Online Music Promotion Diary: More Moves

by Matt @ Kurb on June 14, 2009

Alright. What have I been up to in general music marketing and promotion activity?

Well yesterday I watched “Before the Music Dies”

And I thought it is fairly important that some cultural values are retained in the music industry but thats for the artists to worry about – my job is to help artists make money in the music business.

#This Blog: Ironically after writing a recent post on the validity of blogging for musicians I’ve started to recognise that as this blog continues to grow incrementally due to the articles I post every week or so, I believe it is actually beginning to impact on the amount of leads I receive for my music marketing and management services.

Long story short: Blogging is a strategy that will pay off only if you’re willing to put oh like 2 years into it. Come October when I would have been blogging for 2 years, that time investment may be actually paying off by then.

#content Promotion: Suddenly my youtube videos have kicked into life, then there’s twitter and the new search service Bing, which have all contributed to a dozen visitors. This is all pointing to the fact that when you’re building up content online then you never know how connections are going to come together, but you’re building up to a powerful critical mass.

whether it’s Google or some kind of viral marketing ripple, you’re going to start building interest with relevant content and interactions, and it’s just as likely that dozens of small content items – videos, blog posts, various feeds and streams you make available – will contribute to your eventual emergence as an artist as it

Moral of the story: take your secondary content seriously. Develop a strategy to make secondary content available.

#artist development: I am now branching out with my own music a bit since I basically have established a career for myself I thought it would only be natural to start applying some of my skills.

I’m blogging regularly now on my music but I’m not promoting it, because long term, what I’m actually trying to do is build a really confident voice so that fans will engage with my writing and my blog, while I’m getting use to the idea that I have to be posting new content about twice a week, and on twitter, everyday.

If it goes well, then I might start talking about what else I’m doing but it comes back to that point that if you can’t build a blog with 200+ posts on it, then it’s probably not worth wasting your time, while I’ve put 50 posts on that sucker and I haven’t even mentioned it.

This is the long game.

#chill out label – yes I have started working on developing a chill out music label basically as a personal project to develop and apply some of my own ideas about how music brands can be developed and then monetized.

You can read more about it by following the link above.

# Video Camera: Got me a new video camera so right back into getting on with my videos. Which is also what you should be doing. Make yourself useful to your audience, and make yourself a video.

#gigs: Did a couple of gigs this weekend. You got to remember that often to have a successful night it’s obviously important to make the best effort to allow the performers to perform at their best.

Often performers who can’t perform or are having difficulty performing can’t perform at their best and it effects the gig. People expect a decent show.

With events – understand your performers, understand their equipment needs, understand the venue, maintain what everyone agrees to be a standard and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Something blows up or falls over just at the moment when everyone is starting to dance and enjoy the band is going to have a negative effect on the vibes at the event.

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