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by Matt @ Kurb on December 15, 2008

Interested in online music marketing, cheap graphic design, or youtube promotions for your band or performing act? Or are you interested in building one way back links? I have tonnes of high PR niche sites to swap one way links from, so get in touch:

Alright right now I am getting right into whitehat search engine optimisation!

Whitehat search engine optimisation is good guy by-the-book seo, which means it’s a little bit of hard work, there’s no shortcuts, but it is really effective when done right.

So we’re combining what we learnt about anchored keywords when showing link love on your music artist blog, with a lesson about how to go about creating one way back links from relevant sites – the most effective seo links you can get.

We learnt before why I want to anchor my link with music marketing or DVD duplication. Because people aren’t looking for Matt @ Kurb, they’re looking for someone who can give them music marketing services or a dvd duplication company.  So I need to put that in the “anchor text” to tell google that thats whats going on.

That’s what’s going to help whatever I’m linking to come up for that exact term in google searches.

So we’ve learnt how to build an effective backlink, now we’re going to learn about using whitehat techniques – otherwise known as “asking nicely” – to get one way links from relevant sites.

A one way backlink with exact keyphrases anchoring it  from a highly relevent and highly ranked site is the holy grail of search engine optmisation.

Now I’ve always been shy of hard work as some of you will know, I haven’t had a proper job in 8 years, and that’s as it should be, because there’s so many ways that you can make yourself more valuable in general by leveraging a brand and offering products and services online.

I first began learning about search engine optimisation over 5 years ago so it was quite an epiphany when I moved beyond myspace promotion and all this stuff I’d begun learning about but never had any results with began to come back to me.

The problem was, like most musicians I wasn’t keen to keep putting effort into it at the time because it didn’t pay off immediately. Mainly because their weren’t nearly so many people online. The internet was still a novelty. But like a lot of things in my creative career,  what I learned and appreciated at that point became extremely valuable to me later.

But through learning about automating myspace  began learning all the tricks I do now about promoting music online and the types of techniques that internet marketers used.

I first recognised the power of SEO because my myspace promotion had been so effective – and this was before they bought in all the anti spam measures such as msplinks – that I was dominating google results for some of my original businesses – my postering business and my cd and dvd duplication service.

For CD Duplication I used to get nicely up around 3 or 4 which guaranteed me continued business.

What this gave me was a chance to recognise how powerful ranking in Google could be.

I must of had one of the shoddiest looking DVD Copying sites around, but the google traffic in combination with my other marketing tactics, ensured I got a good amount of business.

Of course about 18 months ago, myspace bought in msplinks and killed the massive google juice I was getting from their site, I think my old kurb site is still blacklisted by myspace, but also, because it’s been up there for 5 years, it still gets massive SEO advantages. This is why it’s so important just to get your website set up on a domain you intend to stick with, even if it’s not pretty.

Now since then blogging, pay per click and a little bit of ad supported revenue has kept things moving for me online until I recently got my first gig doing SEO consultation which put me under pressure to get results. It was a little bit iffy there, but I ended up suprising myself, so after a brief flirt with being a ppc expert, which I definitely endorse when done right, I am also back into “organic search”.

I’ve also been influenced recently by an internet marketing guru who is completely lazy and refuses to do all but a very small amount of work. He swears by playing by the rules. 100 decent links will trump 10,000 trash links any day of the week. In New Zealand the competition tends to be so weak that you still beat your competitors even when you’re being penalised.

But the advice I’m getting here from one of the big boys is that the key is relevance.

Yes I want linksfor dvd duplication and dvd copying. But those links are only as good as the sites they come from and if the site has nothing to do with DVD’s then there’s no way I’ll reap the benefits I could be if it was.

It’s all about relevance.

Now the second point is about “link exchanges” link exchanges are good, but they are nowhere near as effective as one way links, a link where they link to you

This is where webmasters will often get together, if I can get a link for “music marketing” or “cd duplication” off a music site, then I will link to them from one of my other sites mainly because it’s no longer my main blog part has a PR4 ranking which means it passes a lot of influence and webmasters are always keen for me to link to them from there.

I also have a lot of PR3’s which are fairly decent too.

If I can get an internet marketing or a technology blogger to link to music marketing or dvd copying I will often then link to them from my small business marketing blog

This shows why it’s so effective to have more than one site, and also be developing niche properties on and where you can build your niche link exchanges, and generally do a few other trashy things that your adoring fans might find a little less than rock star.

Remember when I said that internet marketing is all about “owning more of the web”? This is what I’m talking about. Developing and levearging online niche properties. Everyday, more niches are being filled online by newcomers capturing that space with a new blog or site, pretty soon becoming an online entrepreneur from your bedroom isn’t going to be as easy as it has been, and nor is creating impact and attention in entertainment.

See, I counted up how many “splogs” I have. Over 50, almost 60.  Well They’re not really splogs. A splog is a blog that rips articles from an rss feed and reposts them autommatically. My splogs are just trashy nich based blogs that I put next to no effort into just so I can expand my web presence.

As I say, links from these sites are not highly valued, but get enough of them . . . and of course where I’m able to leverage these blogs for links back to my main sites, they are very effective.

So to finish up . . .

Who wants to do keyword link exchanges with me on their blogs?

Have you got a blog or a site or a particular post on your blog that talks about music, cd/dvd, graphic design or youtube or – is your website based on a New Zealand server?

Google’s geo targeting also means that websites who are closer to who’s searching are also deemed more relevant, which is particularly of concern where my DVD business is involved because I only offer these service within New Zealand.

Websites on a NZ server or containing a are both considered as being more relevant to NZ searchers.

My terms of course are

Music Marketing” or “Online Music Marketing

DVD duplication” and “DVD copying

and my new businesses I’m devlopoing

youtube promotions

cheap graphic design

small business marketing
All you have to do is copy the links above and past them into a blog post – editing them into a post that you’ve already done on a relevant topic is a great way to give me my link without raising readers suspicions.

If your sites aren’t too trashy and are decent, I can give you sweet as one way links from my wordpress blog as well as this one – both very high quality sites, PR4 and PR3, and of course I’ve got plenty of music sites that I can also give you one way links from.

Whitehat SEO one way link exchanges in music baby. Let it work for you!

Drop me a line at if you’re keen on an exchange!

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