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by Matt @ Kurb on July 10, 2009

Still digging out them drafts!! might have done this one before too. Oh wellzzz

Here’s a quick lesson on SEO – just remember the amount of links I’ve got going off this page is a bit extreme for high quality google authority try and keep links down to 3 per article – this IS if you’re going for SEO because you’re building up the blog initially

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Alright this was going to start off as another parched dry article for SEO but hey – why not go ahead and use the opportunity to get deep on the reasons why we do what we do for practical results in online promotion?

And by practical results I mean getting all the cash monies for us.

Before we begin, please follow the link if you are here looking for DVD duplication New Zealand, or this link if you’re looking for Youtube Promotion Services, and don’t forget to follow my blog at Music. Marketing. Management for cutting edge application of modern online marketing techniques for musicians, talent and content providers.

How do we make money? You’ve got to really zero in on your opportunities to leverage the most high value or most in demand product or services you are capable of providing.

Like me, you probably can do a whole lot of stuff. I can pick my nose AND watch TV at the same time, but I decided to drop that as a service I offer for revenue because I didn’t feel the margins or the demand existed in the current market for that service.

You see it wouldn’t be much use providing a high value service such as DVD Duplication or Performing Kid’s Birthdays where you have quite a large margin if there’s no demand for it.

It wouldn’t be much use providing an in demand service such as Youtube Promotion if the margins are not significant enough for you to make good cash.

It wouldn’t be much use providing a CD of your music because CD’s are not high value or in demand, and neither are you most likely if you’re strapped for cash. I mean you can and you should, but I wouldn’t rely on it as an income source, so perhaps you might agree it’s not a priority.

But there are lots of ideas for high value, in demand music services, such as getting into doing more weddings and 21sts or Kid’s birthday parties, and exploring monetization through licensing. Often, like I did, you can bring new technological innovations to your local area.  If you live in a small city, you might find no one else offers DVD duplication, youtube and online promotion, licensing and background music for media usage, or wedding / kids birthday performances locally.

You might feel this is stretching beyond your bounds as a musician, but you will have to make sacrifices to make up the financial equation that allows you to support yourself, and you’ve got to remember there are very little entry level barriers in the online environment for getting into business.

But how are you going to generate leads?

Easy! By using one of the world’s most powerful company’s flagship product, The Google Search Engine, which, due to Google’s efforts in providing such an accessible high value, in demand tool with which to process the information available online, has become ridiculously popular, made Google ridiculously rich, and is a medium by which anyone can leverage the attention of targeted consumers.

And I recommend both Optimisation for Google’s Search Engine as well as the Adwords Pay Per Click platform, it really is a great way to market your music related products and services. And that’s what we’re learning about today!

Now the problem with DVD Duplication and Youtube Promotion and other high value, in demand products and services as a musician you can leverage for income is of course competition, and the internet is so damn big! How is Google going to let people know that I do cheap DVD duplication and Youtube Promo?

The Google Search Engine is a highly developed and constantly developing product of computer science engineering. But there is one thing – I’ve explained before on my blog about how the internet is computers using telephones to talk to one another, and that Google’s Search Engine can read, but it doesn’t really see.

This underlines why words are so important on the internet, and while songs and videos engage with fans, words engage with fans AND Google, and Google engages with lots and lots of fans! This is what makes blogging so important, because blogs are mainly for words, and organising them in the best way for Google to read them. Because the Google Search Engine wants to know what kind of words you have on your website before it goes suggesting to its users that they visit you.

So the more of the right, relevant words to the person using Google to search for a term you have on your site – these are called “keywords” – the more Google is likely to say yes! you make the list!

Now there’s just one more thing that’s even more important. Having the right Keywords on your site shows Google that you’re talking about the right thing, but having other people link to your site tells Google that other people also think that your website is important. Finally, if the links to your site actually use the words that people are searching for, then that’s going to move you further up the list of search results, check it out:

DVD Duplication

Youtube Video Promotion

This is called a “keyword rich anchor text backlink”.

