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by Matt @ Kurb on June 16, 2009

Hey it’s me, Matt from Kurb again!

We offer comprehensive music marketing services, it’s $600 for 3 months.

You get comprehensive strategy, email management, web development and design including your blog promotion, video promotion, social media promotion and basic online content promotion – copywriting, and article marketing, graphic design, search engine optimisation as well as advertising campaigns online. This is full artist management and development for future revenue and music business! Contact today to talk about getting your spot while it’s available!

I guess I’m a little bit more positive about blogs now to help promote artists but it’s definitely not a short term music marketing strategy – it’s a strategy to build engaged readers and pan for gold (fans) amongst a lot of random search traffic, but as long as you’re committed to the many months it will take to become rewarding then it will be worthwhile.

But when I’m working with an artist, blogging is usually the last thing on their minds. But immediately it’s important to get relevant content up on your blog. I’ve just launched my new chill out music label and service so I’m wanting to build that up slowly now – except – well I kinda DO have a couple of business to run here.

So my content guys are going to be writing articles for me, just like they do with the artists using our music marketing services, laying down content on their blog to get it through that initial period where keywords are thin on the ground and google’s got no love for your blog.

Blog promotion is just one of many parts of our comprehensive service offered to develop artists and music brands online.

Now this may not be the greatest piece of music journalism ever but what it’s doing is providing that critical mass of conent. Once a few months have gone by and dozens of posts are building up with all those relevant keywords, then I’ll see the results as google sends searchers to my site, just like it sent 320 different people here on Monday.

And whats more, my staff will be using this article and slight variations of it to syndicate this article, through submissions to article directories such as, out to other sites where they will run this content and link back to my site, once again providing

– quality links form a trusted site

– keyword relevant links

– one way non reciprocal links

the three ticks to building links that increase google search optimisation results for musicians and bands.

And it all builds more traffic to your site, and when they start coming it’s time for the artist to become more involved – OR, more likely, you have to start paying us more because youre starting to take off and you need to start developing deeper and more authentic engagement however we can without demanding any more from the artist than we have to.

The point is – more fans coming to the the artists blogs to engage – and when they get there, do you think reading some crappy article is what they’ll be doing first? Not if we can get those big propositions up front!

Sign up for email – get access to free stuff – WOW look how crazy this artists vibe is – AMAZING!

Seen the latest video diary? Photo gallery?

We’re on a sliding scale here from the small time to serious new music artist material.

Articles like this now, on the web and on your blog are just tiny breadcrumbs leading to the big house made of candy.

So lets get you on the road to candyland – sounding and looking like an inspiration – and leave the details, such as blogs, bread crumbs, a thousand online marketing angles – to me:

Matt @ Kurb

Our $600 Music Marketing 3 month campaign covers just so damn much -including developing your blog and posts for it. There’s just not that many places you get that kind of comprehensive personal service and attention without having to roll out big money.

WIth our online artist management service you actually get the marketing department you would on a small label. Except now the music industry is all on you – are you going to back yourself or let someone else push their brand forward with new music marketing strategies?
Here’s an article one of my writing team has provided for my “chill out channel” blog to start building up the density of content and keywords I need, specifically chill out music. but more niche terms such as free chill out music, free chill out music download, and free chill out music mp3 are also going to be terms i’ll be gunning for.

Please note I have not edited it or touched it in anyway – this is the standard of regular niche related blog posts we produce to develop content on a musicians blog to build it up in it’s initial stages:

With so many things need to be done everyday, it’s no wonder that a lot of us finds it hard to relax. Reports have it that about 6 out of 10 people experience stress from their works in their everyday lives. Not a serious matter? Think again. Stress can lead to many harmful diseases. And the fact that you can’t go on a vacation everyday, there’s a way of fighting stress and you can have it in the comfort of your own seat, it’s called music.

Music therapy is proven effective against almost all kinds of diseases including heart diseases and mental illness. We all know that music has a lot of genres that people listen to for entertainment and relaxation. But one certain genre stands out from the rest it is called chill out music.

From the word itself, chill out music’s main purpose is to make you chill or relax. It’s a combination of jazz, lounge, dub and electronic music also known as techno. Chill out music is known to dance clubs where people go to relax, also known as chill rooms, and eventually became a household term. Chill out music introduced the “feel free to dance” ambience that benefits the listener.

Here are the benefits of Chill out music:

1. It relaxes your mind. With smooth tempo, deep bass lines, the sweet sound of the saxophone and the soothing notes of the guitar and keyboard, chill out music helps you extract all the uneasiness in your mind. While doing things that make your head hurt like working or studying, rest for 5 minutes, listen to a chill out song and stretch your mental muscles. And also you can listen to a chill out song while doing something, this can give you a better concentration.

2. It makes you more optimistic. It’s common for a chill out song to have such sweet lyrics. Chill out songs have lyrics that offer a “good vibe” aura that will give you a “worry free” feeling. Some chill out song lyrics make you remember things from the past or the moments you treasure, the hometown you’ve left and the familiar faces you want to meet and also the dreams you want to achieve giving you a better outlook in life.

3. Saves you from stress. As I’ve said, it is proven that stress is one of the factors that generate such diseases that can harm your life. One way of extracting stress is through body motions. While doing something listen to a 10 minute chill out song that will make you dance. Working while dancing? Not a bad idea, right?

4. Helps you sleep. This is true to some people. A lot of people suffers from sleeping disorders that create discomfort. One way to solve this is by means of listening to music. Medical reports show that some people find it easy to fall sleep while listening to music specially slow music.

With the benefits of chill out music in you hand or rather in your ear, fighting stress is as easy as turning the radio on. And remember don’t be afraid to dance with the music it’s good for your health. So feel free to chill.

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