Musicians Can Haz Online Music Marketing Strategies

by Matt @ Kurb on July 4, 2009

Straight outta my inbox – I talk to artists and address their questions about the music marketing services we offer which should give you some insight if you feel you’re ready to get professional support in online artist management.

3 months // $600: Full online promotions service, design, web development, blogs, social media, email management, video marketing, online advertising . . . every trick in the book . . .

Basically we offer a comprehensive online music marketing service, which covers everything you’ll need for online promotion and revenue aside from perhaps publicity – pushing demos out for airplay / review.

3 months just represents a chargeable amount, I want artists to stay on because it often takes 3 months just to set up an artists platform – website, blog, video, myspace promo, youtube promo, email list etc. often with most of my artists that’s the first 3 months before we even get into the 3 month campaign cycles, where we’ll develop and execute new viral propositions.

The service is totally tailored, but the more you can contribute the faster things will happen. My graphic designers, web designer here are good because you can provide raw images and my guys can quickly use that to develop web design, banners, etc.

We have very much the same service for video developing nicely.

Your job is to provide raw content that is music, blog posts, video, images etc. stuff we can promote or use as raw materials for promotion.

In regards to strategy, that’s my job. I have a team with whom I’ve built many artist platforms and executed campaigns but this is all only as effective as the ideas they carry. So it’s about leveraging what you do have – your album – to build a fanbase, and then get money out of them, with strong propositions in these campaign cycles.

UK will make no difference at all aside from that you get exceptional value.

I will try to help you sell your album but it’s not realistically likely that as your first release that will be profitable in the short term. Short term usually I try to use my own business skills to help the musician find income sources are more high value: In the short term you want to earn $500 once rather than $5 X 100 CD sales, while long term we attempt to build a significant fan mailing list which we can then develop propositions to regularly sell to and offer propositions. If you’ve got 1000 fans on a list who are willing to part with $5 every month for a special offer than you’ve got $5000.

What that special offer could be is wide open to some pretty exciting and innovative opportunities. That’s where the strategy comes in.

But that’s where we would want to be a year from now.

Do you have a website?

I can help you build a presence and carry out online marketing and branding but the publicity side of things – that is getting other people of influence to talk about you – is not my area of expertise.

I think before you can get coverage you have to start building a buzz, getting found. The stuff I do takes months but artists need a proper platform online to build a career.

The cost is US$600 for 3 months, and I’d do everything I would normally, build your website, blog, fan management, myspace, youtube promo, ad campaigns etc. but I think you need to be looking beyond that already. With our package you also get a dedicated person doing promo 2 hours a week. So we have the gun, now you’re looking for silver bullets.

Ideas we can push out that have viral properties. What’s going to get people to engage OR what’s your strategy for engaging bloggers? Good to place to start would be building your own blog, staking out your own territory for some leverage. Wether it takes 6 weeks or it was done tomorrow, if you had the platform, the networks open, what’s the hook that people are going to come away with, what’s going to make them want to tell someone else about you?

We might also want to think about strategies to work inside the business getting placement for your music, but again needs good online presentation.

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