Music Marketing Services: A Tool For Concepts, Branding and Distribution

by Matt @ Kurb on July 20, 2009

Matt @ Kurb and his team of designers, writers, content distributors, social media marketers, google adwords PPC managers and video producers provide a complete online marketing solution for musicians, entertainers and performers.

Email Matt @ Kurb:

It’s just $400 up front to get your online music marketing campaign running with a website design, blog, email list, myspace and youtube promo and guaranteed targeted traffic every day.

If after 3 months you don’t think it’s right for you that’s fine, you keep all your designs, videos. market research and email list data.

$400 For PROFESSIONAL and COMPREHENSIVE marketing? Get in quick!!! Ask about the $100 free advertisng credit!

Want more info on what we provide? Artist Management // Youtube marketing // video production

As well as cheap graphic design // blog promotion // gig promotion

it’s like this:

branding and sales refining > launch online advertising campaign >
which combined with music pr leads to > targeted traffic to your site
> email sign ups > fanbase that can be leveraged for traditional
sales, advertising or alternative means of revenue through ongoing

I’m used to these situations so I’ll will be responsible for your blog
and your email sign up page so if you already have an artist blog established that can be dealt
with on your end.

I’m just managing the sign ups and pushing out info through the blog channel.

So the important point is I have plenty of experience in online
advertising, and with your publicity efforts included, and working
your social media, getting people coming to your site won’t be a huge
problem, I’m experienced here. The issue is getting them to care
enough to engage.

That’s why I’m focused on this heavily right now.

When it comes to “bringing your brand to life” you need to provide raw
content which is basically, aside from music most obviously is:

– photos
– writing
– video

basically the first hand stuff that I can’t replace you for.

Photos can be given to our designers to make powerful visual images
Writing can be used by me and my staff to create newsletters,
articles, press releases
Video footage as well as pictures music titles etc. can be put
together by my video staff for more powerful engagement

When we get into this deeply which is not likely to be within the
first 3 month cycle, we conduct this process as a co-ordinated
campaign pushing a fully realised concept or proposition.

First we’re just getting into the idea that you provide content as raw
material for branding and marketing purposes, then once we’ve used
these techniques to establish your platform (ie get fans signing up)
we launch more powerful more compelling ideas or “hooks” that keep
existing fans in the loop while attracting new fans.

Your platform (site, blog, social media, email management), online
advertising campaign, and my staff and the work they do – these are
just tools. These tools are only as good as the ideas and the
propositions they convey.

When you’ve got us to put all this in place for you after 3 months,
the only thing to add is powerful creative ideas that have appeal and
viral qualities.

You’re the artist. I’m here to help you develop these ideas, and have
this system put in place for you so you can create attention, but when
it comes to truly unique and innovative marketing, those are ideas
that have to be developed.

for example:

What’s the new song about?

What can we give away free to get people interested? Should we have a
competition? Can we add an interactive element, a viral element? Do an
article on “how to be a  . . .?”  This is where the brainstorming
begins and ideas are developed.

And good ideas do take time!

The idea is by the first 3 months you have an established platform and
your building sign ups daily, then we’re planning each newsletter as
an entertaining episode and every month we’ve got new ideas whether
it’s one song theme or another, something old or obviously, something new –
and we’re pushing new sales propositions to that established list
within that concept.

Of course, we can’t replace you, there will be no “ghost” so to speak,
but this also requires that you are able to update your blog every
week this is what I refered to by providing “writing”.

The list belongs to you, yes, as does the design work etc.

I wish I could promise you results in 2 months. But setting up a blog,
a professional email solution, and an effective advertising campaign,
that all takes work.

The google thing is also really important particularly for you.
Influencing google also takes months, but I’m sure we can get your
official sites coming up in the top results by then.

So this takes almost $400 worth of work alone – so, I want you to give
me 3 months and as I say you’re under no obligation to pay the second
$200 after that, if you don’t want to stick with it I’m happy to give
you the email list data, advertising campaign data and research,
designs etc.

There’s a big difference between a radio campaign and online
marketing, a publicity campaign to service your promo is just a one
off thing, the work we put in place will benefit your online presence
long after the 3 months is up.

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