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by Matt @ Kurb on April 17, 2009

That’s right I’m keeping it pretty sporadic on the Music. Marketing. Management blog right now, but I’m still keeping it going.

I’ve been wondering seriously about blogging.  A lot of stuff I read on blogs just isn’t that fresh and at the same time, it’s a lot like music and the music industry, as the walls of participation have come down, theres a lot of new bloggers bringing a lot of pretty unpolished and unimpressive stuff to the table.

As with a lot of bands, y’know the stuff is okay, it’s listenable, but it’s not going to make you walk away with your head totally shifted. It’s not big. It doesn’t matter.

The point, whether blogger or musician, is about connecting with fans – and the definition of a fan online is really anybody who is willing to help your message and your brand travel. If you’re connecting with fans on your blog, or myspace, or twitter, youtube or facebook it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re making an authentic effort there and it’s working out for you.

And by “working out” I mean you’re establishing and managing authentic relationships with fans who actually give a shit about you, your music, your message.

And that comes from making an authentic effort. I’m not really making an authentic effort here on my blog right now or on twitter because I’m not getting stuck in. If you want your social media tactics to pay off, you can’t expect that to happen by being anything less than authentic.

That’s why I keep writing my blog. I have GOT to keep the door open so I can connect with my people, with my tribe, and continue to maintain a platform on which I can promote my unique brand message and brand values.

Because I know when it comes time to start seriously pushing out my brand and getting spread online, how is that going to happen if I haven’t at least maintained some action on my twitter, on my blog etc.  – kept it simmering? Updates are keeping the vibe going until I’m ready and fully prepared to launch into my next big brand proposition.

I have been waiting all year for this! You need to be fully prepared going into this, thats why I use my blog and my twitter to start putting ideas down so that when it’s time to start pushing, I know where I’m going.

Which is to the edge. You can’t afford to blend in, so you’ve got to reach out. Just like any musician, I’ll embark on a effort to build my brand with really strong, engaging and unique messages I hope will connect with my targets. Strong images connected with my social media presence, and rounding it out with twittering, blogging, posting vblogs, youtube stuff, popping my head in at myspace and facebook.

You can see why I’m talking about being prepared? You gotta start building yourself up to do this stuff! Like a band finding it’s image, it’s about building up confidence in your brand and getting it out there. You gotta come through big on it! If you’re serious about this, take your time with it.

If you’re going to step out in social media, step out in (your) style, do it right.

If I manage to build up content that is engaging as well consistently available then I have a chance to build a relationship with fans, and by gaining their trust I have earned something FAR more valuable then if I’d just tried to sell them something or pester them about my gigs.

It’s a fairly basic idea with digital business models, earning attention and more significantly, trust, is a big deal, because online people only spend money with people they trust. So when someone is able to qualify themselves as a quality target who trusts your brand, that is something that can be leveraged dramatically so artists can actually start earning an income that actually makes a difference as soon as possible.

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