And one thing about Google and how popular it is? If youre at the top of the list in your country, you’re gonna have to be pretty incompetent not to be making a sweet amount of cash from the high value and in demand products, and/or services you provide in your area or around the world through digital means.

But unfortunately, because people do make sweet amounts of cash this way, boy competition is strong!

So you need to work your niches – that is, you need to break down aspects of your high value, in demand product that are targeted to a certain kind of consumer, an ever more refined audience so you can compete where competition isn’t so strong.

cheap short run dvd duplication auckland new zealand

I wouldn’t say

Buy the CD from DJ Romantech

I’d say

Downbeat Chill Out Music New Zealand

So it tells Google to put me up on all the searches including “Downbeat” “Chill Out” and “New Zealand”.

But how the hell are you going to know what people are looking for? Guess? You can do better.

Because if you’re Google and you do have all that power and money, it seems only right that you should help your clients and users to get the information they want by giving them the tools they need.

So if you do head along to which is basically the paid search engine advertising service that makes Google all it’s stupid amounts of money because of how effective and high value it is as an advertising tool, (they’re all the guys on the right when you do a Google search) if you already have a google ID (y’know, like a gmail) you can sign up.


Now my advice is not to spend money on adwords until you’ve learnt to make sales without it. It’s a great tool, but it’s much better to spend money getting sales because you know you can get sales, then just to be spending money and hoping.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t use all Googles cool tools – like the keyword tool, which pissed a whole bunch of people off when it came out a few months ago because there were plenty of people selling products and services that did this job, and look, Google came a long and offered it to everyone free.

You’d think myspace would offer an automated messaging service for a premium rather than forcing the whole thing underground, but hey.

So yeah, now we’re learning about keyword competition and using niche search terms to dominate and get cashed up selling high value products and services!!! Sweet!

So, right now, I’m checking out the competition on “dvd duplication” in New Zealand.

There’s are bar to tell you how fiercely the keywords are being contested, and an approximate figure on the sort of volumes, or the number of searches being done in the region in the last month, and an average month.

Needless to say, competition is way fierce for “dvd duplication”, thats why I’m paying 80c a click.

There are some other highly contested terms to steer clear of too, their bar is all full up:

cd dvd duplication, dvd duplication services, dvd r duplication,

But then there’s some tasty ones there also that aren’t being worked quite so hard:

bulk dvd duplication is there but because it says “not enough data” for volume, it suggests it could well be negligible – less than a dozen searches per month.

but look what else we’ve got:

dvd duplication company
880 searches per month

fast dvd duplication
290 searches per month

dvd duplication prices

390 searches per month

discount dvd duplication

390 searches per month

I was also stoked to discover the word variations hadn’t been contested much either

so dvd duplications and dvd duplicating both came up with good numbers but relatively low competition.

Alright! So we’ve got some keywords and we’re ready to write our parched dry SEO article so we can get higher rankings in Google and getting people coming through our site to buy!

Now it’s great to be a really compelling writer. But why bother? I mean sure, you might get some additional sales through persuasive high quality copywriting, but we really just want the Google rank, so while there’s a few bonus points for being glib and putting sentences together that make sense, it’s not really essential. Google is smart. But not THAT smart.

I can get my guys in Pakistan to do it if you like.

So let’s go with it shall we? Here’s my SEO optimised blog post for boosting Google searches to my blog for the relative terms!

“Deciding which DVD duplication company in New Zealand to use if you’re searching for fast dvd duplication and discount dvd duplication is easy when you choose the DVD duplication company that gives you the best options on dvd duplication prices and cheap dvd duplication.  Whether you need multiple DVD duplications or only one dvd duplicating job, we’re the DVD duplication company that provides cheap dvd duplication and discount dvd duplication / cheap dvd duplication – just check out our dvd duplication prices by following the link to our website.”

Pretty sweet blog post! Well it aint shakespeare. But that aint the point. A typical SEO piece would probably stretch to 300 words without having the backlinks stacked quite so densely.

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