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by Matt @ Kurb on July 11, 2009

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Yes we’re rolling video once again here at kurb and there’s just a quick update I put together today available now for you to see.

Don’t forget we have music marketing campaigns available for $600 and video marketing packages available for $500 which includes a free video presentation

Email: to find out more

Okay time for a quick music marketing update to go up on my blog which you can find of course at cos I’ve had the same damn video about digital promo up there for over a year now and thats not really a good example of how to maintain a connection with your audience, build engagement and trust with fans.

So if you’re not checking this video out on my blog you might wanna do that – musicmarketingmanagement dot com all one word – but you gotta know I don’t write for beginners in this game anymore – if you don’t understand what Radiohead did, if you don’t understand what Nine Inch Nails are doing, if you don’t understand why music recordings are losing their value then it’s going to be hard for me to help you.

You don’t want to have to pay me – or anybody else for that matter – just to explain stuff to you that you should already know by now.

See my job here is to help artists make money online. I talk about a lot on my blog about how the game is changing but the most important thing is building trust and authenticity with your audience. Getting real with them, because now, trust in your brand as an artist – who you are, what you represent – is worth a lot more than your songs. Your songs are only worth 69c a pop on itunes and thats nothing to kick a career of with. It’s not enough any more.

When you get involved with me, we want to get straight into building an online platform that works. That’s your website, your social networks, your blogs, your video delivery etc. and it works because it engages with people – this is where it will help if you are awesome and your music is awesome – but again it is crucial that when the audience are engaged then we’re signing them up to our proffesional email management solution, because this is the only way we can seriously begin to manage fan interactions in a way that is going to lead to pay day.

Friends on myspace, facebook, twitter, views on youtube – this is stuff that we do – but none of this stuff is directly connected to income. We must use email in as the primary means of building authentic relationships with the core fanbase, and use that as the basis of launching and then syndicating regular most content . .. and persuasive propositions that run along side it. Once that’s established yo ujust let me do my thing because I am an absolute gun at driving targeted traffic, through google ads, through facebook ads.

But we’re not here to get into details. The important thing is to check out the articles on my blog, If you want to hire me you are going to have to contact me $400 US thats your first 2 months up front and every week you get an hour from me overseeing your online revenue strategy, plus an hour each from my web and graphic designer, my social networking guy, and my content guy who distributes and syndicates content across the net.

I’m Matt @ Kurb that’s kurb- kurbpromo@gmail or call me +64 27 684 8250

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