Making Sacrifices to Build Value and Make Money in Music

by Matt @ Kurb on December 12, 2008

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Just reading a bit on Digital Audio Insider discussing a piece from another Music Industry Blog how the majority of musicians aren’t just in it for the love.

Musicians got to eat. What they’re saying is that they don’t want the rock star lifestyle, they just don’t want to have to work a crappy job.

Of course that spoke to me because that’s the brand I’m building here now at Music. Makreting. Management. No nonsense, just revenue strategies for musicians and content providers to create income.

To me, this is really important because it’s not really that hard. To me, spending a fair few years being dirt broke and some of the painful mistakes I made over that time in the music business was worth it.

It was hard for awhile not knowing where I would end up. It was hard losing money because I was driven by desperation and I wasn’t clued up. I just knew I loved music and I couldn’t stand being told what to do. I couldn’t waste my precious time working for somebody else when all these ideas and dreams were bubbling in my head.

I made sacrifices. And from those sacrifices I can tell you you’re not going to get to where I am without making sacrifices that have played out over years. I started Kurb 51 months ago, I only started earning “decent” money about 21 months ago – I earn at least twice what I did then now, and I’ll probably earn twice what I do now in another 21 months.

It’s really important to note that now that I have money behind me and experience, it’s a lot easier to put everything together. I have resources now.

So sure, in 21 months it would have taken me a full 6 years of full time effort to “make it” in the online digital music business. Where are you in terms of that 6 years full time effort buidling your digital music business?

Have you got a spare 6 years?

I wouldn’t be here if I finished my degree and worked a job. I wouldn’t be here if I was married with kids. That’s just the truth, you may be different, but I couldn’t have done it otherwise. it’s just something you have to take on board if you want to be successful in online music.

But I don’t think I did anything special. I’ve just worked hard pretty much every day for the last 4 years.

What I’m saying is that online success is not hard unless you think it’s going to happen in less than a year, without you quitting your job.

Sure, you can pay me. That’s going to help. It’s going to let you move forward throug ha lot of barriers and dead ends that held me back, but I can’t put 4 years of work into a 3 month campaign.

You think if I was offering to get you earning a 6 figure yearly gross next year I’d be charging $200 p/month for it?

We’re living in a new era now. There’s a revolution in communication and global culture and content going on that you can be a part of, like I am. It’s the future. I’m a part of it and I love it.

I love knowing I’d be earning less now even if I had finished my degree and spent the last 6 years at a marketing firm.

As a broke musician, I’d truly given up hope of becoming as successful as I am slowly becoming now, and every passionate musician has the ability to become as successful as I am – with solid knowledge of modern digital music and internet marketing practices – I truly believe it.

But it will take years and it will take sacrifice. It will take expert support from someone who’s done it, such as myself, and you will have to apply yourself. You will have to make a commitment. It won’t happen for you despite my or anybody else’s help.

If you want to leave your job and build a full time income, I think you can do it. But to build a better life for yourself, following your passion, you’ve got to make it happen and be prepared to make sacrifices.

Next I’m going to talk about how these messages fit into the new brand I’m building for myself, and how drilling down on what’s meaningful to you can help create crucial branding messages that connect you with your fans, and their hopes and dreams.

Next Up: Expressing Your Brand and Marketing Your Story to Build Value and Make Money in Music.

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