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by Matt @ Kurb on December 29, 2008

You guys have got every reason to be excited here at the Music Marketing Management blog because I just released a new post on my small business marketing blog on the top 10 most successful internet marketing strategies for 2009, and I’m going to going redux on it when I re-analyse this post for the online music marketing tip.

That’ll be coming up.

But there’s a few points to consider however.

Musicians have other opportunities that small businesses don’t to create a positive brand that resonates and motivates your “tribe”, which in a global, digital environment can be skillfully managed to create income.

I’ve still got a post coming up about that also, more meaty strategies to leverage an audience for music revenue.

But you must have a strong email list to do this, for a start. Which means a compelling strategy or proposition to get those emails.

But the one thing small businesses do have down where musicians are falling short online is that the average small business website may be just as crusty and purposeless as yours but at least they’re experienced in producing and fulfilling sales.
What have you got that’s so special I’ll want to fork out for it? Oh those plastic things, those CD’s. Do I really want more plastic stuff cluttering up my house?

No, I don’t, I want the experience! I want something to happen to me that’s awesome, not some bit of plastic I end up standing on and scratching beyond use.

Remember that tune “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus?

Listen to that guy raving in the comments on!

“There is no physical future for NEW & YOUNG artists. But that’s not something you can expect old people who run old labels that sell old music to embrace. We already know this: they think youth and youth culture are only good for cooking and eating.

Vinyl will survive in pockets, but if you are a new artist and you have a young audience then physical is a waste of money and time.

I’m not talking about Disney acts. I’m talking about real music for people who have begun to think, work and spend their own money.”

That guy nailed it. We’re living in changing times people. Again on my small business blog I held up my top 10 list of 2009 marketing strategies and compared against different business models.  Advertising, Search, and Social media are going to work differently for different acts and the demographic of their niche audience.

Anyway. That’s all I wanted to say.

Music acts have naturally powerful brands. Small businesses are organisations that have commodified a product or service successfully.

A business needs to develop it’s brand to engender loyalty, a band needs to understand how to turn brand/fan loyalty into revenue.

So when I get an email asking about my  music marketing services this is what I’ll think straight away.

This is the stuff I want to know about before I even think about myspace promo, youtube promo, social media SEO, PPC, online campaigns, etc.

1: bringing presentation to a professional standard

If your website looks crappy then you’re obviously trying to build some kind of sympathy/authenticity vibe. That works. Look at me, I’ve had crappy presentation. But watch what happens in the next month or 2 when my presentation and brand value comes up to standard. Put it this way, you can get a start, but you’re not going to be giving up your day job unless your website is AWESOME.

2: compelling proposition (free mp3 etc.)

I’m doing well because my propositions are competitive. You can get value from reading my blog for free, and I reckon you should read my blog for at least a month or two before you think about emailing me for online music marketing service. About 200 new people come to this blog every week, and at least one of them always wants to spend money. And if they do spend US$500 to start a 3 month digital coaching and music marketing campaign with me, that’s a lot cheaper than the $US2000-3000 you’d spend on a credible US based company.


3: outcome focus (selling things is not always the easiest path immediately, I tend to encourage email list building initially)

We’ve already talked about why list building is so important. I’m likely to be blogging all year about those little extra income streams that are available, because I know you’re going to be a lot happier just with an extra $100 per week.

No maybe you don’t want frickin dating site ads and bloody “free ipod” nonsense on your site or going out to your email list. But it’s lucky I’m smarter than I look because it’s something we can play with.

Look, I’m just gonna go start getting a bit of money there, then I’ll come back and we can talk about how you can make some money without looking like a dick in front of your fans who are your priority.

4: online marketing

We can do myspace promotion, we can do youtube promotion, we can hit the social media hotspots, we can do big roll outs over blogs, forums, classified sites, we can do SEO, PPC, we can reach out to influencers, we can leverage our own content with distribution strategies, blogs, p2p

Marketing. It’s what we do.

We can do it all. But seriously what’s the point if you’re not able to convert that attention into profit at some stage?

5: leveraging content (blogs, video etc.)

Are you even writing your damn blog? I’m in a state of slef flagellation over my lack of progress in video.

I MUST drop new youtube videos in the next month if I want to retain even a scrap of respect in the online music marketing scene.

Except I’ve got that gen X thing going on where I’m oh so precious about my brand and want to wait until my skin is clear and my hair looks right. Sheesh. The 00’s are almost over and I’m still reaching for the airbrush???

Do. Your. Content.

Keywords and Memes. Do it. Do it. Do it.

So there’s a quick checklist there I run when starting up with a new client.

What’s the moral of todays story?

You may think you’re ready for marketing.

Because you think marketing is about lots of people knowing about you.

Well it’s not! It’s about making money. So you can continue to pursue what you love and build on it.

But you’re not ready to start making money from music online, you only think you’re prepared. We’ve got to get you prepared, and that could take 3 months on it’s own!

And I’m really glad I have great designers, promoters and writers here at kurb to help artists get to a place where they are actually successful, because just having great songs, or a pretty website, or something free to give away doesn’t mean much until you work out how it’s going to pay.

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