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by Matt @ Kurb on September 21, 2009

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I am still really interested in building up my business doing children’s entertainment.

If you’re interested in having a children’s entertainer come to your kids birthday party than check out the options at Pirates of Auckland for pirate birthday party fun and children’s party games and adventure.

Y’know one of the main reasons I did it was to illustrate to artists new ways of creating value as performers so that you can finance yourself in the short to mid term.

But it also shows again, that when it comes to marketing stuff, well within 6 months I can generally get something off the ground and moving. When it comes to small business marketing, and entertainment markeitng,  well it’s kind of what I do for a job here at kurb promotions, so the marketing isn’t really an issue, I don’t feel I have to be bringing in massive amounts of leads in order to call it successful.

That’s not the aim right now.

Why? Because a solid marketing strategy only works for a sound business model. Why would you want to rush into creating and marketing a small business if you hadn’t already optimized the ultimate model to make you the most money for the least work?

That’s why I gave up on Graphic Design services – too much hassle for not enough money. It’s similar to the band doing the same old gigs week in and week out and never moving on or making any progress.

And if I have the marketing in place why would I put that into something that’s going to create stress to provide and grow?

When it comes to Pirates, just like a performer, the main limiting factor is that there is one of me. Sure I can make $200 p/hour but only 2-4 times p/weekend. But there is so much going for the business model as it exists that I am now trying to innovate around those challenges.

But let’s look at the pluses I see with the children’s pirate birthday business as it is:

– broad appeal, the market and the demand for what I provide is vast. All kids love fun, they can’t get enough and there’s a lot of kids out there.

. . . is there huge demand for your band or act, what you’re doing yet?

– highly motivated target – parents are happy to spend money on their kids, and I believe they scrutinize less when they rationalize that they are spoiling their kids.

. . . do your audience have the money and want to spend it? What DO you audience want to spend money on?

– I have a high value product.

. . . have you created something exceptional – and exceptional service or product worth getting or is it just, y’know, like, your CD?

– Competition exists but as I said you need a high level of skill to perform in my niche, and in broader terms, the market for kids entertainment is so vast that that there is always wiggle room to increase your competitiveness and innovation and make incremental gains to slice of the pie.

. . . are you tapping into an established stream of revenue or are you trying to do the hard work of breaking new ground and establishing a new pattern from which your fans are not already participating in?

Because that’s what I’m doing now, wiggling my way to the next level! I’m happy making good money working as a pirate but a refined business model is always about less working and more making money.

My small business marketing strategies are already in place to serve me well these  are practically the same things we do for bands and musicians but perhaps with more social media, but social media certainly the fastest way to jumpstart your marketing.

Social media is more about retainment, interaction, loyalty and customer service.

The more aggressive online marketing strategies are:

– article marketing ensures long term high ranking SEO results for sepcific terms
PPC Adwords Management ensures visibility amongst the most highly qualified of your audience
Video promotion, blog promotion and affordable design provide engagement experiences for customers / consumers / clients.

But to take the pirate business to the next level, there’s a number of limiting factors I mentioned – mainly that there is only one of me and that the job itself is demanding.

You’ve got to be aware of how much of your personal resources are consumed when you play gigs and tour. That’s why I advocate really getting deep into online marketing – perhaps with us of course – before you start thrashing yourself with pointless touring and gigs.

But this is what it comes down to, how can I tap the tremendous amount of goodwill i receive to extend profitable propositions in other directions?

What will your band do when your little shows sell out and all the local girls think you’re awesome?

My main strategy up until now was add ons an upsellsthat enhanced the experience. If your show is $10 how do you make it worth $15. Can you thorw in a CD?

Can you film the nights events and have the footage sent to everyone who pays the extra price? How can you enhance the experience?

But wait. All this is just going to complicate the simple process of turning up, playing your set – and then collecting your money and taking off and what’s more, the upsell need to take place after you’ve established value.

Your not gonna make a cd or a video of the gig seem awesome unless the show goes off.

The whole reason I’m thinking this way is I see the mums at the party impressed with what they’ve seen and the kids are happy and theyre in a heightened state of being keen to give me money.

Just like the kids at your gigs are gonna want the CD, the merch, and top see the footage on your website once you’ve played a killer show.

As you leave, they want more. How do you get more, how do you make more available for them to buy?

I think it comes back to the music marketing strategies I employ with the majority of my marketing clients who are musicians and provide much insight into the nature of modern promotion based around content.

The content itself – that is me and my ability to relate to the kids is not of value in itself as media. Media such as DVD’s, CD’s etc are borderline commodities – the effort of manufacture practically makes them only useful for one thing: building my brand.

But as I said, the main value is having my brand provide proof of higher value in my personal performances for a start . . .

This is similar to a musician who builds a following with online music marketing giving away music for next to nothing and then benefitting from selling more tickets and bigger venues.

But then I’ve got this brand to deal with. I’ve got to use the trust I’ve created to sell something else and just like a band the idea of t-shirts and mugs is not . . . modern. Plugging into serious business means selling somethign people want and it’s a very hard road inflating oyur brand to the fact that people are going to want another t-shirt or mug with your name on it.

This is affiliate marketing and it’s about the manner in which you can parley your trust and authority with the audience

So that’s where I see partnering with brands as a key.

When you’ve got a profile with a market that’s demonstratable, then you’ve got the power to sit down and be real about the kind of visibility you offer the brand through your media and content presence online.

That’s the problem with bands, they’re not demonstrating this kind of thing. What kind of performer do you have to be to great the magnetic demand that kids have to go crazy playing pirates on their birthday?

So I think it’s time to wrap up with a list of business strategies that signal long term opportunities

– using online media to give exposure to either my other businesses or brand partners

– promoting affiliate products

Maybe it’s hard to see it as simply being that but really, the future of media is converging online, and as a media content provider of any sort, it’s an array or advertising partnerships whether brand oriented or direct product endorsement monetized through commissions on sales.

The possibilities of performances and ideas like merchandise seem relevant, but that’s at the tall head of the scale.

Kurb promotions:

entertainment business marketing and strategies // promotions // video

online marketing strategies for musicians and entertainment providers

AND PIRATES!!! AAARGGHH!!!   /// 027 684 8250


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