Make Money Online With Music: Sales First

by Matt @ Kurb on December 16, 2008

I’m so excited I’m heading into the quiet time of the year for me as far as my main dvd duplication and dvd copying operation goes and although I’ll be beavering away on client websites, I’m right back into the internet marketing scene.

Checking out lots of gurus.

Now one guru who I’ve been getting a great deal of knowledge off recently did a series where he pointed out that the beginning of any internet marketing campaign begins with sales.

It doesn’t end with sales, it begins with sales on a website. Sales of a product, a service . . . a fixed fee for some bundled content, any or all of those future music business models we love here on this blog.

This is why I’m doing the work I am with artists, building music and artist sites that are going to work. Because unless you can prove that you have a website and you are selling a product, and that sales are actually happening , there’s no point launching an online music marketing campaign just to have a whole lot of people come to your site and not buy anything.

If anything it should help you understand perhaps people want to buy your products or experience your music in a more interesting and accessible way than a CD.

And understand that we do want to sell things. We do want to leverage propositions, we want to make money online with our music. BUT we can also understand that it’s not easy anymore and just getting those email sign ups means we’re still moving forward towards music monetization.

Sales are hard. But emails are something.

This is the thing, old guruface reckons you don’t even need a product. Once you implement solid online music promotion tactics, you can read the market, and gauge the potential receptivity of a product or service you may only still be developing. It’s clever stuff once you know what you’re doing with a strong email list and traffic flow to your website.

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