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by Matt @ Kurb on July 20, 2009

Matt @ Kurb and his team of designers, writers, content distributors, social media marketers, google adwords PPC managers and video producers provide a complete online marketing solution for musicians, entertainers and performers.

Email Matt @ Kurb: kurbpromo@gmail.com

It’s just $400 up front to get your online music marketing campaign running with a website design, blog, email list, myspace and youtube promo and guaranteed targeted traffic every day.

If after 3 months you don’t think it’s right for you that’s fine, you keep all your designs, videos. market research and email list data.

$400 For PROFESSIONAL and COMPREHENSIVE marketing? Get in quick!!! Ask about the $100 free advertisng credit!

Want more info on what we provide? Artist Management // Youtube marketing // video production

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So you’re doing publicity, you’re pushing the song out, it’s going to get heard, then what happens?

People come looking for you, maybe they end up on your site, or your myspace, but youre not giving them enough compelling or persuasive reasons to sign up.

That’s the first thing that hits me when I go to an artists site – do I care?

This is the sales strategy we have to build. They’re not going to buy
anything straight away so it’s about creating an open line of
communication through email to set up for future sales, because
building a campaign around direct sales – pushing music purchases –
just won’t pay off immediately.

Just trying to paint a picture for you to keep the dialogue open, and

so you can understand better what it is I do. This is the conversation I’d be having 2 months into the promotion once all the set up is done but if we start talking about this now then we’ll have a better idea of where we’re going.

All the stuff I’m talking about – who you are, what you represent, this is what you will have to
bring to life on your blog, your newsletter etc. in order to keep fans engaged.

As you’re writing and as we’re developing your brand, then certain key
messages are going to start coming through that we have to emphasize.

Statements and ideas that are simple, compelling, appealing.

And the one page we develop to send people to to sign up for the
newsletter has to be very strong on those brand messages. The visuals,
the copywriting the design, this going to take some discussion and
evaluation between you and I, that’s what I’ll be doing for an hour a

And the same conclusions we reach here will be used when we’re
developing your social media presence (myspace etc.)

Theres some basic simple stuff ie we need to see more of you, faceless
campaigns are a disaster waiting to happen. You – a picture of you –
has to be on that page.

But there’s more complex issues-

ok so an important point – where internet marketing meets branding –
is that we want to be in control of the brand not somebody else.
Because when you search for an artist – which is the most likely
reaction of somebody who has heard and likes your song as a result of
your publicity efforts – your myspace comes up first, but in terms of
google we want your website – and other materials that are provided by
you/us as the source – coming up before anybody else who although giving you publicity – is not in tune with our agenda of promoting you as a musician.

Getting your sites that are framed by us setting the tone for your brand above these other
sites in google searches will be a priority outcome I believe for the first 3 months.

In terms of your brand, we need to be setting the agenda. “Framing”
your brand. If we want to be the ones framing you as this artist with a certain image . . . that IS extremely compelling, we just as I say, have to bring that to life

So what pictures of you have we got to use? This is usually where we’d
start for branding. First thing I’d be doing is talking to my graphic
designer about developing a visual image for your blog / email sign up page. We can incorporate the
themes used on your myspace or current website, album art etc. for continuity but most importantly we need a big ass picture – or a series – of you looking as if you’re everything you claim to be.

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