Online Music Promotion Diary: Kurb Music Marketing is Back in 2009

by Matt @ Kurb on January 28, 2009

Thought it was definitely time for a post here at my music marketing blog, I’ve got heaps of work to be getting on with so just getting centred on my blog – when I’m blogging the wheels are turning and the pieces of the puzzle start coming together, that’s the main reason I do it.

I have to accept I dont really blog for leads any more, I can’t take any more clients until March at the soonest, although that has been an easy way of justifying the work I put into it.

Mainly, when you’ve got so many clients and projects on the go it’s necessary pull in a bit of the big picture, because there are dominant themes across the range of artists I work with that I think really reflect common problems for artists and of course problems for artists are what I’m here to fix.

Then there’s the future. We’re actually starting to get there.
Don’t want to go too far into things just want to brush over some points that are at the front of my mind.

A biggie is myspace. In 2009 you can’t be relying on Myspace. Putting myspace as your priority in 2009 is not a sound strategy, particularly not in NZ, Australia, Canada or UK. These are Facebook territories.

To me your Myspace is a lot like your artist blog. If you’re not using it properly then you’re not giving yourself a chance but a part of using these platforms “properly” is being sensible with the time resources allocated to these platforms.

In 2009 I don’t expect to be having that “No I don’t have a website but I have an account on myspace” conversation. I don’t expect to be having to explain to artists why a Myspace is not an acceptable replacement for a website, and a website is not going to be any good if it can’t develop with you the artist.

If you’re like this, you’re behind the ball. You’re not up to speed.

If all you have is a static website that never changes or evolves that some web designer dude charged you the earth for a couple of years back then there’s no way you’ll be able to be successful online like I am. Because every fortnight for the last 3 years I’ve taken a good look at my website and changed as many of the things I didn’t think worked as I could.

If you can’t do that I don’t think you’ll be able to do what I’ve done and start making good money. That’s why I design websites for my clients that are ready to grow with and for them.

It’s about marketing and then sales. This my problem with so many of my clients, we never get past marketing. We never get to sales. We’re not selling anything so the artists aren’t making money.

When I want to sell something, I’ll think of how much I should charge, write up a blurb, design a website and start selling it. Usually in a day.

I am constantly developing new products and new services for new niches. If people want it, I keep doing it. If they don’t . . . oh well.  Next.

When artists are earning they to get business minded and innovative have every service and every option available for consumers, options and packages, high value and low, while providing superior value, and be easily accessible and trustworthy. This is how you build a business.

Not by backing yourself to blow up on itunes and rub your pennies together.

There’s also issues of overhang we have from 2008 that I wanted to talk about.

Is text or video going to be the best way to engage fans in 2009?

What’s the best way to leverage your artist blog without wasting more time and energy on it than it’s worth?

And what about email list management?

I think a good point to make about email list management is it doesn’t seem so glamourous and it’s not a quick fix. I dont get my clients asking for email list management and they dont imagine that they need it because they have no understanding of internet marketing and sculpting sales funnels and online business models that are already proven.

As I said, they’re still talking to me about blimmin’ myspace!

There’s always going to be quick fixes and shortcuts.

We can spam myspace. We can roll out Facebook Coupons and get crazy with the credit cards. Youtube campaigns, thousands upon thousands of people you’ve never met will watch the first 30 seconds of your video and forget it just as quickly. We can ramp google. I’ve learnt this stuff, I know where to find out the insider secrets, when I’m onto something I’ll ride the wave but these internet tricks can only augment the solid foundation that you’ve built. No foundation, no lasting benefit.

That’s why artists are asking me to deliver quick fixes but they haven’t built foundations so I’m scrambling to throw together decent looking blogs that can collect emails and deliver free mp3’s and provide a platform to develop and vend 101 music and brand related products and services . . . that can make money for musicians!

My latest kick is Facebook Coupons. I can talk a lot about what I’ve learnt with these coupons and I will but right now I’m just saying what’s 10,000 friends on Myspace or 1000 targeted clicks on Facebook if you dont know how to leverage them?

Unfortunately the holidays are over so the little window I had to develop new “big” ideas has pretty much closed. It’s time to put away all the fanciful ideas of how things could be, and go back to raw survival tactics that can put food on the table next week. Well, maybe not that extreme, but artists need to be thinking more like I do.

I can’t STAND the idea these days of having to wait months for an idea to become profitable. To me, that means it’s a DUMB idea. I want to start making more money next week. Or at least the next best thing which is building relationships with an audience.

But even FANS are as useless as anything else if you can’t leverage them!

Maybe I need to make a mascot for this Music Marketing Management blog called Lenny Leverage.

Leverage is not going away in 2009, it’s going to be all about leverage. The value you provide is represented by a lemon. You need to be connecting with all the squeezers or you’re never going to get the juice out.

In the old days, the labels were the squeezers who would squeeze you dry. Today you need to connect.

What do you do when nobody wants what you’ve got?

You find the people who have got what you want and you give THEM what THEY want.

Before I go – on – all I got to say is this.

There’s going to be money in online business and in music involved with that, I’m not worried. There’ll definitely be some eyebrows heading northwards when the chips fall.

But making money from music is not going to be easy because you’re not going to see money from music online if you’re not smart about it.

I don’t claim to have all the answers but watch this space.

Forget 1000 true fans. All I need is 100. 100 true fans with credit cards that are good to go and I’m ready to do seriously leverage some music business.

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