Top 10 Online Music Marketing Strategies for 2009

by Matt @ Kurb on June 22, 2009

Need music marketing strategies?

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Kurb’s top 10 Music Marketing, Promotions and Online Artist Management Strategies for 2009

1: WEB DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT: Most musicians can’t succeed online because their websites don’t provide a compelling experience for fans or prospects who visit their site. You can’t afford to see your website as a static platform. Your website is your channel from which to interact with all those who are not yet fans. It must develop at least every month. Continued commitment to developing website design and content that more effectively express your brand as well as deepen your fans experience, so that they are confident and invested enough to make purchases . . . then sales happen. Industry people who provide opportunities are a whole seperate group from your fans and also have to be addressed through your website as the primary point of formal introduction to your brand.

2: PPC MANAGEMENT / ADWORDS: Pay per click advertising on Google and other content networks is the fastest and most powerfully qualified option for advertising spending in 2009. With as little as $20 p/week you can begin highly measured and precisely targeted campaigns with us on Google Adwords. Adwords is great for any musicians who have put the necessary preparation into building a platform that will retain fan engagement – which is where we also assist artists to build a strong online presence from which to engage (blog, mailing list, video, see below) –  and is effective when targeting genders, age groups and cities/regions. Even amateurs can return positive ROI advertsing on Google through Adwords, but there are many common mistakes made by those who don’t understand how the system is balanced. Experience in using the PPC can lead to radically enhanced results, in terms of minimmizing adwords costs.

3: EMAIL MANAGEMENT: Maintaining relationsips with fans through email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to generate dependable recurring revenue over time. It’s the best way to manage fans in such a way to optimise engagement that leads to sales later. We provide professional email management solutions for all our clients, but those who are interested in email marketing should know you will have to build your contacts first through other online marketing efforts, most often a blog, and then maintain your mail out, which is going to need content. Once you can graduate to greater levels of automated email marketing, you can implement powerful systems to create wealth with minimum maintenance.

4: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Anyone who tells you they are a social media expert had better be ready to back that up with proof. Social Media Marketing is not a strategy for ROI for musicians. The aim of social media is to build meaningful relationships with engaged social media users who have the power to build a powerful, authoritative and authentic viral word of mouth. Just like blogs, building a strong social media presence has many benefits for musicians, often it’s the first and easiest way to start negotiating fan relationships and building heavily branded platforms and presentations. It’s just social media promotions strategies must remain practical in terms of the bottom line.

5: BLOG PROMOTION: Blogging is still a top strategy for music marketing as long as it doesn’t interfere with normal operations or become your only marketing strategy. Because a well maintained blog developed over months has so many advantages and develops your marketing platform in so many ways – reinforcing your whole online marketing effort from SEO, developing customer service, website development, good content paublishing practices – the work put in to build a lively and dynamic blog will never be wasted. We provide blog set up, blog design, blog promotion and can even create content and run your blog for you.

6: ONLINE VIDEO: Online video is the new power in online marketing. Fans seek engagement, trust and authority with musicians products, services and brands – particularly as the range of what’s available begins to diversify dramatically. Fans seek stories that give commodities and their brands value and credibility and video is the most powerful way to engage people and quickly create trust, authority as well as impact. Musicians using video in new, more and different ways to communicate with fans will have a much greater opportunity to appeal, and online video is only going to get bigger and continue to steal more influence from traditional TV.

7: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION AND MARKETING: Search engine marketing is still the most powerful marketing technique accessible to entrepreneurs on small budgets, but precisely for this reason that SEO finds itself at #5 on this list. SEO is competitive. SEO is a challenge for new websites and new promotions. Ranking highly in Google for your favoured keyword search terms is better than any advertising and would give you unmatched access to your market. But the results of SEO work can vary. A Successful SEO campaign takes research, it requires a lot of tedious tasks, and that of course costs. I will underline how powerfully effective our SEO can be but you must have the patience and commitment for it if you are in a competitive niche or you’re not hypertargeting some incredibly specific niche angle.

8: Article Marketing: Article Marketing leverages written content for exposure that can be syndicated far and wide to provide exposure to click through traffic as well as considerable SEO benefits. Article syndication as well as freelance article creation is offered as part of our general online marketing strategies. If you don’t have time to build your web presence, it’s better we create monthly content for you then having no new content at all, essential to online marketing is the snowball effect of more content going out online, more backlinks leading back to your site and more traffic.

9:Viral Marketing: More powerful than spreading ideas is building an idea that spreads itself. Whether a video or other media, a competition or a mash up – or even a piece of software or app – the essential concept is the power of an idea to proliferate by way of online sharing without any secondary involvement from the artist. The success of a Viral Marketing campaign is never assured and taking risks to put forward powerful branding messages or leverage powerful value propositions that engage so deeply that it spreads online or through word of mouth is a longshot but always has the potential to be outrageously successful with a bit of character and flair.

10: Community building: Again building a community around your brand makes long term commitment and personal contribution unavoidable – this ia successful strategy if executed well, and timed well in an artists career trajectory. But you can’t just create community based loyalty to a musician overnight. Certainly, strategies to nurture your community and provide functionality by way of a forum or other platforms to encourage different kinds of interaction and user driven content creation around your brand can be provided easily and inexpensively and provide great leverage, but early on there will need to be a dedicated effort to inject activity into the community space. This can be more time consuming and long range than many small businesses are prepared for.

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1: Website Development
2: Google Adwords / PPC
3: Blog Promotion
4: Online Video Marketing
5: SEO
6: Email Management / Marketing
7: Article Marketing
8: Social Media Marketing
9: Viral Marketing
10: Community Building

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