Online Music Management: Setting Up An Artists Email List

by Matt @ Kurb on January 29, 2009

So now we’re really getting into the details of the email list management set up and this is what you’d expect as part of any of our promotion campaigns.

We launch the email list in it’s most basic form and then we begin to customize the whole feel and experience as is appropriate for the artist. Obviously we’re keen to make improvements wherever we’re creating opportunities to push fans toward outcomes – that is actions that create revenue for the artist.
So when you go to set up your email list there’s going to be a number of variables. You can pretty much skip through them for default settings you can alter later but as long as you’re aware of the options you can work with them.

First I’m going to give your email list a name and assign your act’s name as the sender, the home link as the band’s home page, and the email as the bands main email. You might want to specify a particular address that you use for fan enquiries that may arise from replise to your email newsletters that go out.

Then I choose options to customise your opt in email. This is professional stuff you see. When a fan signs up they will then receive a confirmation email to confirm they want to join your list. This is a professional level of operation that you’re going to want to be at once you’re pro, because you don’t want to be using some shonky system that can be abused and end up making you look amateurish.

This email list management solution also has an opt out process so you’re completely legit, legal and non spammy in your email activity.

So you can customize that confirmation email, and then create a “welcome” email.

This will be the first official communication from your list that a fan will receive once they’ve signed up, this is also the first automated communication which is a big component of why this email list management starts to become so useful.

This is where we start getting down to business. It’s easy to use a free mp3 or download or something as bait to encourage sign ups because when we’ve got this list set up finally we’re going to want to really be driving those sign ups, i dont really want to concern myself with peddling your CD or itunes download until we’ve reached a crtical mass of traction with fans because this will be the best indicator of positive future income, not that you became one of the top 15% of itunes artists of 2008 – because you actually sold a copy of your album.
So if we’re offering a free thing, we just leave the welcome message to deliver the free treat, all automated.

Dont forget these messages are all html as well so you can make em all pretty with all kinds of videos and pics and embedded players. There’s also a bunch of html templates to use also.

Again this is kind of frilly stuff, yes eventually by the time you have people signing up everyday for the list you’re going to want to have all the branding and compelling presentation and engaging content but there will plenty of time for all that.

Right now we just want to set up a functioning list that gives people their free mp3 and gives you their email so you can try and sell them stuff – or compell them to do stuff that leads to you getting paid – later on in the piece.

So that’s all we need to set the list up.

What we need next is the web form. The web form is the little sign up box, and I was pretty dismayed that hadn’t quite put the effort in on the form box in terms of presentation but I can see thats obviously something for the designer on our end to deal with, so that once the form is set up in can be integrated into a snazzy design.

Now there’s quite a few options for the form box – text areas fonts etc. that you can choose from but not really anything thats going to give it any oomph, again, i think i’ll be leaving this to my designer to get something closer to the impact I want becausethere’s only one reason we’re doing this – we want to sign up some fan emails to our email list!!!

Okay I think we’re going to have one more follow up post on Email Management coming up, but that could take a while after I’ve responded to the types of questions and requests for clarifications following these blog posts bieng more widely read, and give an opportunity for any other issues to surface while I work one on one to get all my clients email list management platforms up to scratch.

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