Notes for Artists on Music Marketing and Promotion Campaigns

by Matt @ Kurb on July 19, 2009

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Matt @ Kurb and his team of designers, writers, content distributors, social media marketers, google adwords PPC managers and video producers provide a complete online marketing solution for musicians, entertainers and performers.

Email Matt @ Kurb:

It’s just $400 up front to get your online music marketing campaign running with a website design, blog, email list, myspace and youtube promo and guaranteed targeted traffic every day.

If after 3 months you don’t think it’s right for you that’s fine, you keep all your designs, videos. market research and email list data.

$400 For PROFESSIONAL and COMPREHENSIVE marketing? Get in quick!!! Ask about the $100 free advertisng credit!

Want more info on what we provide? Artist Management // Youtube marketing // video production

As well as cheap graphic design // blog promotion // gig promotion

So. I could get you 10,000+ or many more hits on your site or myspace or whatever but it’s
the same situation as Youtube: it doesn’t convert to sales.

My system is this:

– build a website from which to build email sign ups and a blog from
which to bring in google search

– we’ll run an online advertising campaign, plus other site promotion strategies

– we do all the online promo discussed myspace, youtube – but don’t
expect massive results here in terms of sales

– the point is building email sign ups, sure we offer stuff for sale
on the website, but the main point is email sign ups, then we’ll be
working together to put a monthly newsletter out which offers
different music products etc. for sale. This can take two months to
get off the ground, co ordinating your content with my team for
graphic and web design etc. but what I aim for is a situation of you
in a year from now with 1000+ fans and building on the email list,
each spending $5 a month. This is JUST your email list.

That’s just our base strategy because it’s where we’ve been most
effective recently, and thats how I tend to work, following through on
what’s been successful.

Also, obviously you don’t want to wait a year to get paid. So we
discuss how to use your site for this. In the short term you need to
earn $500 once rather than 500 x $1 for song sales. To raise money
fast from the ground up song sales not a fast turnaround strategy, so
that’s a discussion we can have.

with your website there is ALWAYS work to be done, but at least it looks good, the presentation is to a

Now we worry about branding and sales. A really lovely
picture which creates a great vibe for your music is great, but it’s not
compelling people to do what we want them to do, and it’s not pushing
your brand out strongly enough.

your website needs to be more outcome focused as well as looking
good. We gotta compel people to want to sign up, which is going to
need a compelling proposition – like a free song or mix – and then
that’s going to need a persuasive sales pitch to get people signing
up, and then some really engaging follow up newsletter content so that
we can hang on to and develop these sign ups into real fans.

I try and hold people to 3 months is because that’s the minimum time it takes to see results.

When you’re still building your platform there’s months of work there before we can even start running numbers through online advertising.

My honest opinion is that the quickest to get results is online advertising but I don’t think pushing it to your site is going to work unless you can develop it and encourage email sign ups.

You need a platform set up for the campaign following more closely to my formula, incorporating design, strong sales pitch or “copy” and video if possible, and a strong proposition including a free giveaway,
in order to convert that to email sign ups. Setting all that up – and then set up your advertising campaign – is going to take longer than a month.

the payment plan – which is $400 upfront and with no obligation to pay the second $200 if you don’t feel it’s right for you – is laid out so I can provide the best service possible.

If your serious I’m most happy to answer more of your questions or hear more about exactly what you’re trying to achieve, just be aware it takes more than a few steps to bring an artist to profitability.

I’ll be straight up, most artists need some serious brand coaching and development and that’s not so much about numbers and reports but about you crystallising your concepts into something we can turn into
campaigns that are going to connect with a fanbase.

I’m not saying become lady gaga but the woman has a distinct brand that she trades on.

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