Real Music Business: A Music Business Management Update

by Matt @ Kurb on August 29, 2009

Need seriously professional online music business support?

My name is Matt Turner and my company Kurb specializes in online music business – marketing, management, strategy and business models for artists and organisations.

We do websites, design, online advertising, video promotion and production, email management, brand strategy, content marketing, administration . . . everything basically.

We tailor online solutions that are comprehensive and affordable. I run a team of staff in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and here in New Zealand which offers insurmountable value in online music marketing to musicians in the US or Europe.

Our fees start at US$200 p/month which gets you 4 hours from me building your online marketing and branding strategy and 10 hours from our support team in design, social media, video, and content.

You simply won’t get this standard of service and expertise at this price elsewhere.

Contact me, Matt:

Man about time we had an update here.

I’ve been continuing to grow my team, which has put me in a much more powerful position than I have been in the past because I have more resources at my disposal than ever before.

When you’ve got a whole team behind you who are being directed and know what they’re doing it gives you a lot more reach and ability to move quicker and hit harder than you would on your own.

I would be nothing without my team, because I’d be engulfed in the endless upkeep of running my music business without the luxury of thinking long and hard and deep before springing into acton on a new development.

This is my message to people still on the bottom floor: You probably have no idea how much work you have to do to merely get established. But you probably also don’t understand how much easier eveyrthing becomes once you’ve got your foothold, once you’ve established the nature of your business.

Don’t you often think that it would be so much easier if you just had the resources?

Well the answer is yes. Yes, it’s a hell of a lot easier.

You see once you have the basics of your music business model sorted out, it’s about scaling it. Now I understand basics, and that constructing a value proposition and getting people to accept that proposition is no easy feat and takes often years of fine tuning, but once that is achieved, you have an idea that works.

This is why I draw readers attention to the fact that most great muso’s aren’t great businesspersons, I’m not such a hot musician, but when it comes to the business end, you need someone like me on your team.

Without robust business models and business advice to keep you alive in it, you’ll never get to the stage where you have an accountant and you start to understand how business really works as you become more successful.

I’ve been running my music business for almost 5 years now, starting with printing posters, which kept me pretty dirt broke for the first 2 years, 3 years ago I began to embrace online promotion which began to grow my business. 2 years ago I made a 2nd disastrous foray into event promotion which sucked all the life out of my business and all the money out of bank account, slowly over 6 months I clawed back, it was hard, when my car broke down I couldn’t afford to fix it.

Just to run my business and get to meetings I had to catch the bus and borrow rides from friends.

But the crucial element was that my ideas were strong. I’ve felt my way through this business in the dark for 5 years and I developed a natural feel for what customers wanted.

Muso’s may not understand that theres a magic moment when someone decides some of their money is going to become some of your money.

As a musician you must also feel out that magic space where you’re doing something that your fans want to pay for. Don’t get stuck in this headset that your fans want a CD, because that’s the way it’s done.

I don’t know anyone who wants a CD out of any other reason than politeness. Your music career can’t survive on politeness.

That’s not creating a robust music business model that’s going to keep you alive whatever the hell goes down in the next 5 years.

working ridiculously hard and making a lot of sacrifices I’ve come to this point where the direction of my business means each month I’m earning slightly more and doing slightly less.

I am on I guess what you’d describe as an upper middle class income, I earn about the same as a doctor or a lawyer. As long as I have one hand on the wheel, my business will just keep growing especially now I have this confidence about the work I do which is continuing to attract a higher calibre of client.

Knowledge of tax law and what it can do once you reach a modest level of turnover has been a revelation to me, and it’s not different for you as a musician or performer who addresses their own needs in the music business.

The whole reason of this blog post was to point out two things:

1: Business gets easier when you grow an idea and can build a team and there’s no difference between my music business and yours

except for one thing

2: My analytical skills in business. Again I’ll say it – you don’t need me, but you need someone LIKE me, who understands business. If you have no one like that, then yes, to succeed you’re going to have to email me and think about how you’re going to raise $50 a week to pay me until the months or even years pass until you can live profitably and comfortably from your music career and lead a lifestyle that most people just dream about.

my email is:

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