Facebook Music Promotion Report: Market Leverage in the 21st Century

by Matt @ Kurb on January 28, 2009

Recently I ran our second Facebook Ad promotion.

I know how to get free credit for spending on Facebook advertising campaigns.

Facebook Advertising campaigns are brilliant because of the level of targeting is insane.

If I want to advertise to say – all the female guitar players in Auckland I could. All the single female guitar players in Auckland. In there 20’s. Who like uh Coldplay. It’s possible – I could just run my ad “Want a boyfriend who likes Coldplay to play bass with?” – You think I’d get a date? Haha

Facebook ads are also a great intro to PPC advertising which – provided your website where you’re sending your prospects is half decent – is the most effective small business marketing strategy I am currently using.

So free Facebook ads are kind of like the Myspace Adder of the moment for me right now. It’s exciting, it’s got sizzle, it feels as if something is happening – and it doesn’t seem like a whole lot of people outside of internet marketing understand it so I’m obviously one of few people in music leveraging it.

It’s not all smooth sailing though. I kind of underestimated how much support my clients would need in implementing their campaigns, and also I tend to take for granted my experience in creating online advertising campaigns that work, because I rather took to it.

So I had clients getting excited that they were getting a free $200 worth of stuff and then not doing it right, getting a mediocre result, and being disappointed.

See this is where I rememeber New Music Marketing being such a good idea because it would be a place where I could talk to people in private about more detailed strategies for effective PPC – thats “pay per click” – this the term for this style of online advertising because your ad keeps showing until someone actually clicks it and the price is determined by a number of factors at that point.

And I am very good at making PPC spends stretch. The problem with these facebook coupons is they always only give you only a few weeks to spend them and if you’re not experienced with PPC it’s easy to be over cautious with your spend because you wont be aware like I am how to weight the game so you never fall into any traps where you’re over spending.

But more importantly, very few of my clients had an appropriate landing page, I’m still developing those. As I would have mentioned before, if you’ve managed to funnel someone into your site, you must grab them quickly with the proposition or you’ve just wasted your opportunity to grab an email address and send them off with an mp3 because neither of those things involve making a financial sale, you’re not askin gthem to buy anything, so with that on your side, it’s up to you to make the offer look attractive. Probably where that branding thing – all those powerful messages about the things you represent come in.

There’s a couple of other downers about Facebook ads. Their approval process can be pretty tiresome especially as a review usually takes 12 hours. No inappropriate capitalisation, punctuation or abbreviations for example. Big list of no no words including “Facebook”.

Also if you’re trying to sell stuff to people who want to buy it, it seems Google’s Adwords beats Facebooks ads on both price and effectiveness hands down. This is why, and answers a lot of the problems about Facebook promotions and marketing: People are on Facebook to chill with their friends. Myspace is a place for new music and perving. Google is a place where people find information.

I guess Facebook you have to come in with a strong angle when you create your Facebook ads. Just being a cool band with neat tunes is just going to be enough to grab people unless you’ve got some really specific appeal to a certain group or you’re specializing for multiple varied targets.

Just to give you an idea of what I’m thinking . . . rallying behind a political or social cause, something that engages a specific group on a level a bit deeper than just pop music.

Now there was one glimmer of hope in this latest Facebook campaign, which excited me a lot because it gave me hope that soon, more artists that I’m dealing with will understand how powerful leverage in online business can be.

One of my clients asked me if he could get another credit card and open another facebook account from another computer . . . could he get another $200 worth of ads?

Yup. He sure could. Oh so what I mean is if everyone in your band has a credit card you can each get $200 worth of ads on facebook? Yup. That’s right.

Thats sure a lot of money to spend on targeting the 200 million people on facebook!

Wait til I teach them how to use it right.

But wait. What if we got ALL our most LOYAL FANS to ALSO use their credit cards to get free facebook ads and run ads for us?

Oh boy you’re getting clever now.

That could be worth thousands of dollars worth of ads!

But how clever are you? Why don’t you leverage the value of the ads? I mean plenty of folk make plenty of cash spending money on Facebook ads. I don’t do marvellously but I do okay.

What I’m trying to say is why use all your facebook ads TRYING to make money when they could be used to make more moneyfor someone else . . . who will pay you for that?

I guess I could buy them off you for 50c to the $1. Or hey you could just pay me in Facebook ads, that way you’ve pretty much got yourself a free web guru.
Can you dig it?

Leverage online is a strange beast alright.

But this is why I love the music business now. Because music is all about feeling and meaning, and those feelings and meaning create affinity and bonds and trust in you from your fans.

It creates relationships. And when you have relationships that are strong with a lot of people who have credit cards who trust you and your brand not to rip them off then you can leverage the extraordinary value placed on these peoples purchasing power – simply because they have a valid credit card – by large reputable online businesses that are practically crawling all over each other to gain market share by offering ridiculous amounts of benefits and free stuff as long as they can identify that someone has that purchasing power.

It just has to be aggregated and organised.

As usual, as I suggested, I will be guinea pigging this stuff myself.

If you have a lot of valid credit cards amongst your band members we can probably look at sorting something out at some point so effectively I’ll be working for you for free.

It’s completely legit and above board – I like to think I have a reputation and a brand thats worth protecting!

You wont be giving your credit card details to me, you’ll just be signing up for all kinds of crazy offers, which directly benefit me, so that I’m able to collect and work as I usually would for an artist for free.

Obviously this is a great deal but I probably wont be wading into it for a few months I’ve got enough going on. Even so you should still give me a call to discuss it because I guess I’d be pretty handy to have around if you really need a marketing guy but cant afford anything extra to pay for it.

Gotta love leverage baby. It’s my new crusade to get money back in the hands of musicians!

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