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by Matt @ Kurb on August 10, 2009

STOP PRESS: OUR FEES WILL RISE TO $800 for 3 months in October 2009.

That means we will only take a few more clients on at $600 – that’s $400 up front so this may be your last chance to get involved with us at an affordable price before we start reflecting a price proposition for more established clients.

Don’t get stuck in the future paying someone else twice as much to do half the job when it’s too late!

Do you need serious music marketing services and artist management strategies to promote your music and manage artist revenue online?

Then you need to contact, me, Matt @ Kurb:

Largely because I’m from New Zealand and most of my staff are in India and the Philippines, you won’t get anyone with my level of experience offering a personal 1-to-1 music marketing solution which covers absolutely everything for so cheap.

You will not get this service at this price in Europe or the US!

This is a professional solution. It’s $500 Up front to try your first 3 months, and positions are once again strictly limited.

We’re doing great work promoting artists online with online advertisng campaigns, article marketing carried out by our staff, and email based fan management strategies, plus all the regular stuff: Myspace friend adding, web and blog design and management,  youtube promotion and video production and marketng support – it’s a total package provided with experience, next month I would have been doing this for 5 years now and I have consistently raise my prices every 6 months due to demand.

This is the biggest video we did, 65k views:

here’s another clip we’ve done for a client, 10k views:

I don’t usually push youtube views with clients looking to do anything other than establish views as social proof.

Well my profiles


both have either side of 10k friends and that’s just my personal stuff. Admittedly that was done in more favourable times for myspace but we can still add 1k targeted friends

A good example of a sign up page we’ve just done which is very modest is but this was generating sign ups every day after 2 months

But this is all numbers stuff. Authentic brands is about someone who understands the environment but also what automated technology is available, or what advantages can be gained.

So sure, providing a software service, and youtube optimisation etc, is great, that’s what I do for my clients, but to build an authentic and engaging brand you need high quality content, lots of it, more than an artist is available to produce. Unless the artist is willing to wade in and can keep up with the regular interactions on myspace, facebook, twitter etc., then it’s not going to come together.

You need someone highly intuitive to maintain that brand, and give the audience some kind of framing with which to understand what the platform exists to achieve. and that’s not something that can be done by someone in india or the philippines.

Posting relevant blogs that can spread on facebook and myspace that fans want to read and talk about, comment on, asking questions on twitter, responding, stirring up conversation.

So you got the internet marketing which drives traffic, numbers – through advertising, optimization and social media software – that’s how I generate traffic for my clients.

But then you’ve got the high end internet branding: engaging with that traffic, regular high quality interactive content, conversations, responses, involvement

A serious online campaign is going to have both. But for us to be delivering both those services at a significant level that would be closer to $400p/month

Again it’s the fact that I’m in NZ. You just wouldn’t get anyone in the US or Europe with my level of experience in these areas for US$25 p/hour so I believe it’s a great deal.

So first $200 p/month covers 3 hours from my staff carrying out

1 – online advertising –

If you want to secure free advertising credit, I will need to set up
an account with a credit card # which will require a $20 charge. The
benefit is of this of course is that once the campaign is set up you
own it.

Otherwise I will have to run it from my own account; This will require
a budget spend of at least $1 p/day once set up. Of cousre full
metrics will provide invaluable information about the campaigns

2 – building backlinks with written content management
3 – social media traffic – myspace for which I need the log ins

Youtube possibly if there are essential optimisation tasks to perform,
twitter it’s unlikely but possible we will need access.

Many social media sites have software available to aid promotion, this
is a technological aspect obviously, and not a static parameter, but
it’s a matter of using what’s available for the best results in
augmenting the artists presence on a particular site, without
compromising the account in any way.

and 1hour from me each week adminstering and reporting to you.

Also will offer the professional aweber platform for email management
if you decide it’s appropriate. In this case administering the
newsletter will become a large and integrated part of the second part
of the service.

The second $200 pmonth is for me to be present and active in social
media branding for the artist for 2 hours p/week.

Initially this will involve necessary research of the artist, then
observation of the artist and transitioning to feedback and
suggestions I will report about how the brand is being developed
principally on myspace, facebook, twitter and blogs.

In a way in this role I am just like a music journalist who follows
the artist (online) and creates reports (written content) that help
fans engage with the brand. So initially research and observation,
then to reporting not only regular feedback to management but also all
important regular high standard, engaging written copy to be used to
develop social media conversation, and then finally when I feel
confident in my feel for the brand, I can participate more actively in
the conversations, encouraging fans to talk, get engaged, interact,

For this role, again, I may or may not need logins depending on what
technology is available. It’s just basic stuff like if I create a post
it needs to go up on myspace, facebook, and needs to have a tweet go
out linking back and provoking conversation / comment s/ interaction
ie “what do you think of . . .? pls lv a comment!”

This is where the two parts of the service tie in because I’m working
on developing the online brand in depth, whereas my staff are doing

the necessary work to draw attention and optimise for that brand content.

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