Music Video Marketing: Video Optimisation for Youtube

by Matt @ Kurb on July 11, 2009

Alright presenting to you today the fantastic insights of Kurb marketing person Siraj who has finely crafted this post on Youtube video marketing for you here; Don’t forget you we’re still offering youtube promotions packages for $500 consisting of producing a modest video presentation and also guaranteeing 20,000 views. But of course youtube promotion is part of our regular music marketing- email me, Matt @ Kurb:

What I am going to deal is that seven tips to optimize your you tube videos I have already told you about the importance of you tube promotion. Here are the seven tips as follows.

1 create outstanding content

To create an outstanding content you must have the following your content must be

Funny, Controversial, Exceptional, Useful, and also you must ask direct questions, run competition, and also Create riddles. This would boost the quality of the video.

2 Optimize your you tube channel

To optimize your you tube channel the first thing you have to do is click Sign in

and after that enter your User id and password after that go to edit and I have given you an example from free magic live click on to Edit channel and after that click Free magic live there you will see the Title description click on to it and then go to Change channel type and after clicking that scroll to New channel type in that click the option guru and after that go to Update channel and then click on to website copy info after that go back to account then click on to Profile setup after that click on to the website link and scroll down to Save changes this is how you optimize your you tube channel.

3 Use keywords cleverly and in the right places

In order to use the key words in the right places all you have to do is go to Free magic videos and then Edit the website address and again click the title there the website address will be written like (http// and you will find an another option as Tags where the same address will be mentioned all you have to do is edit the address an Save changes that’s it.

4 Add Url in the right places.

This is very simple all you have to do is follow these instruction first you have to edit description and after that you have to block the website address like for e.g. http free and after that click on to annotation which you will find on the top of the page which are resembled in blocks that’s it.

5 Link to your videos from where ever you can

In this you can see the list of things appearing in the video the first one is that

your blogs other blogs and authority sites and the next are the Forums and after that Book mark your videos by social book marking which will be very helpful and use ful.

6 Provide plenty of social proof for your videos

The main important information you have to give is the no of views on your videos

and after that how is the rating for  your videos and also the most important information is that you can also have Interaction with other people in you tube and also tell every one like your friends and family about these videos and along with that use  social websites

and along with that use email list to show how social is your video.
7 Ping your you tube channel

In this you can get the example of pingot the much used the most recommended site available in Pingot all you have to do is to there will be an option given as blog name and underneath you have to enter your url and underneath this url there is some thing called as xmi feed where you will be asked to enter your website and after adding all the necessary details click go to pigoat.

So these are the details, which you can see in the video, and also you can get all the necessary details possible in the videos I hope I have given the necessary details and it would be more helpful if you follow the above information’s.

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