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by Matt @ Kurb on May 25, 2009

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We’re actually unable to place any new artists into our promotion packages until June at the earliest due to heavy demand.

In the past I would usually respond by just putting my prices up again but I’m not sure that shows much commitment to actually improving my service and getting results.

Being serious about getting results means being realistic about how that’s going to happen and even 3 months is not a great deal of time to get important platforms in place and begin conducting artist promotions in an authentic way.

I think that’s why now instead of putting my prices up I am actually asking more questions about what the artists are thinking about promotion because I can’t really help an artists who gives me $500 and then wants to come back in 3 months to discover I’ve made them internet famous.

There’s nothing authentic about conducting music marketing and promotions that don’t involve the artist relating to their fans, and without that kind of authenticity you’re not going to connect with fans.

Of course the same people who don’t need authenticity probably also do not need someone like me because they’ve got money to burn exhausting all the regular channels of music promotion.

But if you are looking for cutting edge music promotion services and revenue gathering strategies and you can accept that these things  don;t happen overnight and they very rarely in my experience happen within 3 months either.

But at the moment, our packages are pretty straightforward, we charge just US$500 for 3 months, $300 upfront and $200 at the conclusion, and for that, you get what averages out to an hour from me and my staff each week for 3 months. I manage the strategy and consult with you, and here I employ a graphic/web designer, a social media promotions person, and a content distribution person with which to co-ordinate

your campaign.

In terms of gauging success, most artists we deal with do not have a functioning online platform with which to develop fans and revenue. It often takes 3-6 months to get an artist to a point where they are

successfully attracting, engaging and developing a growing fanbase to the point where revenue strategies or other promotional goals (supporting album launch, tour etc.) can be executed in a serious of structured 3 month promotion campaigns.

Initially results can be measured in myspace friends, hits, plays, youtube plays, website traffic, email sign ups etc. but revenue obviously is the key outcome.

To me, we look to build a fanbase of 1000 core fans in 6-12 month period from having the necessary platform established. Once that core, engaged fanbase is gathered, then many viable strategies exist to provide ongoing value to that audience that result in revenue, certainly not just selling songs.

At the moment due to demand I am offering an initial downpayment of US$100 that covers:

– your secured place in the queue to take the next free space available

– establishment of your professional email management platform (this

is crucial part of long term fanbase management and is a software

service would otherwise cost US$20p/month

– initiate your myspace promotion

– begin initial discussion and preparation for your campaign

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