Online Music Promotion and Business Diary May 2009

by Matt @ Kurb on May 30, 2009


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THIS WEEK’s top online music promotion plans: Killing it, Websites, Branding, Video Marketing . . .
This week I have been thinking pretty hard about my business. Nothing new there but I was less involved in usual business so I wanted to make sure I was thinking smart about how I was moving forward in general.

See when your operation is small, you can change direction quickly and adapt but you can’t move very quickly.

That’s why when you’re just starting out you can try different things and none of them are easy, but when you’re established, sure things get easier, but you have to plan and execute your creative capital ever more stringently to achieve progressive development.

When I’m thinking, I’m thinking about all sorts of plans but big plans just aren’t real when you’re small time. Just like I’m thinking of sweet automated promotion systems would would take at least tens of thousands of dollars to launch and develop, you’re thinking of having those 1000 true fans each spending over $100 on membership subs and buying $300 limited edition packs and some crazy tie in where you sell some product directly to your fans and get sweet kickbacks from affiliate sales.

You’d like to spend 10k on promotion. I’d like to help,but you don’t have 10k so you’re getting the best help that you can get from for $500.

See those are big ideas off in the distance to be worried about one sweet day when the universe is willing.

In the meantime we have to dig in and get real. Let’s get real together.

>> Where are you killing it? I kill it in CD and DVD duplication that’s where I make my bank so I’ve gotta wonder how we can make BEST = MORE.

Make best, even besterer. Whatever you’re doing right – know you’re doing right – work out how to do it more. Alot of building and marine guys are getting dvd copying done through me because I’m straight up, i’ll put the artwork together for the promo dvd for their new model and give them a good price so it’s no stress for them, so this is all word of mouth.

How can you make your best fans, into your best promoters, by delivering exactly what they want?

>> Website development: Your website is like your career. Online it IS your career. That is, don’t ever think that it’s going to stop progressing and developing. This is particularly relevant to musicians who should be embracing technology as a way to manage fan relationships, it’s not enough just to be able to make sales online and manage a huge emaill list you’ve got to build a more positive experience for your users and fans if you’re really going to break through with something that’s fresh.

Like software. Software could be a game, but it could also be a tool.

>> Branding. Who are you? Seriously? There are just so many people on this planet it’s crazy. What have you got for me that’s new, that’s worth caring about? Because when I’m excited about you it doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Obviously it’s a good thing if  what you’re selling is actually a good thing, but if I’m already interested in you then there’s a good chance I might be interested in finding out more about what you’re selling.

This requires a mastery of subtlety though. Especially in music and entertainment because people are looking for inspiration not a quick fix product. This is what we mean by being authentic, being too eager to promote the proposition and make the sale is not going to make you seem like you’re real and inspirational unless you’ve really got a serious hook to push, like some aids infested african children or something, y’know. We could talk more about antibranding here but we’ll have that talk here at Music. Marketing. Management soon enough.

>> Video Marketing + Branding : I am now getting to the point where y’know gosh eveything I predicted about online video is coming true. Well it’s more subtle than saying “guys who used more video did better than guys who weren’t using opportunities to build with compelling video content” . . . but maybe it’s not.

Video is a great way to illustrate that you have the power to get ALOT of expensive cars with ridiculous additions together witha lot of young ladies with well endowed bottoms who are disposed to shaking and grinding said bottoms but you can actually use video for many more purposes and there are a number of alternative strategies for generating attention and engagement with audiences.

Again with the branding – what can you do thats appropriate for your brand?  If you’re not a top 40 style artist authenticity will win the day, so still make an effort but don’t feel your videos need to feel like hollywood blockbusters.

An honest and straightforward video addressing fans candidly is being authentic. Why not give it a try?

The big thing for me is knowing that the future is about producing more and better content. I’m not setting out to do one more video, I’m on a mission – as should you – committed to doing increasing amounts of video. Every month, to every fortnight, to every week, to irregular days – and then building quality from there.

>> More Branding: I have been back on my artist blog writing about my experiences and inspiration as an artist. I don’t sctually expect anyone to read it, it’s not a promotional effort, more, I am training myself for the needto stay engaged with video, or my blog, or whatever it is that I’m using to produce constant content.

>> Garage: I am still working on my garage / warehouse / office space in a bid to make it become a place that is actually happening though I’m resigned with no heating in there over winter it’s not happening in a hurry.

My thoughts are generally around business models that leverage what we do have and insulate us against possible bummers.

I think the conclusion of my thinking was that when you’re small time you can’t make big moves.

Time and time I’ve come back to the music business as the core of what I do, because it’s what I know. I can’t start up in the garage with something I know little about, I’ve got to branch out from already established areas.

Sure, business supplies and plasticware is solid, but I have no experience there, let alone experience in retail. Similarly, when you have found things to be working, don’t be changing up the recipe too much.

In the end the branding carries the day, when positive image is connected with a positive consumer experience then the brand grows, and when your brand is strong, and you’re brand driven, that’s a platform for doing what you like.

This is what all this talk about “tribes” is, people need leaders who share their values to bring forward new ideas that are important to them, this is what the brands of musicians and other individuals do for people, provide them with inspiration and leadership in ideas.

And so the right ideas will spread and so will your brand.

So that’s about it for now, except to say I think things will be picking up on this blog now that I’ve got the management of my business a little bit more under control. Of course we want to look at ways to make money, but if you just want to make money without wanting to be a real artist than there’s much easier ways.

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