If my Music Business Business was actually a Music Music Business

by Matt @ Kurb on August 4, 2009

My name is Matt Turner and I help artists, musicians etc. who are committed to long careers build successful music businesses like mine

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Blogging is like a snowball, every fresh, original post you add to your blog, and every day those posts sit there, it adds to it’s authority. I’ve tried to give up on blogging but it just pulls me back in. Because every time I think the time investment isn’t worth it, the weight of the 250 posts I’ve made in almost 2 years has built and built, now most days 150 different people visit my site every day and 250+ if I post.

So any time is a good time to post on your blog.

And today I’m posting advice to myself, saying: What if my music business business was actually a music music business?

If I was a musician instead of a business man what advice would I give myself if I was at a similar stage in my career?

You see I’m in a position now where I’m becoming comfortable. The days of struggling are over which means my career has grown to a stable and sustainable degree.

Their are of course indisposable people playing roles in my music business that I couldn’t have got here without. Mainly those are people I found who I could pay to work simple music business systems in place of me so I could focus on moving forward my endeavour.

If I was still working by myself without help I’d be struggling taking on everything myself.

But part of my strength is my loyal core fan base. Nobody is able to halt my momentum because I have a core fanbase which means I don’t have to rely on income outside of my music business. Which means I’m able to devote as much time, effort and reinvestment into it as I wish.

But now that I can relax, consolidate, should I? If I was in this position as a musician shouldn’t I take my music further if I could?

Well sure, but becoming part of music’s new “middle class” was a struggle in itself, staking out a profitable claim to support yourself and your family was frought with enough difficulty as it was, why take further risks, more difficult challenges?

This is how I feel now, whether it’s time to relax and enjoy my music business or keep moving forward to mogul status and serious money.

But if I was consulting myself . . . what would I say? Well a musician who’s career is already maturing has different requirements. There’s no moving forward without professional support.

In the past I’ve relied on people to carry out my instructions to build and operate my music business, now I need direction and knowledged assistance. I’d probably definitely call myself up and say, “Matt, I’m doing really well with my music music business making decent money, but I feel like I’m going to need help to grow and develop into pulling in the mills, dating multiple model/actresses and rolling round town with the top down on my sportscar yelling at the top of my lungs because I’ve got pure gold running through my veins.”

This was always a reasonable concern to me. Why stay home and play xbox when you could be a golden god?

If I did hire myself I’d probably be quick to point out that the good old down home authentic connections I’d built were all well and good for engaging with a smaller audience, but growing a larger audience would mean developing my brand.

This blog looks terrible – black writing on a dark blue field are you kidding me? This doesn’t paint me as particularly professional and having my stuff sorted out.

Impact? none.

Work has to be done to make this place spik and span. Truly professional fans/clients are going wonder why if I’ve supposedly got these graphic designers working for me, how come my blog looks half finished?

If I’m supposed to be a pro how come I look so amateur?

This is what fans say when they see your quaint little page. If I want to be considered a real professional I better start presenting like one.

I also need to be engaging with the fans that need me most, which in this instance is, well exactly the artist I’m describing, the artist who’s already pushing at $100,000 and is looking to go beyond that and into building their little music enterprise into a large and compelling brand.

I guess this is what I’m saying, the first stop for you in your digital music career is where I’ve reached. You can do as much clever internet marketing as you like, and you’ll make sweet cash.

But then you’ll be where I am now, impatient for the millions, and needing to build the kind of slick and comprehensive brand that motivates thousands of people to tune into to what it is you’ve got and you’re giving.

So we need a serious branding kick up to go from “doing alright” to a proper star.

More stringent systems must come into play as a bigger budget allows for more and more qualified staff to apply themselves to promoting the artist brand.

This is the thing, I’ve become lazy. I just sit here and people email me and I get paid, but in the old days when I was first building this business on myspace 3 years ago I used to hustle, and get right out there with new ideas, offers etc. to get people interested.

I haven’t had to do that any more to maintain at this level. But to reach the next level, I need to be back on the hustle. preparing for the conditions of running a music business business with a $1M pa turnover.

Your music is exactly the same. Sure, now, you can’t GIVE your music away. But play it smart like your uncle Matty and one day you’ll be just like gosh darn sold 10,000 downloads of my new song, made a few grand, big deal, so, boring, what next???

Once you reach that safe plateau where you’re at a comfortable – or boring  – level, you need to be prepared to start playing at the next level.

Just as I suggest you invest $200 p/month with me until you get to where I am now, then you really have to step it up. Probably as soon as you can afford it or probably before you can, you’ll need 2 of me, or more of me. Once you’re actually making money, you’re going to need more support to keep growing.

Similarly, to grow my music business, I will have to plough more money back into branding and getting exposure for new dynamic propositions that will set people thinking and talking.

In fact, I think I managed to convince myself that I need my help, and will be definitely emailing myself to ask if there are any more positions available to receive online music marketing and management services from myself.

Heh. More soon . . .

In the meantime – time is running out and i will be putting my prices up again soon. $200p/month is all it costs. Contact me, Matt @ Kurb: kurbpromo@gmail.com do discuss your music music business development.

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