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by Matt @ Kurb on February 16, 2009

Alright I’m just stopping by quickly with some quick updates.

Really excited to have cracked on to more opportunities to grab free online advertising spends for musicians I’m working with. What’s more, is you can give your free advertising to me in exchange for discounted rates on our online music promotion packages.

In fact, if all you have is a credit card, even if you have no money on it, as long as it’s valid, I can use it to redeem free advertising and we can start working together on a basic level.

So yeah, I’m pushing forward with the leveraging schemes I’ve hatched and what that means is that some of the stuff here that I’ll be talking about will probably start to go over the heads of the average musician who just came by to learn about how musicians can make money and run more successful online marketing campaigns – which isn’t really that cool if I’m trying to attract more business.

But I’m kind of not. I’m not going to be turning away business if musicians need online promotion. But I can’t make time for explaining the details of the kinds of stuff I’m talking about, you’re either on the page with me or you’re falling behind with what’s possible.

Important points to note before reading on:

– Do you have a credit card? Do you have access to other people who trust you with their credit card? When you use one or more credit cards, it gives me access to free advertising deals, which I can then use instead of being paid, so basically – “PAY” BY CREDIT CARD AND YOU’RE ENTITLED TO DISCOUNTS AND PERHAPS EVEN FREE ONE-ON-ONE MUSIC PROMOTION AND DIGITAL COACHING FROM US HERE AT KURB.

– For those of you without a credit card, it’s not all so great, because I will be continuing to raise my prices and probably work with less artists to the point where, really I’m just going to work with artists who can get their hands on more credit cards.

– in the future, toward the end of the year, I can see none of my artists will need to pay me. As long as I can get a new valid credit card account from the artist (or their family, or girlfriends, or whatever) every couple of months, that should be enough.


so instead of paying the new price of US$597 for a 3 month online music marketing campaign, with a credit card I can access, that’s only $US400!!! Check out more details here at kurb artist management
First we had the facebook ads, which really I can say is only interesting because artists have been having trouble on facebook getting traction, and free advertising may be the solution, however I really dont rate facebook ads in comparison to adwords and that awas the good news I had.

Not only am I able to get free facebook advertising but also I am picking up free adwords credits to spend on campaigns also and the money spent on adwords I find is far more effective than facebook.

I mean it’s all free, but I spend about $50+ on adwords every week anyway, whereas I would never spend a lot of money on facebook ads unless it was free.

So you can see why I’m so stoked. Not only do I seem to have a natural aptitude for optimizing online advertising, but now, I dont have to pay for it either.

Now, I’ve talked about gig promotion strategies using online advertising spends, but now I’ve actually launched a campaign to promote an artist release through such advertising and I’m glad to announce that since getting the click price down to only 2c per click, where operating in a space where this kind of promotion is viable.

I noticed Groove Armada using google adwords to promote their new Bacardi release.

But this comes back to a big point I’ve been making recently, we cant get in there and just start throwing free advertising around even if we didn’t pay for it.

Without the platform in place – the website, the mailing list, the blogs, the videos, etc. – all the social proof that a serious band needs, you’re not going to pick up the necessary traction from the attention you’re generating through your advertising, to push your revenue forward.

Remember that in online promotion, it’s not the 90’s any more, we’re moving into an intermediate or secondary period in the growth of online music, you need to be showing a bit of nous with a website that really engages with a compelling brand and engagement strategy.

So dont get excited about coming to me and rolling out free advertising cmpaigns if you havent spent time building your online properties and platform, because that’ll take a couple of monthsto get running before we even get started on bringing traffic in with targeted ad campaigns.

But when that platform is in place and I’ve grabbed one or two credit card numbers off you with which to acquire free advertising spends, then this, combined with my experience running these campaigns, is one incredibly effective and reliable technique – one amongst many we offer to musicians seeking online promotio campaigns for their band, music, album launch etc.!

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