Serious Music Marketing, Artist Brand Development and Social Media Strategy

by Matt @ Kurb on August 6, 2009

Do you need serious music marketing services and artist management strategies to promote your music and manage artist revenue online?

Then you need to contact, me, Matt @ Kurb:

Largely because I’m from New Zealand and most of my staff are in India and the Philippines, you won’t get anyone with my level of experience offering a personal 1-to-1 music marketing solution which covers absolutely everything for so cheap.

You will not get this service at this price in Europe or the US!

This is a professional solution. It’s $500 Up front to try your first 3 months, and positions are once again strictly limited.

We’re doing great work promoting artists online with online advertisng campaigns, article marketing carried out by our staff, and email based fan management strategies, plus all the regular stuff: Myspace friend adding, web and blog design and management,  youtube promotion and video production and marketng support – it’s a total package provided with experience, next month I would have been doing this for 5 years now and I have consistently raise my prices every 6 months due to demand.

Kurb offers a boutique marketing service for artists based on basic
internet marketing principles.

I have 2 assistants working with me in New Zealand and a half dozen
other internet marketing specialists in the Philippines and India so
this explains how we’re able to offer the value we do.

The service is designed to be comprehensive and personalised so that
we’re developing specific artists outcomes depending on their

The fee which is $US400 upfront and $US200 at the conclusion of a 3
month period covers 1 hour p/week from me and 3 hours from my
specialist stuff which include graphic + web designers, writers, video
editors, and social media, search engine optomisation and internet
advertising specialists.

From your artist here I can see the website and design element is
largely accounted for, and that’s saying a lot. You’ve also got
monetization in the form of advertising in place which is interesting.
It’s mature in any case relative to who we usually work with.

If you have a reverbnation email management system,  it’s not really up
to the standard of what clearly aiming for, there are key aspects of
the more professional platforms that make them more suitable for large
scale brand building and revenue.

The 2 main problems with reverbnation email list building is

1 – automation – software automation is fundamental to modern internet marketing. There’s not only the set and forget elements, but the systematic way that fans can be processed through a series of interactions and transactions all hands off. Again fundamental you have a stable – professional – platform for this certainly once you get to numbers of 1000+, reverbnation is already being used by spammers so is geting a bad reputation for being spam filtered. Remember 25% of list mail never gets delivered for this reason so this is an issue.

2 – analytics – once you’re in deep into the business end and you have 10,000+ subscribers you want detailed metrics when revenue that can be generated becomes far more significant.
Right now in the music business there’s a conscious shift away from the music recordings as the core product, which is again interesting to me as it’s something I push for – building artist brands over peddling song downloads.

But I guess I would like to hear more about your business strategy
before suggesting the most appropriate promotions available we could

Myspace and youtube were obviously big for us in the past but with most of my artists on slim budgets we’ve tend to focus on more revenue driven activities.

With Facebook and Twitter, it has to be authentic, and authenticity takes detail to execute.

But when you’re working on a large budget there’s room for that, in developing publicity for a significant artist, you must understand branding doesn’t come out of a can.

I charge US$200 p/month, so for most of the artists I work with we’re responsible for their whole campaign as I described so just to get them to where your artist is now involves months of work, and it is as much as they can afford.

I do as much as I can for as little as I can afford to charge, so I don’t have a lot of raging successes within those parameters.

If you sincerely think I can offer you good value with my skills and my team, I can illustrate examples where we’ve added 10k-65k views to a youtube video, added 5-10k targeted friends on myspace in the past, and examples of my current artists pages where currently I’m focused on driving traffic for daily sign ups through a professional email management platform.

But with a bigger campaign, if you’re trying to create authentic social media, community, and an environment where interactions lead to profitable transactions then it’s about more than the numbers, it takes an investment.


$500 up front for your first 3 months – don’t like it? Walk away with your designs, sign ups, campaign in tact!

Email: places are being snapped up FAST, the price will NEVER be cheaper.

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