Online Music Marketing and Promotion Diary April 2009

by Matt @ Kurb on April 23, 2009

Okay let’s try and make this quick, shall we, that’s what we’re trying to learn to do, make it quick, just like twitter,it’s not some epic tome, it’s a quick update, it’s need to know.

Man I been laid low, same problems as I’ve been familiar with in the last 2 years, my problem is I’m so damn sweet at this marketing gig, I have all these guys wanting to give me money and I forget when to stop, and remember I’m just one guy. Sure, I have guys working with me, but when you’re outsourcing, I’ve said this before, it is really hard to pin down good people, so I lose a couple of guys on top of taking on all this work, and I’m in trouble. Next I’m overworking, not managing, doing my gigs also – which are commitments to my friends – and next my healths suffering and things are really bad.

So catching up fast now, more squeeze / landing pages going up, with aweber email lists to sign up fans, customized wordpress platforms – you know.

I’m going to be a bit more open here now because

1) I’m not going to ever be able to take everyone who comes to me on as a client. Well not in the forseeable future. I ALWAYS take on too much and it’s gotta stop.

2) If you’re unable to keep up with where I’m going, what I’m talking about – well part of that is me, I still don’t edit my blog posts particularly thoroughly – but part of it is you – you’re not keeping up with stuff that you need to know, or your manager needs to know, if you’re going to be at the cutting edge of online music promotion.

Look at this post over at Music Think Tank.

Here is Ariel Hyatt providing some fairly decent insider info to give artists an edge in the digital game and you get all these dickheads complaining about how it’s “unethical”. Please.

I don’t know what the hell is going on over at Music Think Tank sometimes, seriously, a lot of it is nonsense and that kind of dumbed down obvious entry level music business intellectualism – thats when they dont have the crystal ball out making twilight zone predictions about the music industries future.

Thats fine for your armchair theorists, but it’s not music career advice.

I stare clear of that because I try to locate myself where the cash is, where the models are and also the good drugs, seriously, make your decision, I’ve made mine and I’m happy with it.

You don’t need to be as shallow as a blow up paddling pool like me but you do need to be checking out blogs like because there’s too many crappy blogs that are dumbing down music promotions with shit that is so blindingly obvious – you shouldn’t even be in this game if you need to be told that you need to have commitment, conviction, passion etc.

Go to a pretty decent site like and look at their comprehensive round ups of the best music marketing and promotion articles around and most of it is worthless.

Well it’s not worthless. It’s just stuff that you should be beyond by now if you’re actually serious, you know what I mean? Commitment? Dedication? Radiohead? Nine Inch Nails? Sheesh.

You should already know this stuff.

AND that your music has got to be cool, AND you have to look AND act like a character out of a movie pretty much most of the time AND you have to make those acts available and accessible as content that build your brand and fan engagement REGULARLY.

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Etc. , blogging, podcasts, videos, software platforms, interactive platforms, content . . . – make it happen!

As I say I’m still struggling to work out if blogs are keeping relevant to be honest, but thats my business, and you know my business, I just want to get the money , that’s my job, while you’re an artist, you have got to be tuned in to producing regular content to engage with your fans.

Anyway, where were we, stuff that works? Paying for traffic from targeted advertising, and converting it on our sweet landing pages. Of course it works, it just costs money, so that’s where i come in, doing my thing so not only are you getting free advertising or at least half price advertising, you’re also maximising that advertising spend because you know exactly how the whole damn system works so you’re hot like me and paying like 2-4c a click. THEN, we’re getting the traffic to the sweet landing pages, and hopefully, because you’re so hot right now, y’know, with your songs and all that crazy whatever it is you got going on, the fans are engaged.

They trust you.

Just like my clients trust me, when I’m not getting sick and disappearing for a fortnight.

Point is, then I come back, and we go to work. We built the platform, we’re driving traffic, we’re engaging and creating trust . . .

And then we work the system to turn that trust into cash. How do we do that?

The fans are engaged, The fans trust you, they want to see you succeed because you deserve it.

And because the fans trust you, they’re willing to take the steps I lay out that lead to cash.

What cash?

You’ll find out. Because I’m going to be testing it on you – well y’know, my clients, the ones that are in on it and playing this game. Because once it works, and you understand what we’re doing and it didn’t hurt, did it? – then we can start making the model work for you with your fans.

We’re not selling anything, we’re giving it away, we’re rewarding trust when we’re able to leverage that trust.

It could be a long way off, simply because here I am already working this model up, people who come to me know my stuff and they know what I’m about. There’s not going to be more cash and models and good drugs in my future if I’ve got a reputation for ripping people off and letting people down, we can’t have that.

It’s not about that. It’s abut engagement that turns into trust, trust that turns into leverage, and leverage that turns into Robin Hood monies because I’m fly like that on teh interwebs FOR REAL

Let’s talk soon.

Hey and guess what? After two years . . . you can now get round the captchas on myspace again. Spam on, kid, let’s roll those bots!

And as one door opens . . . another door closes . . . you can no longer game the views on youtube!

My inbox has been filling up with youtube promo requests since the gaming got shut down, I’m sorry I can’t answer you all and I can’t wave a magic wand and get you 100,000 views anymore, soz, just gonna have to do it the hard way now.

Gotta be quick in the online music promo game!

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