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by Matt @ Kurb on August 5, 2009

My name is Matt Turner and I help artists, musicians etc. who are committed to long careers build successful music businesses like mine.

Our service is PERSONAL. that means I talk to you every week about what YOU need to make YOU successful, not some ebook, not a training course, but support that makes a difference.

Email:  Call: +64 27 684 8250

includes: video promotion on youtbe // web + graphic design //online advertising ppc management (and $100 free adwords credit) // blog promotion // Social Media Marketing // Professional Fan Management
It’s $500 up front for the first 3 months and if you’re not impressed with the results of our service then you have no further obligations.

Email me, Matt, to discuss the guarantees we offer under this deal – 10,000 youtube views – youtube video production and $100 worth of online advertising is also available as part of our 3 month music marketing package

Yesterday I was talking about getting my music business up to the next stage. I’ll tell you one thing about being part of music’s middle class and that is no one cares.

The fact that you’re eating doesn’t make news. You may think you’ll be happy music’s paying the bills but if you’re anything like me, you’ll want more.

That’s why I was going back yesterday to when I was really hungry in this, always coming up with ideas. I had the platform, I had the software, so every month it was a new idea to get people paying attention.

It’s basic – wherever you are in the music business.

If we get off our lazy asses and build stronger more authentic brands, and then, attached to that come far more exciting, compelling propositions that invite people to participate, then sure, it’s hard work . . . but that’s how it’s done.

And it’s not only hard work, but just like any business looking to expand there’s one way it’s going to happen. Spending money and putting thought behind that, that’s relevant to your business direction.

Propositions in business must be finely tuned and balanced to reflect what both parties want, that’s what makes them successful and lasting.

The fans want content. You merely want to keep the relationship progressing to the point it becomes profitable.

If your brand and your product are not getting the right people excited then something has to change, and no ebook can tell you what’s unique about your art and how to develop your unique brand.

If you’re not knowledgeable or experienced at evaluating yourself and making business comparisons then you’re going to be blind towards your whole brand development and progress as an artist.

Your Brand needs to come through so you seem more professional, authentic, capable of delivering the things you promise.

Do you look as if you’re capable of delivering unto your fans what they want, or just another bunch of dudes with a shitty looking website spamming myspace or twitter or whatever?

I’m proof you can succeed without a decent looking website but that’s because I know this internet business. But I’ve hit a plateau. now it’s time for me to look at how this stuff will let me move to the next level, working with people who can benefit the most from my skills.

I keep on saying that because it’s code for “people with heap$ more do$h”.

The internet’s a wonderful thing but sooner or later if you want to move up you need to attract more attention, more momentum.

Just like artists want to play bigger venues to feel the buzz of what they do, I want to work with acts that have more money and understand that my experience has given me skills in more than just co-ordinating online marketing and business campaigns for artists.

Branding and truly dynamic propositions, innovations are concepts that take inspiration and true inspiraton doesn’t come in a can, $600 supply for 3 months.

(that’s what I charge right now . . . or should I say, for now)

In fact, this what I mean when I say my service is personal. No product you can buy or book you can read or even most internet music marketing services similar is going to help you personally build brand concepts that work for you.

When you’re a big star you’ll need more than just my brains to make sure the ideas that we choose to represent you cut through the noise.

To understand what drives people to exchange for something valuable that initiates the artist-fan relationship.

How soon do expect to be making $100k p/year from your music paying me $50p/week?

That’s just one step down a long pathway.

You’re in the same position as me. If you want to be a millionaire soonish, then you need like, 10 guys working for you now.

How the hell am I gonna pay 10 dudes? I dunno shall we work it out together? Do you want to pay me $200p/month to work it out for you? because no other music marketing product or service that you could purchase this side of 4 figures knows you and is attempting to understand what it is that’s going to make you shine, you breakthrough.

And the beauty is while you’re discussing that with me, you know I’m just an email away from my graphic designers, my web designers, my video people, my social media people, my online advertising people, my writers . . .

And you’re just an email away from contacting me know that US$400 is all you have to put up to get started on your first 3 months and if you don’t like it then you still got 3 months promo for $400.

And in 3 months time, I doubt I’ll still be offering this service for $600 for 3 months.

It will more than likely be $800 by then because my focus is on working on those who can afford the kind of across the board and personal, responsive, value our music marketing service provides.

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