Online Music Marketing Diary – Artist Management Proposal 2009

by Matt @ Kurb on March 6, 2009

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Now I’ve got my graphic designer on board, I’m feeling pretty confident with the standard of visual presentation we’re delivering for clients here at kurb, and I’m trying out several writers and content managers as well because we need stuff looking good, but we also need people who now how to take quality content and leverage it.

Now it wouldn’t take too many guessesabout me to work out I’ve got plenty of ideas but not all of it tends to happen the way I plan so I decided I definitely want to hire someone who’s main job it is to do all the things I’m terrible at like being organised and keeping client sup to date with what’s going on.

I slowly but surely expanding my platform and bigger and better things are coming along. It’s as if I’m finally ready the medium time. The medium league. Haha.

Your career trajectory as an artist will probably be much like mine, the first few years are gonna be hell but once you find your spot you’ll be suprised how quickly things fall into place. Once you know what you’re doing . . . well then you can start charging for it. And then when people start finding out what you’re doing they’re going to want to check it out, and if you get a chance, take a few, and just keep pushing through, head down with hard work, you’re going to find yourself arriving what might feel like quite suddenly in a position where people can’t get enough.

Don’t worry you’ll have plenty of time to get organised before that happens, in fact you have to be.

I have a big proposal to write for a new client who I’m pretty excited about because these guys are already tuned into stuff I’ve been talking about. So I’m going to lay out a music marketing proposal for them, but I only need to be straight up, I don’t need to make any promises I can’t deliver on.

It’s like I’m serving two sets of clients. There’s the ones who are still coming to terms with the digital era and they need my help with online music marketing because they need basic stuff like websites and graphic design support and email management, they need to put this stuff in place right from the get go without it costing a fortune.

You don’t want to spend grands on a website that isn’t any good for what you want it to do which is build relationships with fans!

That’s why with these clients I will do myspace promotion and youtube promotion just to say . . . did we manage to build relationships with fans? Do we even know who watched the video? Are we interacting on myspace and on social networks with potential fans in a way that they would care about and respond to?

The second set of clients which I hope to be dealing with more (and of course, charging more, because I can, and I should . . . and I will! haha) and of course graduating some clients from the first group to the second, where they already have a working grasp of the digital environment and they need me to come on board with my specific skills.

They don’t need a cheap patch up job to get on the road, they’re already rolling and they need high octane.

These are artists who know there is stuff is connecting they just need to do the numbers.

PPC advertising is one of my key skills, not only because I have a knack for it but I am also compulsively ratting around internet marketing forums looking for coupons and other ways that I never have to pay for it.

Content management is another big thing I bring to the table, because it’s not just that I am a copywriter but also I understand the processes involved in leveraging content.

I’ll show you what I mean.

The artist can work up some basic copy which will go to me to flesh out and polish as a blog post.

That blog post can then be taken and prepared, perhaps combined with some other posts to create a non time specific newsletter that can go on our chain of automatic email responses that are sent out to the artist email list.

It can then be rewritten by one of our copywriters to avoid duplicate content penalties, then again, once more it will come back to me, and I will edit it up as an article on the artist that can then be submitted to authoritative article directories for syndication and generation of high quality links.

Yup , I got a lot of skills in online music marketing, I didn’t even get to the bit where we start making money – I guess you either going to have to subscribe to this blog, or pay me! haha

I’m serious btw email me for online artist management: :p

Any way I’ve got this proposal to write I’m going to post it up here on this blog so hold on, give it a look, and tell me how much you think I’m worth . . . heh

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