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by Matt @ Kurb on June 29, 2009

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Cheap Online Video Production and Marketing:

Need comprehensive online music marketing services that are personal and affordable?

Email: to talk about videos, blogs, social media, online advertising, graphic design, youtube video promotion and much more.

Alright just a little announcement going on from Kurb as we continue on our mission to give artists and small businesses branding and marketing support that is affordable enough to be worthwhile.

That’s why we’re presenting this dirt cheap online video production and marketing package – because in the beginning, you don’t want to spend heaps on your music videos, you just want to have one.

US$150: 1 basic dirt cheap video

US$250: 2 basic dirt cheap videos

US$500: 2 videos + some video marketing

US$600 2 videos and full 3 months video marketing

What do you need?

– Photos

– Titles: A list of titles you want to appear (such as your website etc. – often you might want to have your website visible on the screen throughout the video)

– Footage compressed for the web if you can supply
– Music or other audio content: if you are a musician we’ll want an mp3 to use, if you are a business or other organisation, I am happy to provide music from a pool of legitimate sources free of charge

Payment: Is through Paypal (which accepts Credit Cards) or we have the option of Moneybookers

With Social Media and so much of Web 2.0 technology either you’ve got something up your sleeve to exploit some loophole in the platform or you’re just playing it clean and leveraging as much from your content as possible.

I was talking about using content as promotion in itself; Internet marketers talk about “owning more of the net” creating more online “frontage” and opportunities to be found and connect.

Also, video is a great way to take your website to the next level if it’s still pretty static – by using short online videos to introduce certain products – in the case of musicians this could

One great idea for such a video as I’m describing is to simply serve as advertisement for a product you’re launching – especially an audio product where you can edit the audio yourself to present snippets of your songs, and we can easily work with the material you send us to put corresponding visulas, photos, footage, titles to the music.

Online, it’s worth putting together the kinds of modest video productions we offer simply just to be more visible. If you don’t have a youtube at all, this is a great way to get involved NOW, not months later while you’re preparing the album and juggling a whole lot of creative stuff, put that pot on simmer NOW to get things started and heating up.

FINALLY: We can also set up video portals now too, that is websites like youtube that are awesome if you have a lot of videos you like to upload and present it means we can now add video galleries to sites.

Another cool way to present your content.

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