Myspace Promotion, Music Marketing and Branding Notes 2009

by Matt @ Kurb on May 11, 2009

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Myspace Promotion 2009

I’m on Myspace right now running friend adding, messaging, comments etc. again.  When looking at Myspace Promotion, like all your options for promoting your music online it’s always important to balance the amount of promotion you do on myspace in regard to it’s usefulness.

Personally, myspace, like youtube, is a place for branding and a place for introductions, these are not places where you’ll find sales and profitable activities happening.

But if your fanbase and fan rapport is established on myspace then it’s important that you maintain the platform you’ve created there, because building rapport with your tribe of fans and supporters – that is the beginning of initiating more profitable activities online and in the future.

But what if you’re building a fanbase or expanding an existing small fanbase . . . like if you’ve just signed on for our artist promotion? Well it’s important to make the minimal effort. Myspace isn’t the giant of online promotion and branding that is has been in the past, but in terms of where people are looking for music and finding it, it’s important to make sure you at least establish a page where you can be found.

Then branding stuff is jumping up for us – you must have pictures, a bio, otherwise you’re just a blank slate like any one of tens of thousands of other redundant profiles.

At this point there’s a clear distinction between professional presentation and your standard amateurs. This is what you’ve got to weigh up, in regards to crafting your image.

A pretty myspace won’t sell more songs. But what does it say to people who you want to hear your message?

For me personally, I have huge contact lists I’ve built up on myspace years ago but I felt that right now I’m not really activating those users with strong messages and strong proposition.

It’s one thing to collect contacts but I think then it’s important to follow up – on myspace and all across the net – by presenting strong propositions that engage.  A strong brand message and a strong back end platform to build more authentic and profitable interactions between fans and artists.

So you want free stuff. Charity stuff.  Sexy stuff. Cool Stuff. Quality Stuff. Again branding is coming through all the way to the kind of methods by which you finance yourself and ask fans to commit their support.

If you’re not active on myspace or a particular website, let people who are looking for you – or at you – know where they CAN find you and interact, maybe you’re active on facebook or twitter, if thats where you’re building your tribe then make that apparent.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort on myspace. There are good reliable tools with which to promote on myspace, and if you are prepared to tackle that on an amateur level then I wish you good luck, but we provide a myspace promotion service that is not only efficient but it is also savvy.

I’ve said before, spamming myspace is nothing new. It’s not what you spam, it’s the way that you spam it? What I’m saying is that there is a right way of doing this and a very very wrong way of doing this. The service we provide to artists seeking digital promotions support is that we utilise automated myspace promotion – adding friends, sending messages, adding comments etc. but we do it in such a way that you’re trying to move away from looking as if you’re trying to win fans but not respect.

And that’s not right for an artist, coming off like you’re desperately spamming myspace. It’s a fine line.

Of course, with our online promotion campaigns, myspace is only a very small part of a bigger picture, but it’s also one less thing artists have to worry about because activity is being maintained by our efforts on myspace, but it’s also part of a bigger plan to create a strong artist brand online that engages fans actively, and then brings them to an online platform that will better facilitate artist fan interaction – including transactions that lead to artist revenue – than myspace ever has or will.

Myspace is not the fertile ground it once was, but it’s part of the overall strategies we present to artists on our packages because it helps form part of  the networkthat represents an artist having strong presence online, a strong platform with which to first engage, and then gain permission to continue the fan artist interaction.

Myspace is still a location where fan discovery can take place. It may be too much for the musicians to maintain themselves amongst their overall commitments, so we offer this as part of a broader package of online artist management and promotion.

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