Music Marketing Secret Weapons: Google PPC Adwords Management

by Matt @ Kurb on June 21, 2009

Do you need online music marketing services?

I’m Matt, and at Kurb we offer a service that is comprehensive – that is, covers pretty much everything you need to have ongoing online promotions; personal – that is, we carry out our promotions based on what’s appropriate for you, not just ramming your music through some system we came up with; and affordable – that means you’ll pay four times as much as you would in L.A. for the same thing – because we’re from New Zealand, but the service you get will be four times as good as it would be from some dudes in India; because we’re in New Zealand.

It costs $600 for 3 months. You pay $400 upfront and if you’re not happy after 3 months you can keep the rest.

Email, me, Matt Turner – Kurb Promotions:
Adwords PPC is one of the most serious weapons in my music marketing arsenal right now. Whenever I worry about how business is going I always remind myself I’ve only got the volume set to about “1”.

I mean, hey, it costs money. Most good things do. Business costs money. The labels that used to do the business side of things are disappearing and artist have to get into business for themselves. It costs money.

When myspace started to go downhill it was a testing time, I’d built my whole online business on helping artists to spam myspace in the smartest ways and basically studying interactions between musicians and their fans because there was so much going on to observe.

I realised when you’re constantly trying to “game” certain websites it’s only going to be a temporary strategy. Youtube closed the door on fake views earlier in the year . . . because fake views worked! Fake views created real interest I saw it happen – I mean, well, it’s my job!

But real interest never turned directly into sales on myspace or youtube.

A smart band strategy would be to stay fluid and shift your myspace efforts to twitter knowing something else is around the corner for social media after facebook and after twitter . . .

But when it comes to straight up and down online marketing and business it’s still about websites bringing in traffic and making sales, that’s why the core of of promoting any brand online is search engine optimisation –  which let’s be honest, takes years to develop viably – or pay per click advertising which takes about 4 hours to set up a decent campaign.

Now don’t trust me to be modest here. There are a lot of layers to the art of ppc marketing, it’s taken me a while to realise it was something I’m just naturally really good at, or maybe it’s just the experience built up in doing this online thing full time for years now.

So just like myspace or youtube or building up a blog or anything else you might see me about – sure you can buy a copy of friendblaster, sure you can grab a free wordpress hosted blog at, sure yo can get an adwords account with google but often artists do all these things and they’re still not doing it right and they’re still not freeing up time to create more and better primary content.

If you’re going to use all these things to your best advantage you need support from someone who lives it. If I showed up at yours and tried to play some of your songs do you think I’d do any good at it?

So are you going to nderstand google adwords pay per click? The amount of information to impart on the science of this thing is just vast. Your best off with someone like me who has experience in setting up adwords – performing the necessary keyword research, setting the parameters at an optimum, and most fundamnentally: Making VAST amounts of ad variables.

But . . . ALSO knows about music, niches, and can make relevent connections.

It takes hours to put this knowledge into an adwords campaign but god is it worthwhile.

Expertise. I has it.

But the other point is that there’s no reason to put money into ppc campaigns unless your platform has actually been developed to the point you’re able to create a positive outcome – which is an email sign up principally. There’s no point throwing a whole bunch of money into adwords if you haven’t got a proposition to engage with or you’re not going to have any recognisable measure of success.

Again, this is why artists are coming to us – because we provide that whole platform set up, establishing a landing page and email list as part of the deal and to launch an advertisng campaign within 3 months.

Our marketing service is all one fluid promotion strategy, platform, content and promotion.

You’re just not going to find anyone else in the music business who is able to set everything up for you – build the website with email sign up management, write your sales pitch, and then launch an online ppc advertising campaign to begin getting sign ups – all at one low price.

In 3 months online promotion with us priced at $600, you get all this and MORE.

Places are ALWAYS limited, but unless you email us you will never be offered a place as they become available.


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