Free Online Music Promotion? Changing Music Business Models

by Matt @ Kurb on April 6, 2009

I’m glad I lost the post I was writing for this blog because it was way too long and drawn out.

One thing I’ll say for Twitter – communication is being streamlined, we’re all busy people!

And just as I was about to say how much I’ve dropped off on my blogging simply because I’ve been going so full on with new projects, it just underlines the need for short snappy posts that get your point across.

First point is you must catch up with me in regards to day to day music promotion activity.

There’s a lot of sorting out following up on new artists websites launched with landing pages on which to drive traffic to email list sign ups. There’s free songs and network building, building links between artist profiles.

Then after all that we are constantlyevaluating and grooming our landing page. We have email sign up, free song download and panels linking to myspace etc.,now we need to be adding video and adding written content which is very much a pitch to get that email sign up.

I’ve been busy hanging out in the seedy underbelly getting connected with cheap advertising once again but here comes the most amazing thing and the main point I wanted to make before I get out of here.

Last year I said 2008 was all about preparing for 2009 and I was about to prepare to be wrong right there until I realisedI’m right up there right now radicalising my business model to keep up with these massive changes in the music industry.

Late last year and even more recently I’ve been concerned at how many artists are just clued up about the demise of the old system, and me having to accept I can’t really help those people.

I can’t bring them up to speed fast enough to get on the digital music boat. To get to where we’re going and that is creating big cash because fans and followers what we do and they understand the system and they’re happy to play along.

I have a another new venture I’m launching but meantime I’m planning to take kurb’s music marketing services and make them free.

Not completely free of course, got to be practical, but dramatically cheaper and getting stuck into the business of leveraging value online.

I’ve preached enough about it, now I’m jacking in and artists who want to work alongside me leveraging the creation of trust and authenticity for revenue are most welcome to do so without having pay nearly what I have been charging.

Because the people with all the cash that we need to move forward in our careers

Hopefully I’ll be able to talk more about it soon.

If you want to talk right now about how you can jump on one of our 3 month music marketing packages for less than $US100 email me, Matt:

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