Building Recurring Revenue to Make Money Online With Music

by Matt @ Kurb on July 10, 2009

Okay still going through the draft folder here. . . did I publish this one already? it’s about 6 months old.

Anyway it’s got a lot of ideas about recurring marketing income which are all really powerful and still valid BUT I’ve had guys working for months to get to this stage. this is phase 2 stuff.

Sure create new forms of revenue and build up multiple streams of recurring income. Great idea.

Doesn’t mean anything if you haven’t put in the work building, structuring and understanding fan management, with a top notch email management platform from which to perform it.

First worry about your site. Worry about the solid propositions your developing not some distracting sideline that will seem strange to fans who are just getting into what you’re doing.

Once you’ve got the core formed and alive, then you can start spreading into new ways to wring money out of their fervent devotion to you and your inspiring brand. heh.
Need ideas to make money from music online?  You gotta build a platform, you got a build a brand you gotta become aware of new ways for content providers to make money online. I work with musicians, small businesses and content providers for US$600 for 3 months –

The problem with becoming successful with digital music business is that it takes a lot of work.

I’m growing income online, but I want to spend more time making music and growing my brand more creatively with video. I can’t really do that until I begin making more money from niche web properties.

Which means I have to keep working on the basics and not living out some brand fantasy just yet.

I’ve been talking about niche web properties. Niche web properties are additional web assets – mainly websites and blogs that you set up as feeders and satellites to your main account. You may develop secondary sites that really has a brand focus on a particular group of users, or on a related subject that can be monetized.

I need to develop more niche properties that are earning at low levels.

For local readers, I’ve said the value of our currency right now is shocking and there’s a lot of opportunities to monetize online, but it’s like this. You can’t see music as a product any more. That’s why I continually make these comparisons between myself and artists in the digital world because as digital content providers we give away free valuable content, we build our brand and we monetize in new ways. Attention. Authority. Trust.

Focus on providing value – that is qualified value, build it, and there is sure to be potential to turn it into a revenue stream. But you have to go big on it, you have to get your head around what it means to be participating in a global, digital context.

I’m launching about 20 new niche sites right now. You got to spread out.

I got all kinds of stuff. I just want each of my little sites making $US5 a day with me just adding some content, an article or something once a week.

They’ve all got keyword relevant names, all terms that people are actually searching for so in a few months I should start to pull in some hits. Plus we’ll be exchanging links with relevant sites, and given that I’ve already got a network of sites, I can

You following me? WordPress, blogger, domains with self hosted worpress slapped on them, these are web properties. You can haz web properties.

Let me quickly go through monetizing ideas artists can think about right now to monetize secondary niche sites:

– Adsense: Has been performing dismally since the downturn started biting, struggling to make US$1 a day here and on other decent sites. we’re going to have to take a lesson in placement. Adsense – ugly old adsense banners, there’s one on your right (my right? :p haha) there – need to be basically placed IN your blog posts written area as in


to be decently effective, and then ohh it looks nasty!

– What about selling text links – text links with High PR sites can allow a 3rd party advertisers widget to sell text links from your site and I’m looking into it right now. Apparently I can earn $US2 p/month a page from sites with PR4 and $US1.50 p/month from PR3. has PR4 and 150+ posts and this blog has PR3 and 177 posts. And what were you doing when I said you should be blogging?

okay UPDATE: only pages of PR1 or higher will get paid links, but you can have more than one link and more than one network But I’m sure I should be able to cook up an extra $100 a week through this method.

Just be aware – there has been a lot of controversy over Google penalizing sites that are caught selling backlinks. As with many things, as long as you’re not going over the top you’re not likely to get caught but as a general rule, I keep advertising away from sites where I do real business.

My CD and DVD duplication pages are too valuable for other revenues to risk sullying with cheap ads.

– Affiliate offers: Joined two new affiliate marketing networks yesterday who both offer free CPA offers.

That is these are “Cost Per Action” offers, that is you get paid to get people to take an action online. Most of the time of course this means selling something. But there is a host of offers that are available that cost nothing.

There is also a process of qualifying targets online that means that if you can get your fans to purchase something for $1 to qualify themselves to the 3rd party as someone who is capable of making purchases, your reward for each will be far more than a dollar on the basis of that.

Sound complicated yet? Well I guess, but to me, it’s one hell of a way to make money out of your 1000 true fans because you’re not necassarily asking them to spend money, just to sign up for some trial fully in the – transparent – knowledge that it benefits your cause as an artist by contributing $1 or more per sign up.

1000 sign ups x $1 = $1000 p/month – which is when your regular newsletter goes out.

So this last one here is really the pot at the end of the rainbow because once you have a 1000 people all under the spell of your incredible music and your compelling brand image, it’s not that hard to move them from the idea of spending $10 on your album which – even if it was a 3 song digital release with copious iterations of digital bonus content every 3 months – it’s still limiting the ability you have to tap your fans for extra earning by presenting a new proposition every month.

You know what I would be doing? I work with a few chill out artists so already we’re scanning for really hot products that will appeal to this is demographic. And not the crappy shit people are always trying to peddle online we’re looking for something quality or good value at least so you’re keeping your reputation in tact with your fans, and since the commissions on such items can run 50% or higher it’s a matter of using transperancy to your advantage and letting fans know that most of the money they spend on such products goes to helping you directly as an artist to keep doing what they do.

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