Is Blogging Still A Successful Marketing Strategy for Musicians

by Matt @ Kurb on June 7, 2009

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I’ve been known to say that if you’ve got half an hour to promote your music, the best thing you can do is post another blog post to your artist blog. This is why blogging is so popular, because it’s such an easy way to – as I’ve said again – use content as promotion.

Online content is promotion. By publishing a blog online you contribute to increasing your traffic through google as well as creating more depth, more content for fans to deepen their engagement with your brand.

And that’s a great way to spend half an hour. It also builds the publishing habit and skills, in the 21st century publishing honestly has got to be like eating, sleeping, breathing for the artists, it’s just a natural part of what you do.

It’s just an easy way to leverage more content, leverage more of your creative skills.

But just recently I have had a real business plan shake up because it’s important, especially in this digital agae of multiple income streams, to stay focused on where the money is going to be actually coming in, in real life, not in way off future dream land.

That was a big part of last post on investing in music marketing – if you’re tight for cash don’t go rushing into getting professional marketing services for your music if you don’t have a solid plan to actually make some return as soon as possible.

And by solid plan, as I must have said often enough, is not depending on selling recordings of your songs because it is a declining market.

Personally, when it comes to losing focus, advertising revenue is a real demon for me, I guess it’s the allure of totally passive income. Yet revenue from online advertising accounts for about 1% of my income. It’s a total waste of my time that I even think about it.

And it’s true, investing into music marketing so that I can help you build advertising revenue would pay for itself . . . in about 2 years. But you need to create more solid value.

That’s where my business planning came in. I identified places where I could be making more money mainly because it was easy and played to my strengths (ie marketing) and also because it aligned more with my personal goals.

You would have to go through your own process of deduction to analyse your music business model to come up with something that was going to be easy and straightforward for you based on your personal strengths, and what you personally enjoy or are committed to.

But once you’re at that point – sure – blogging is going to be a great way to keep chipping away and building up opportunities in this area if you just keep blogging about it, going deep into it.

However, if the crucial point at which the pitch is made is not compelling then it doesn;t matter how much you blog about it.

A new client could come to this blog looking for artist promotion because with 220 posts over 20 months on the subject it gives me a fair amount of google goodness, but if they click through to my main site to learn more about my online music marketing services and it’s not doing the job of presenting the right image and selling the deal, then it’s pointless.

That is – you’re getting 1-200 hits coming through your site every day because you offer a certain service or performance, perhaps you’ve really been working the wedding DJ angle or something, writing a post about DJing weddings every damn day with a link to your main sales page where you really sell it.

Don’t matter how many ragged blog posts you make, if that sales page doesn’t look really pro, doesn’t present YOU the business provider well, and doesn’t really come through with a strong message about why you’re such a good choice to provide these music services then you’re

So if I may go back to my own recent business plan – number 1 priority is redesign and rewrite all the main landing or squeeze pages for each of the key services I’m developing.

Getting into the head of that person who needs the service.

If I want to book you for my daughters wedding, i don’t need to be told all this waffle about how ” a wedding is a joyous occasion” – tell your future clients what is you do, why it’s so good and how much it will be.

Seriously being upfront with people about the money works wonders.

I charge US$200 p/month for ongoing marketing arrangements.

Once you’ve done the necessary amount of fretting and scrutinizing over every recognisable element of these essential parts of your platform where the business is really happening for you in providing music services or products, then you’re ready to get serious about marketing.

I can help you develop this stuff, as well as putting together the promotion that comes afterward through advertising, social media etc., and of course your blogs and blog promotion.

So as long as you’ve got a site that makes sense and does the job of engaging fans and selling stuff and you’ve got half an hour to spare, why not post another blog post. But if the page on your site where you tell people they should give you money is no good, then you need to get out a pen and start making a list of ways to improve it.

And if you can’t do that or you’re afraid it will cost a fortune to put everything right and make it decent, then talk to me about a online music marketing package.

It’s 3 months, It’s comprehensive, it’s online music marketing you need and it’s $600 for 3 months.

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