Music Branding and Marketing Stories: Kanye, Taylor and The Recession

by Matt @ Kurb on September 18, 2009

HEY! The recession is almost over.

Do you know what that means? Lots of opportunities for smart, forward looking music artists to bounce back with fresh music business ideas, working with us using focused and streamlined online music marketing campaigns.

But soon, consumer confidence means I’ll have many more artists wanting to work with me and use my services. That means I’ll be putting my prices up again.

But right now you can still get into one of our packages for $50p/week. We do complete online music marketing and music business management – that $50 represents 1 hour form me managing your strategy and 3 hours from my team – designers, social networking specialists, and content marketers – not only writers posting blogs, marketing articles, but our video team as well who create video for clients.

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So I could continue to get all indignant and upset about the whole Kanye / Taylor Swift thing but really when you reduce it all to what it is, are they really doing anything that I don’t advocate?

I guess I was just so shocked to see so many people believe that what they had seen was “real” – as in non premeditated.

I’ve already read stuff suggesting this was all set up by Jay-Z to make Beyonce look good and Kanye was only to happy to go along with it because he needed an excuse to take a break and he will very much be planning to exploit his redemption.

Who knows. But the point of all this is that entertainers exist to entertain. And I think we can see that the world was entertained.

The brand of Kanye, Taylor and Beyonce, three of the biggest contemporary pop stars was hugely amplified and people were lapping it up.

Why? Because it’s soap opera. It’s narrative. It’s entertainment.

I don’t care for music snobs, I have my own personal tastes but I am here to do business, and good business is a combination of good ideas and good marketing.

Good marketing, as the gurus will tell you is all about stories.

The innocent Taylor, the brash and arrogant Kanye, the benevolent and magnanimous Beyonce.

Soap Opera!

These are vivid characters part of a story played out in front of th eworld in a way finely crafted to grab our attention, and inflame our passions.

Everybody has an opinion and everybody knows about Kanye and Taylor, because everybody is talking about it.

So this is what I’m posting about today because boy gosh I haven’t posted for awhile, and heaps of people are starting to come through this blog whether I post or not – but the most important thing is that there is not only lots of work on for us – but the recession seems to be over and I notice the speed at which my music business has been growing is starting to pick up again.

And I will hopefully do some more video blogging talking about the role that stories play in music artist branding and the nitty gritty of developing brand narratives and stories with blogs, press releases, audio and video content.

So I’m working with my clients and I’m blogging for you and I’m talking about stories, and powerful brands that are projected by strong characters.  At first I was annoyed that people seemed to think there was a difference between Kanye /Taylor and Eminem/Bruno when they were both obviously similarly constructed.

But then I realised this is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

This not only bolstered the artists brands hugely but also increased the spectacle and gave relevancy back to the declining format of the awards show, which is SO traditional music industry fare.

So if you’re thinking about growing your brand and appeal as an artist – look for the way that powerful stories add to your brand and have this amazing ability to plug into an audience’s emotions.

So what character are you? What story are you telling that your character fits into?

Are you crafting the story that builds your music brand and make it appeal to your fans?

Have you got the tools not only to create but to distribute?

We can see clearly from the Kanye West and Taylor Swift incident that stories and spectacle create attention.

Again before I sign off – the value of our video team – I’m really stoked at the moment the way they’re developing.

To be in it as an entertainer you need to be providing engaging footage regularly and the fact that we’re doing this video stuff and still maintaining our rates about $50 p/week for artist promotion and music marketing makes me really excited about the contribution to artist branding we’re now making as we develop our artists online music marketing campaigns.

If you aren’t going to do this, and you aren’t going to spend $50 p/week to get it done, then someone else will and you won’t have the resources to compete.

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