Online Artist Management in A Digital Music Industry

by Matt @ Kurb on July 6, 2009

Hi I’m Matt from NZ and I’m an independent entrepreneur, I like to think I bring a touch of old music biz charm to new music biz strategies in that I’m hard wired for profitability and I would choose great branding over great talent in a heart beat.

But that’s what makes me so valuable to artists who are really just creative types – the great majority of you need a business minded person involved with your affairs and I am such an individual.

My blog is really just a campaign diary detailing my work with artists punctuated by somewhat pushy sales hooks such as the one this sentence followed.

I pursue contemporary internet marketing strategies and apply them to music business.

I’ve tried to diversify outside of music but ultimately it’s the field I have most experience in, so unfortunately I’m stuck with it.

I’m interested in building systems and structures to break acts into diverse niches, but I’m also interested in independent and bootstrapping strategies because being small means small steps.

When you’re taking small steps you’ve got to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

Now more than ever I’m convinced we have the opportunity to put powerful systems into place to help artists. Creativity is also needed as much as ever and so we don’t have a vastly different structure from the marketng orgnisations of old.

You have a product, and yo uwant to develop a brand that represents that product, but at the same time, the brand itself becomes the asset, because it really doesn’t matter what the proposition ends up being that makes you your money as long as the central concept is that your fans love what you do.

So with our online artist management service you get the benefit of my experience putting together ideas and also my staff which includes graphic designer, web designers, video editors, writers and more including an assistant who helps market your website and push out press releases and synficated media for 2 hours of every week you’re working with us.

The price is US$600 for 3 months and thats a comprehensive package involving everything you need to start build a marketing and sales platform online.

Contact me, Matt at Kurb today:

Oh and here’s what My friend Marck has to say about the joys of music artist management.

Marck is one of my writer’s here at Kurb who helps to prepare fresh content so your blog is always updated and building search authority rankings online:

Artist management can be considered as one of the most challenging jobs. The risks are always constant especially if it deals with the music business. The unpredictability of current music business models plus the wide variety of music related opportunities dictates that success is available only for those who has the most knowledge and handles the right mixture of financing, talent, foresight, planning, decision making and plan execution.

The music business has proven its worth throughout the years. It contributed a lot not only to radios but also to television and cinemas. Music business had made its way through television when Music Television or MTV established its own channel and a giant music empire. And it also gave cinema a whole new color when movies began using soundtracks which are often compiled to CDs. Music business is always making paths to new trends that will make all genres ranging from jazz, hip hop, blues, techno, rock and so on boom up for people’s entertainment at the same time contribute to the economy.

Music business has created an enormous number of music legends from different genres. Who will forget the greatest band of all times – the Beatles or the ultimate performer, the King of Pop – the late Michael Jackson? These music legends not only entertained the world, they also influenced the people with their clothes, hair dos, signature moves and even with their attitudes.

Music legends were once simple music talents before they hit the limelight. Talent is the key of every artist to reach stardom bit with the beginning of new era and a younger generation, the second important for the artist is to make a signature or trademark that will retain in people’s minds and prevent him/her from being just a one hit wonder. This is where artist management comes into place; the fate of every artist lies in the hands of the manager. Proper artist management and the eagerness of the artist to sore the lime light are the main ingredients for success that will benefit them both, it is also known as give and take relationship.

The relationship between the manager and the artist should be smooth sailing. They should understand each other when it comes to facing issues that can devastate the artist’s career in an instant. The process of knowing each other can be hard at first and it can take time before the relationship become solid. The manager should know how to show care to his/her talents not only because of financial aspects but also moral, emotional even spiritual aspects.

There are also some cases of artist management where the artist becomes so popular and so in demand that he/she abuses his/her body by taking drugs. These kinds of problem may lead to destruction not only of the artist’s career but also his/her own self. The solution sometimes is too simple. The manager needs to show love for the artist not for the money.

Artist management regarding music business can be a tough but also a life fulfilling job. The road might be tough to reach success but as long as the artist and the manager will work and together frequently, success will be in hand in no time.

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