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by Matt @ Kurb on August 29, 2009

Need seriously professional online music business support?

My name is Matt Turner and my company Kurb specializes in online music business – marketing, management, strategy and business models for artists and organisations.

We do websites, design, online advertising, video promotion and production, email management, brand strategy, content marketing, administration . . . everything basically.

We tailor online solutions that are comprehensive and affordable. I run a team of staff in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and here in New Zealand which offers insurmountable value in online music marketing to musicians in the US or Europe.

Our fees start at US$200 p/month which gets you 4 hours from me building your online marketing and branding strategy and 10 hours from our support team in design, social media, video, and content.

You simply won’t get this standard of service and expertise at this price elsewhere.

Contact me, Matt:

we are used to working with individual clients 1-on-1, but the service we offer involves me discussing what those clients need specifically for their campaigns.

Our standard package involves a 3 month campaign costing $US600 and that pays for 12 hours from me and 30 hours from my support staff over 3 months. It is in that time that I consult with the artist, agree on a number of priority services the artist will need and then execute.

Because we like to provide a service that is responsive to the needs of the artists, that’s why we commonly charge in such units of $200 for a months work that represents 4 hours form me and 10 hours from my staff each month.

Individual services that make up our campaigns consist of

Website + Blog set up + design: $US300
Covers website design, set up, blog, hosting + domain name for one year.

Myspace Promotion: $US100 p/month
This covers 3000 actions per month – friend requests, comments etc.

Youtube Promotion: US$500
This package Guarantees 25k+ views and also includes free “Basic Video Production”

Video Production Basic: $US100 // 1 day project
Supply your footage/images/mp3 and titles for your basic online video

Video Production Advanced: $400 // 5 day project
Supply your footage/images/mp3 and titles for your online music video
We can also shoot video as requested, also comes with 10k+ youtube views free

Website Promotion Package: $400
This involves an ad campaigns on Google and Facebook that guarantees over 100,000+ impressions and 5,000+ highly targeted and qualified visitors to your artist site. This also includes a Search Engine Optimisation campaign to get your site to the first page on google for a number of relevant search terms.

Artist Branding package: $200 p/month
This combines Myspace, Facebook and Twitter marketing with blogging, managing artist profiles, distributing content and developing viral and interactive fan management strategies – this is more oriented to managing social media promotion then actual marketing and promotion.

That’s a basic run down of most of the key services we provide. With the ongoing online music marketing service we often provide a lot more, however this group covers most of the significant services we offer.

we aim to provide a comprehensive online marketing and
management service for artists, which often means we help artists to
evaluate which strategies are going to be appropriate for them.

Immediately I’m recognising:

– You need an official website which will allow you to sign up fans to
an email list and interact with them regularly there, we provide
websites as well as email list management, and google website

– you want to promote your youtube. Our service can get you 10,000’s
more views on your videos as well as more subscribers and attention

– the 2 most effective techniques we are using right now are online
advertising and article marketing. From this technique we are taking
artist to being able to sign up new fans every day to their list
within 6 weeks.

– we have 3 video staff available who can edit and produce video
footage and video for youtube editing together video, sound, pictures
and titles with effects.

All this and more is covered by just $400 upfront payment. If you’re
happy with the service you receive you can pay a 2nd installment of
$200 to continue our promotion, if not, you receive all designs,
campaign data, and videos and are under no obligation to pay.

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