Website Marketing 2009: 7 Secrets to a SEO fail

by Matt @ Kurb on January 4, 2009

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Alright, kicking off the year at music, marketing and management, with some SEO website promotion material, and just covering some basics there.

Got some posts coming up for the New Years – more reflective thinking on online music marketing for 2009, and on twitter which gets it’s own post.

And of course a big power post coming up interpreting my top 10 online marketing strategies for artists and musicians in 2009.

But right now a bit of standard website marketing fare. You might recognise that I didn’t write this article.

I’m running a rapidly growing business and I don’t have time for leveraging my blog by committing as much content as possible!

But I do have a team. I have writers, I have SEO people, I have graphic designers available to me so that important but boring stuff gets done.

Graphic design isn’t THAT boring but seriously, projecting a professional standard of imagery is the only way to stand out from the amateurs who are wasting hours every night doing their own photoshop and probably not doing that great a job.

My vision for building a team wasn’t JUST making money. It was MOSTLY about making more money – this IS me we’re talking about – but also creating more leverage and just being able to do more and move quicker.

This is 2009, if you’re not leveraging what you have then you’re gonna find yourself dramatically outstripped by the flexibility and innovation of the competition who are using digital technology to the fullest.

2009 is the year that innovation goes beyond a neat idea and provides challenging value propositions that shake the old model.

With the access to the experience and resources that I have, I’m finding it a challenge to recognise how an artist with just great material can compete with an artist who has an organised digital team behind them and the strategies to leverage that team for value.

I’m going to talk about that some more soon.

Let’s read up on 7 Secrets to search engine marketing and website promotion fail:

Having a website is like owning a newspaper; you’re not running it for yourself, your running it so that people can see what you have to offer. In order to achieve this, there are tons of things that you’ll do to ensure that your site becomes popular. Search engines can help your sites popularity grow and if you use this to your advantage then people will come to your site. But sometimes you’re site is on the fifth page in a search and you wonder “why did that happen?” Well here are some of the mistakes you’ve been making

  1. Running a highly animated or flash based website. Not everyone likes flash websites, they take a lot of time to load up completely and sometimes the animation isn’t worth the wait either because it’s not what their looking for or it just sucks. Also, it’s not everybody that has high speed internet connections. These are the people your highly animated sight will piss off greatly. A lot of web professionals try to avoid flash pages and even Google prefers to put the text based websites before the flash websites. Check it, its true.

  1. If you don’t pay attention to the data on the web. Some phrases are very popular searches on the web. If you pay attention to the web you’d notice that some keywords are particularly popular among lot of web researchers. When you pay attention to this you can use this to your advantage. Adding these keywords to articles in your webpage will help improve traffic to your site.

  1. Hoard links. Remember what mother told you, “a good turn deserves another” if you don’t provide links to other websites on your site, they’ll definitely not be sending anybody to you and your site won’t grow. Provide links to other sites who have information similar to yours and they’ll return the favor and with interest too as your website’s ranking will go up in on the search pages.

  1. Don’t strategize. If you don’t keep developing strategies to stay on top, one day someone will come up and down you’ll go. You must continue to research the most popular keywords and add them to the posts on your site.

  1. Don’t blog. Blogging is a way of inviting people to have lunch at your site. If you don’t have this, those that have will move ahead of you as people would rather go to a place that’s more inviting than one that’s just plain and old fashioned and is not frequently updated.

  1. Provide links to spam sites or virus infected sites. If your site provides links to spam sites, you’re in big trouble. People are afraid of getting viruses on the web as it is, a site that links to spam sites or virus infected sites is not at all the best way to invite people. Plus Google will not encourage people to come to you’re site. Your site will come last among searches.

  1. Change pages without providing redirects. This is bad. How do I find what moved out yesterday. Make sure your links are updated as you update your site.

If you’re making these mistakes then you better get your house in order… And Fast!

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