Music Marketing: Rebranding in Action for Matt @ Kurb

by Matt @ Kurb on December 12, 2008

So it’s total rebranding in action these holidays at music marketing management.

I’ve been poking around the subject recently, and then I started out describing how after 4 years doing kurb I’ve managed to establish a good income from digital music enterprises and I described something of the sacrifices I’ve made to do that.

Then I went to describe how this was precisely an example of using a story that builds concepts around my brand, because branding messages in stories like this connect us with our audiences.

This was a story of my journey to create a decent living working in the digital music business and that reflects the message behind this blog’s brand. Making money. Creating income. Deriving revenue. For anyone with an internet connection who can write, record, or point a camera and wants to make money doing it for themselves.

Now today’s post is designed to hopefully bring that story out a bit more.

Because at the end of the last post I said:

“Because even I want to be able to leave my job and become a powerful and valuable internet brand and content provider.”

This is what I’m saying and the conclusion I reached by committing to develop my brand.

You could stay at your job and do music on the side. I could keep doing what I do running my businesses and developing new business ideas.

But I think there’s more. I know there’s more for those who want to commit to earning from content online – because that’s what this blog is about!

If I can can create a full time income from digital business – content products and services, then so can you.

But there’s also more for me. I’m ready to go further, yet It’s the same path. We’ve got to throw ourselves into articulating our brand so we connect deeply with our tribe. Our tribe, those people to whom we are a leader and influencer, because our message provides them with so much value.

I don’t want to be some lumped in with common dime-a-dozen overnight “social media experts”.

I actually know how to make money online and enjoy doing it on a day to day basis, that is the basis of the brand and leadership I provide on this blog.

How can you become a leader and inspire your tribe without strong concepts that provide value?

The hangers on and the passers by aren’t our concern. Our true fans, our tribe is our main concern. To lead your tribe, you’ve got to find your tribe, or more likely they’ve got to find you, so you’ve got to be bold and visionary and carry a message that resonates, have a powerful brand that speaks to people.

Even one that polarizes people and gets them all worked up. Your fans are looking for a leader so lead them!

My brand, I discovered, already polarizes people, and as I’ve become more successful I decided it was time to start embracing it.

I’m not sure if you know who Gary Vaynerchuk is. He’s a well know internet entrepreneur who is known for being very successful and somewhat annoying. He presents his online tv show “wine library” passionately and hyperactively, and it’s not exactly a sophisticated affair, it’s generally him sitting at his desk swilling wine and talking a million miles an hour in his chipmink voice.

He is well known for throwing his passion into his work in a way that poloarizes people. And the end of the day he is irritating, but he is recognised for the brand he has created and has become a very successful online entrepreneur because of it. His online wine store turns over US$50m pa.

So let’s be bold enough to build powerful brands that connect with people that we can leverage. Build a vibe that’s big. Don’t play it safe, but make sure you can back it up, maverick.

Powerful brands are built on strong messages and strong messages are not always well received, but at least if you upset somebody, you know you’re making waves.

I must admit I’m still a little bit apprehensive about the months ahead as I’m articulating my new brand, because I’m moving forawrd and I’m not going to be playing it safe.

The brand I want to build represents building success online and what that means to me, part of that is the freedom of knowing I never have to work for anybody else, and I’m at liberty to say what I like.

No one can fire me.

The brand I want to build represents building revenue and income, and enjoying the lifestyle I’ve always wanted, and that lifestyle is the embodiment of me, it’s the embodiment of everything I’ve strived for.

That will be my brand, that’s my story, and I’m the main character. And just as that story has only begun, so the story must go on, as I continue to develop my success with my online digital content and bringing more of my personal character to that.

So no one has to like my attitude, like my stories or my new brand. They don’t have to make money for the reasons I do. But they’re going to need my attitude if they want to learn how to make money online in music.

So what’s your story? What’s going to be the compelling story and powerful brand you employ to draw people into your tribe, what is the message that will connect them and bring their support behind you?

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