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by Matt @ Kurb on September 1, 2009

Need seriously professional online music business support?

My name is Matt Turner and my company Kurb specializes in online music business – marketing, management, strategy and business models for artists and organisations.

We do websites, design, online advertising, video promotion and production, email management, brand strategy, content marketing, administration, online gig promotion . . . everything basically.

We tailor online solutions that are comprehensive and affordable. I run a team of staff in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and here in New Zealand which offers insurmountable value in online music marketing to musicians in the US or Europe.

Our fees start at US$200 p/month which gets you 4 hours from me building your online marketing and branding strategy and 10 hours from our support team in design, social media, video, and content.

You simply won’t get this standard of service and expertise at this price elsewhere.

Contact me, Matt:


Hopefully reading through my notes I’ve exchanged discussing other clients online music marketing strategies you can pick up a little bit about how we carry out our campaigns.

Adwords is what I use mainly and I find it far more effective than
facebook ads, particularly right now what I’m describing is working
particularly well.

we’re signing up as many as 4 fans to a $1.

With Search advertising you’ve got to remember you’re targeting
people who are looking for something in particular, advertising on
social media networks is part of an interruption process which is part
of the reason the advertising ends up costing so much more on facebook
and myspace through the ppc method.

We can do social bookmarking, but with building backlinks it’s both.
It builds seo and creates traffic.

Yes I use such software as is appropriate for the project, but at the
same time if you’re looking to build more interactions I only really
have the choice of conducting that from within the artist account or
else preparing some kind of framing by which this would occur outside
of the artists account.

There’s no easy way to construct authenticity.

What I can say about the software is that it’s the process of
automation – once you have a process automated by software of course
this is where you can scale a tactic to become effective without a
large commitment of resources.

Reverbnation is a great amateur platform, but it’s been built as a
free service, it’s not what professional internet marketers use, and
it’s not what I use with my clients. I have no problems with you using
it, it’s just there’s fundamental interactive propositions that can’t
be performed with reverbnation, and by it’s very nature, being free,
it’s not intended for large scale commercial use. It’s DIY.

Again, if you want organic traffic and brand building and interaction,
that’s requires a high level of service.

usually I always start with a free song download and branch out from there.

obviously I’m just here to make suggestions but my first one might be this:

We offer a free doenload to everyone who submits a picture of
themselves for a fan video – I send all the pictures to my video guys
who edits them up to a mister jack song, we post to youtube / artist blog, then all the fans see themselves in the video.

Then we promote the video, it gets 10k+ hits, the fans are excited and
feel connected to the artist.

so we single out our demographic on the existing friends list
and send a comment out, as well as bulletins, regular tweets,

what we have here is

1 – interactive strategy engaging fans motivated to get a free song as
an exclusive reward and become invested in the brand through their
2 – viral properties – fans will want to show friends they are in the video
3 – efficient because as long as I’m reporting to you we can run this
“mini campaign” without needing a commitment from your artist.
4 – more content in general

most importantly we’ve tried it, if it works, we do it again but
bigger, if not, we try something else.

just off the top of my head other viral campaign ideas:

competition, remix, video comps, conditional giveaways,

The idea is you launch these engaging mini campaigns and then you’ve
got something to talk about in the social media arena, and it keeps
the fans engaged while they’re waiting for the next video or content
from the artist.

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