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by Matt @ Kurb on March 4, 2009

Sorry I know I was supposed to be publishing a post so musicians new what to expect and how to contribute when embarking on a professional online music marketing package, but I had to push out these two artist press releases I cobbled together, so I thought I would give them some extra legs by pushing them out here as well – a well indeed- as it’s hardly a well of top notch content around here but I guess that’s what I;m getting at:

When you’re building a blog, the early days are going to be very long and hard. That’s why in the early days – just like in real life – it’s okay to mess around and try things out and do what you gotta do to get there. I don’t want to see artists slogging away on blog posts when you could be 6 months down the track before you start to see serious traffic that’s going to start turning up a few “true fans”.
That’s why you gotta be smart enough to know when it’s time to clean up your act on your blog and start posting valuable content that appeals to fans, rather than what I’ve been doing for the last 3 posts, that is, posting stuff I felt like posting because it served my own ends, namely to build up a bigger mass of content on my blog which brings i more and longer tail search gravity, and of course help out my clients.

Other thing artists should avoid when blogging is big long posts like I do, 200-300 words are fine, and also help you get into the head set of blogging and find your “voice” as they call it, the character of your blog and your writing that makes it unique.

You might notice certain things about the way I put together material for these releases.

First of all, I’ve done my keyword research, so I’ve already examined the kinds of terms that people who may be searching for this kind of music will be using and specifically chosen certain terms for optimisation that I’ve researched and chosen because they are popular search terms but there is very little comporative competition. That’s exactly why I chose a term like “rock techno” because 12,000 people around the world search for the exact term “rock techno” every month and yet there are relatively few people competing for that niche as opposed to those who are competing for the “rock” niche or “techno” niche, so there is far greater chance that we will get a favourable google result by focusing in on optimizing for that keyword.

Now I did say “press release” but this is not being released to any press.

I don’t do that stuff, I don’t do publicity, I connect directly with fans for artists, if you need to find people on tv, radio, etc. who will tell other people how good you are, you’re looking in the wrong place, I was never really interested in gambles based on how much other people liked me, I was always more about building something solid long term and that’s why I find myself promoting music artists online and doing internet music marketing.

I’ve prepared this content for leveraging. We’re going to be using it for article marketing, which is going to give us relevant high PR one way links which are just super, and we’re going to be promoting this through hundreds of blogs thanks to the team I’m working with on blog promotion

Blog promotion is another niche service I’ve started to serve bloggers, basically to address the issues I was speaking about above, blog promotion is all about kick starting traffic on your blogs by covering all the main groundwork you would do on a new blog to get it optimized for getting traffic as soon as you start building up that content.

this includes:

submissions to search directories

submissions to RSS feed directories

submissions to active blogs to promote your blog – that’s what I’m doing here with these releases, there are some people who will do anything to have content on their blog even if it means posting your press release.

Pretty handy way to 600 odd one way back links in a hurry.

We also offer copywriting services so you can get plenty of content going up on your blog immediately and saving your own inspiration for when things really start to develop.

Of course, much of this is coveredin our online music marketing packages for artists, usually the typical stuff we’d do for artists when promoting a music blog might roll out over 6 months – more likely than not because the artist doesn’t have a blog so to speak to develop so there’s going to be admin as well as design to sort out before we even start thinking about adding content and pushing out blog focused promotion.

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