Many More Music Marketing, Artist Management Notes, $97 Video

by Matt @ Kurb on August 18, 2009

Just put a new video up on Youtube for our first $97 video. It’s pretty modest, but it gives you an example of what we can do and a whole lot of other stuff that needs it’s own post

Like: “Frontent”

Online video content can be effective because it’s fresh, free and frequent.

That doesn’t mean all your videos should be modest or “crappy”, it just means that spending $50k or even $5k on your one big awesome video is just not necessarily the smartest way to play it.

Sure you gotta go for the big shot but the most important thing about online video is that it’s cheap and easy to do and if you won’t leverage it other people will

Youtube is the MTV of the 00’s so you’re hobbling yourself by not using it.


So I’m not even looking for more clients, right now not I have to look after the group I’ve got and ensure I carry out my commitment to their current 3 month campaigns so I’m just cutting and pasting from my email pitches I make to artists detailing our exact services.


Do you have a website?

I can help you build a presence and carry out online marketing and branding but the publicity side of things – that is getting other people of influence to talk about you – is not my area of expertise.

I think before you can get coverage you have to start building a buzz, getting found. The stuff I do takes months but artists need a proper platform online to build a career.

The cost is US$600 for 3 months, and I’d do everything I would normally, build your website, blog, fan management, myspace, youtube promo, ad campaigns etc. but I think you need to be looking beyond that already. With our package you also get a dedicated person doing promo 2 hours a week. So we have the gun, now you’re looking for silver bullets.

Ideas we can push out that have viral properties. What’s going to get people to engage OR what’s your strategy for engaging bloggers? Good to place to start would be building your own blog, staking out your own territory for some leverage. Wether it takes 6 weeks or it was done tomorrow, if you had the platform, the networks open, what’s the hook that people are going to come away with, what’s going to make them want to tell someone else about you?

We might also want to think about strategies to work inside the business getting placement for your music, but again needs good online presentation.

1st I’m thinking about content  – where’s all the content going to go,
we need a blog attached to the site for the purpose of delivering
weekly content + also building up a mass of written content that is
conducive to generating search engine traffic.

And that’s the main thing missing from your site frontage also, some
kind of pitch. You’re not being aggressive enough in pursuing that
sign up.

Subtlety and “brand integrity” is important for authenticity with the fans, but on the
spectrum, when I look at your site I think you could be more
aggressive using a blurb, a video or both to push for the sign up, and a free track with the sign up also. Incentive.

The other thing is your email management platform, I know this sounds
picky but in time you (or well, we will, if you start doing well and
you retain our services) will need to build automation and analytics
(data) into your email management and most free platforms don’t offer
these kind of specifications when we’ve got a 500+ list built and
we’re looking to leverage that core for revenue.

The basics are with the campaigns we’ve been running, once everythings
in place as I’m describing above, we WILL get the sign ups. But if
there’s more substance to the ideas we’ve developed to push the brand,
you’re going to get higher engagement, a better result, more sign ups.
Faster traction.

Then if we’re working the search engines that’s a bonus, as is the
social networks, but that’s another area where working on your brand
concepts will probably create a better result.

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Bill Bartmann 09.03.09 at 4:32 am

Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂

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