CD DVD Disc Duplication: Disc Media Content Strategies

by Matt @ Kurb on March 6, 2009

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CD and DVD disc media have been one of the major media products of the last
two decades, yet just as the advent of CD and DVD technology displaced vinyl
as well as video and tape cassettes, new technology will displace and re-purpose
the role that CD and DVD discs play in our lives.

The important thing to understand when you decide to use CD or DVD duplication
as a strategy for your content media is that their role has changed, because
in the past CDs and DVDs were a product that could only be manufactured on a
large scale but CD-r and DVD-r writers bought CD and DVD
into the home, both making storage and transfer of content easier,
and introducing a more significant spread of home piracy through CD and DVD
copies or “burned” discs.

In the past when CDs and DVDs could only be manufactured by pressing from a
glass master in a disc replication plant, it was prohibitively expensive for
businessses as well as musicians and other creative content producers to create
a short run of DVD or CD copies, packaged professionally for sale and distribution
of their content. This coupled with the rise of the internet as a rapidly improving
method for delivery of content is changing the way disc media is perceived in
value. But as a result of technology, not only have CD’s and DVD’s become less
valuable as a commodity, but the cost of producing a small amount of CD’s through
a CD and DVD duplication service has also dropped.

So as CDs and DVDs continue to decline in popularity as the internet becomes
a more convenient method of delivery for content, content producers in particular
will find it increasingly hard to sell their CD and DVD content as a product.
This is because the nature of the value of CD and DVD copies has changed.

Now, the value of CD and DVD copying is no longer primarily in retailing them
as a commodity, although content providers should still expect to create income
from sales into the next decade. It is just important when considering how to
best utilise CD and DVD duplication services, to observe that disc media is
now assuming another role and that is in communication and marketing, because
CD and DVD copying is still the most effective way to distribute large amounts
of content or data physically, as well as presenting it attractively in a way
that interests and engages the recipient before they receive

CD and DVD media may not always be a valuable retail commodity but it has a
long life yet before it becomes obsolete, because smart content creators, communicators
and marketers will leverage their ability to duplicate information onto CD and
DVD media and distribute it physically as a product at very low costs in order
to gain greater connections and engagement from recipients and contacts with
their content.

So it makes good business sense that with a product that is both declining in
sales volume and profit margins, but still has essential value as part of marketing
and communicating the value of your content, the most important thing is to
ensure you are getting the cheapest price on your CD and DVD duplication projects.
Instead or replication with thermal printing, you can save a significant amount
of money and time by getting your discs duplicated and getting DVD printing by simple inkjet directly to a printable disc surface.

Where traditional content providers in the entertainment industry still require
runs numbering 10,000+, jobs such as this are suited to the traditional CD and
DVD manufacturing companies that have always provided CD and DVD replication
services. But when you require less than 2,000 units you’re better off finding
CD duplication or DVD duplication copying service that is able to provide you
with disc duplication at a more competitive rate.

So in conclusion, using a CD and dvd
company’s service means whether as a musician duplicating your
music audio CD’s or a company promoting a new product service on DVD or distributing
multimedia as part of a general report – there are many ways disc duplication
enables simple physical transfer and presentation of content or data packages.It’s
just important to recognise whether you’re selling CD or DVD products as a commodity
or looking for a fast efficient way to control the distribution of your content
or data, CD and DVD duplication services, as opposed to big factory reproduction
through CD / DVD pressing or CD / DVD manufacturing plants, are so much more
affordable when you find a CD DVD duplication company that charges competitive
rates – giving you the ability to distribute and leverage CD and DVD disc
media more than perhaps ever before.

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