Music Marketing: Super Star Reality Check 2009

by Matt @ Kurb on July 27, 2009

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Email, me Matt:
Alright time for another music marketing update here on my blog and now that we’re past half way through 2009 and I’m taking a bit of perspective on it. I can’t really complain.

I’ve had a good year so far and I could be doing a lot worse. I think I’ve only put my prices up once so far this year but I also feel that the clients I have working on music marketing strategies are getting more than ever. I have 8 different people with different skills all contributing to our operation.

What I’m saying is I’m doing well. Are you doing well? Than why the hell not? Internet marketing and music online has been happening for a while now, did you miss that?

In the recent past we could only speculate about how to break new acts, and play with new technology, but now I really feel as if we’re getting on with it. Certain ideas and concepts that have been theorized now appear to be returning results, and that’s what artists want.

And because I’m seeing results – and I don’t mean fake views on youtube or fake friends on myspace – but increased unsolicited sign ups to artist newsletters, responses from building amounts of genuine fans, I count that as a success.

The ppc adword campaigns pretty much just churn over and we can raise fanbases as quickly as people can pay for them but if you’re not willing to invest in expertise and scale then it can’t help you, and if you’re not prepared to engage the fans you’ve built than you’ve wasted your time.

There are a variety of ways to benefit from increased google results but what if the top google results for your name are full of negative connections and bad press?

Right now we’ve been able to bury a couple of unfavourable tabloid articles about one client on google by increasing rankings for several artist controlled sites, and this is the only way your expensive music pr campaign will work anyway – what do you think people do when they hear or see your name on a tune they like?

They google it. And they find some bad review of you? Some tabloid about how you turned up at some event looking dowdy? Oh man. Your average music industry people just don’t have the skills that we offer in these areas. But these are areas that matter, that if they’re not covered at this crucial stage when you’re trying to break through from the bottom, then you’re slowing yourself down, you’re not building organic growth you’re hoping for a miracle.

Building an artists brand, marketing presence and career online folds out over years now. If you want a career and you’re financing it yourself then this is going to take years.

Y’know when artists I’m working with are now signing up fans everyday who are then downloading free mp3’s and we’re facilitating true fan – artist relationships, I see the work paying off because getting the next 100 fans is going to be nowhere near as hard as getting the first 100, and so it will go.

When you do have 1000 fans, if it’s taken 2 years and you’ve given me $5000, it’s going to be easier to get the next 1000 fans. And when you have 10,000 fans, lets face it, doesn’t that make you a star?

I know what it means for me. There’s 10,000 ways to make money out of 10,000 fans and that’s my job, but you gotta be prepared to commit to getting there!

I’ve been at this almost 5 years now, and artists are expecting to build careers in 3 months? You’ve got to understand what you’re doing is a business. And there a stages to how a business develops that are not at all related to how “stars” were hatched in the 90’s, with a huge million dollar marketing injection from the get go.

I grew up pretty middle class, so it’s been eye opening for me to be reaching this stage in the online business and I say this because: what are you going to do if and when YOUR music business is turning  $100,000 profit a year and growing?

1st gear is great for climbing this hill as you’re trying to break through. But you don’t want to get stuck in first gear when it’s time to cruise down the other side.

You’re going to need more assistance, not less, and it takes business savvy. I’m only just learning how this game is played once you step up to the next level.

I’m extremely grateful after 5 years for what appears for me an opportunity to become relatively wealthy in the music business and basically, live a more lavish lifestyle than I expected. So grateful in fact, that I will listen to people call me up and ask me repeatedly to explain exactly how I will make them money form their music in 3 months.

Well that’s easy. I can’t.  I can’t do that. I charge $600 for 3 months to spend helping you in each and every way I have built my own music business with the benefit of 5 years hindsight, experience and resources.

It’s 3 months because that’s the least I believe I can do and know that if the artist walks away they will have benefitted from the work I’ve done.

But honestly if you want to be successful in music, entertainment or whatever internet content it is you provide, and you want my help to do that, than being prepared to feed me $50 p/week for a year or two is nothing. Because I’ve been doing this long enough to know what I’m doing is working.

But they’re demanding and slightly arrogant about it. I talk to these people everyday, they ask me to prove I can help them. I’m nonplussed. If I could prove I could make you famous for US$600 do you think I wouldn’t have thousands of people lining up with $600?

Do you think to achieve a lifetime goal and dream is worth $600???

I’m looking forward to proving I can make people famous because I reckon I could charge at least $20k for that. But I can’t, so I just charge $600.

So when and how do I expect to the work I do with artists to pay off?

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