Applying A Strong Online Music Marketing Campaign Strategy

by Matt @ Kurb on July 6, 2009

Remember of course, if you need music marketing services, we offer a comprehensive package to cover your online music promotion needs – personal music promotion strategy and all the support you’ll need: graphic design, web design, email management, online video production and marketing, social media, online advertising campaigns the works! Cost is $600 for 3 months email:
Now the reason I wrote this very promising article that I was so devastated to lose was because we’ve been making some really great progress with our artist promotion strategies, but this has really underlined the importance of thorough preparation and commitment to strong artist content.

That’s why with the service I provide, we are constantly working to prepare artists to develop a strong online promotions platform before we can even get serious about marketing a musician online.

I’m confident now in our methods to bring fans to an artist, but much like the experience I’ve had marketing youtube videos, what is the outcome? You can pay me $500 to get 10,000 people to watch your video but what is the point if the only result is that watch half your video and then go away again?

We’re looking at strategies to engage and build real fans that work, but we can’t do that if the artist is just going to sit back and not reach out to their fans and build the relationship.

So let’s work through the steps towards a solid online music marketing campaign strategy.

First you start with a Strong landing page or Squeeze page it doesn’t matter how many people come to your myspace or see your crazy video or come to your website if we’re not seeking some kind of ongoing relationship, because the idea of trying to sell things to every visitor, as an isolated goal, is ridiculous. In order to engage in building a tribe of loyal supporters you must use email management to manage the relationship and you must get email addresses to maintain contact. This is done from a “landing” or “squeeze” page that is an object of intense scrutiny and obsession when developing your online music promotion campaign because with no compelling reason, proposition or branding with which to motivate fans to sign up, youre wasting your efforts in promotion.

For this Kurb offers as part of our $600 package: landing page set up and design as part of your full website development worth $147, and aweber email management the professional solution used by the top internet marketing earners – this is valued at US$50 for 3 months.

Strong adwords ppc campaign
– I talked the power of a google ppc adwords online advertising campaign used for music on this blog recently and I am most delighted and proud to announce our results have been very good, and I am happy to claim some of the credit as I sem to have a natural knack for what has become and increasingly complicated but fully successful strategy deploying targeted advertising through Google search and content networks. The ability to finely target subjects and pre proposition them can be used so effectively, and what’s more, often am not only optimising campaigns for the lowest spend but I am usually able to secure free credit of up to 100 Euros.

So this is definitely one of the biggest points of value we provide however, it often takes months of building your platform in preparation to have fans and visitors passing through every day.

For this Kurb offers as part of our $600 package: A 3 hour PPC campaign set up followed by an hour each month for either adjustment and correction of campaigns or to launch specific new campaigns. I usually charge my ppc consulting skills out at $100p/hour. I’m good.

Strong email management- as I said we offer the aweber email management solution because it allows us to manage and track many thousands of fans in the most effective way for developing regular engagement, presenting content, and hopefully drawing a sale or a vast range of other profitable interactions. Many free email management solutions don’t make use of an autoresponder which is a fundamental component of building an email list system that can be maximized later for earning.

strong newsletter content – Because as you start to build more fans it becomes crucial to interact with them in a way that maintains goodwill and moves your brand forward to create from that that engagement an ongoing relationship. I just mentioned that will lead to profitable interaction. I f you’re not creating attention grabbing or inspirational or potentially viral content regularly there’s no way that you’re going to progress your relationship with fans to the point where they want to support you by either accepting sales propositions oragreeing to take actions that lead to profits and revenue for the artist.

As the artist it’s your job to develop raw content and ours to present and distribute it in the most powerful ways.

That leads to . . . strong fan engagement = strong sales and brand loyalty = strong revenue and profits.

But you need the landing page featuring your sales pitch, email sign up and content such as video etc. songs and other important content, and it needs to be attractive to fans and present you professionally and as serious about what you’re doing.

And you need the email list management to manage the relationships and ongoing propositions and it needs to be a high quality solution of value to you growing you list from 10’s, to 100’s to 1000’s.

You need the expertise in Adwords capaigns to not only maximise your spend and laser target your fanbases demographic, but also get free credits

And all this is only PART of what we provide to our online music marketing clients so email me, Matt @ Kurb

to talk about how our strategies can help you market your music because they work and I certainly look like our prices are only going to increase with demand for our level of service and expertise.

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