money.

So this isn’t a completely trashy article – it’s all about my pirating service, and since I only do it in auckland, there’s nothing stopping you from being a pirate or having fairy parties for little girl’s birthdays.

Probably not such a good idea with the fairy parties if you’re a dude, but hey, just a suggestion.

This weekend really kicked in for my pirate business and I can now see I can really make a go of it if I’m prepared to give up my weekends where necessary to keep this going.

I mean obviously this is a highly personalised niche service.

I’m throwing up the concept of when I will be forced to raise the fee to $200p/hour permanently because I don’t see how it is avoidable. I’m just checking out the competition now, a good place to start when evaluating the value of high value services.

Again, it’s hard to get decent prices, so many business force you to ask for a quote! I’ll just have to go back to my previous place of employment which is still charging $175 plus a whole bunch of extras to use as my yardstick

There’s also another guy who specializes more in props who charges $200 and I have an acquaintance who set his price at $250 but I think that is a little high.

Just think plenty of middle class people will go crazy and spend money on their kids as long as it’s reasonably priced.

I guess what it comes down to is

1: I’m a more experienced performer than most people at my old work or the guy with the props. I think my experience actually gives me an advantage because i know a “routine” is just going to get ruined, being flexible is the best thing.

2: My marketing is likely to develop to become far superior, it’s not a matter of competition if your competition is invisible and afterall there are only so many parties I can do.

Then it comes to extra services, but looking at everything extra I could offer, it just looks like it’s going to be a pain in the neck – doing stuff like special pirate cakes and pirate decorations and all that kind of thing. It just becomes a big hassle for $20 here and there I just want to go in and do my show and get my $200.

I think what I will do is just have 2 options – either the straight 1 hour party or the everything package that includes a cake, decorations, filming and me being there for an extra half hour and that’ll be $500.

So really it becomes about how often I can do that. I like the idea of a sliding price scale but I’m not sure which way I want it to slide.

Should the 2nd and 3rd party in a day be more because I’m in demand, or should it be less to encourage more people on the same day and therefore more free days for me, and that they’re less likely to get their ideal time?

what would be the time break up?

11 am / 1pm / 3pm – that allows an hour for traveling and just to wind down for a mo’.

so 3 parties p/day is next to impossible.  I need to be thinking about a quick or budget service that can deliver value for $95

Or lower what they get for $150 so that $195 looks more appealling

okay now i’ve got it – 3pm will be $160 / 1pm $180 / 11am $195


North Shore / Waitakere / Manukau: $30 travel costs

Extra 30 minutes: $75

so that means I do have a good possibility of getting a 3 show day and making $535 p/day a maximum of $1070 p/weekend but realistically $555 p/week if we were making a effort.

So if you’re thinking about ideas to make money as a musician . . . maybe playing dress ups for kids will be one way of paying the bills until better things come along.

or you never know, you might like it! To me, I don’t do it for the money – aside from my materialistic nature – I also feel challenged by it.

I’ve done hundreds of gigs so it doesn’t so much factor for me as for younger people – it’s not necessarily nerves – you can call it nerves, but there’s any number of things that provide emotional barriers to you getting out there and doing your thing. Doing a job like this helps break those barriers down and makes you more professional.

Professionals know that you get out there and do your best, not sit around reaching for excuses about why you can’t front up.

That’s just a note from me and my childrens pirate birthday parties.

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