State of Online Music Marketing: New Music Promotion Services 2009

by Matt @ Kurb on June 19, 2009

Need Music Marketing services for your band, act, music or entertainment brand?

That’s what we do. Comprehensive plans – that means we do basically everything you need online – design, websites + blogs, social media, fan management, video, google traffic, content distribution and promotion – there’s someone here who can do it. AND Personal Attention – that means ME talking to YOU about what YOU need to work and make progress with YOUR music. Not some software, some bot or some “masterplan blueprint for instant industry success” no. We work with you to build yourself a music and content business.

It’s $600 For 3 months. You pay upfront $400 first, and after 3 months, if you’re not happy, you can keep the rest of your money.

EMAIL: PHONE +64 27 684 8250

Alright time for some plays on the music marketing scene, I just get a feeling things are really starting to pick up and we might see things really start to ramp. There’s a general air about that it’s time to quit with the talking, and have new ideas come forward that become the basis of new systems that are qualified new industry standards for a fully digital music industry.

And what I see is some of the movers starting to play their hand, where as others could well be shown to be coming up short when it’s time to deliver the goods.

Personally – I just recently bought a staff member on board who’s soul job is to distribute articles and posts that I have created both for my own blogs and my artists blogs so we can spread content from myself and the bands and build all important one way backlinks.

For me, It’s like the artists I represent – It lets me focus on the creative energy and have the systems in place to distribute and leverage that creative content, otherwise rather than building and progressing new ideas as you should be doing – you just end up doing all this donkey work.

And if you don’t do the work you’re just going to stay that little blip on the radar with some “really nice songs”, it’s never going to work unless you play it smart.

The other thing I’ve been looking at again is new ways to game youtube, as a lot of those opportunities to get an edge got flushed earlier this year when youtube got wise so just developing some interesting new strategies there for youtube video promotion – just another tiny part of our comprehensive online music marketing packages.

So that’s me, working away with the small group of artists I work with. I wont ever work with 20 artists at a time any more I just can’t focus on the essential nature of that artists brand that has to be developed. Personalised music business and marketing support is now crucial. Me, well I’ve already got this hustle down pat so I’ll just keep charging more. Best to get in now, then.

But if you are looking into retaining a serious music marketing solution, if you’re hiring an outfit to give you personal online marketing support for your music or your entertainment brand and they come to you talking about some myspace thing, you’re probably in the wrong situation.

Wanna hear my myspace strategy? Have a myspace. That’s it. Songs, Pictures, Bio, Links, contacts, next – there’s more important stuff to worry about. Let one of my guys log in and post your blogs to your bulletin board and myspace blog, update the shit on your page.

That’s nonsense that needs to be done, but you can’t be worrying about if you’re trying to become a creative force.

Oh sure, we can do the friend adding thing and all the bot stuff if you like, but honestly . . . Myspace just lost it’s last hold, the US, and cut 30% of it’s staff. Facebook dominates. Wanna know the bad news? You can’t spam facebook with a bot. Do you have a facebook presence? No? One of my guys can set you up a facebook and show you how to use groups, Facebook can be a real cracker for gig promotion, and we can help with that.

And this is personal attention. This isn’t done by a bot, this is done by someone who knows facebook. That’s the difference, personal attention to detail when dealing with your explicit needs as an individual artist appealing to an individual niche.

I mean, look at this guy, he’s actually one of my old clients, can you believe it? Look, as far as this guy is concerned I want to save my ammunition but this gives you an idea of exactly what to avoid.

Eric Herbert and Greg Rollett have launched their new music marketing platform label 2.0 recently. Now these guys definitely have a few clues – both have shown good SEO skills building high google rankings for good keywords on their respective sites, and Greg in particular I know is a big crusader for the landing page and the email management which are very strong in my approach also.

This is because this is basic internet marketing strategy that has been used to market everything under the sun, but for some reason, not music? Basics. Landing Page. Building and working a list. Providing heaps of value up front before you even think about trying to put a sell on them.

Check out this post from Way Cool Jnr. that totally tore up the net in the last day or so – the online artist report card – so many strong ideas coming through here which really made me start thinking there are quite a few of us who have quite clear ideas about how the new business models can be applied practically.

The clear theme coming through that I’ve noticed from Ariel Hyatt’s posts on Music Think Tank also recently is the application of common and popular general internet marketing concepts.

She’s talking about how to leverage that list to sell those essential core fans on your list more and different stuff presented under your brand, what is commonly referred to as “upselling”.

Whereas with me you know I’m rabid about branding these days because without a knock out brand thats totally out there, 1000 crazed fans who want to buy anything you’ve got is a far off dream.

Some funny stuff from Andrew Dubber at New Music Strategies also – seems to be very much rolling up his sleeves and keen to apply some of his wisdom practically. Much more practical, on the ground, in the trenches stuff coming from him and his interactions with real musicians.

Note that he also has been starting to push his consultancy services and this to me is a great demonstration of another principle of been harping on about – finding extremely high value services you can offer and leverage to get funds immediately.

Andrew knows with is highly engaged list of over 4000 subscribers to his blog, all musicians and music business people, there’s surely going to be a groupwho are williing to pay a couple of hundred dollars for a consultation with him.

Just like Andrew – or me for that matter – how can you present services that provide high personal value for individual fans that allow you to make a decent wack of cash from an hour or a nights effort?

As for Bob Baker and Derek Sivers I guess they only need to rest on their laurels and rub their bellies and laugh because they basically invented independent music marketing.

But is this the new model? We’ve read about the music entrepreneurs behind the music from reading Lefsetz, the guys who built the stars, is it time for a new era of music business people, of music industry star builders, developing brands from which to monetize attention in new ways?

Rather than a label and a manger sucking your lifebloodwith a contract, or  would you have me and those like me contracted to serve you?

This is where the new musicians is in the driving seat – to decide the future for their own music business.

But really to me the challenge is as it has always been – in the monetization. Give me an artist who is marketable and $5000 to burn and I’ll get you your 1000 true fans. If you’ve got an artist now, with fair talent and appeal who’s got the commitment to understand that the music game has now returned to the true players, and the days of manufactured overnight sensations are gone . . . then you’ll get your 1000 true fans.

If you think this is just something you’ll do for now while you’re young, you’ve got the wrong idea. Do it for fun and have a blast, but don’t think of it as a business.The money you put into it now won’t be coming back for years to come so get used to the idea that if you don’t plan to be around then to collect then you’re kissing it goodbye.

Because the true challenge for us who offer music marketing services, online artist management and internet promotion, is turning that 1000 true fans that will take years to build into a decent income for musicians. If you can keep writing the songs, rocking the videos, blogging and really using the tools – twitter, for example – to truly connect . . . then it’s up to US – the business and marketing people that you have behind you – whether they’re paid upfront like me, or your bound to a contract like a traditional label or manager.

It’s now time for the innovative thinkers of music marketing and the new music 2.0 industry people to bring what they’ve got and deliver value for new musicians – new careers, new stars and a new music business.

It’s $600 For 3 months. You pay upfront $400 first, and after 3 months, if you’re not happy, you can keep the rest of your money.

Need Music Marketing services for your band, act, music or entertainment brand?

EMAIL: PHONE +64 27 684 8250

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