How Much? Comparing Prices and Costing for Online Music Marketing and Management Services

by Matt @ Kurb on December 6, 2008

Need online marketing and management services for your music or band? Our service here at kurb is comprehensive and covers all your online marketing and music management services at the most competitive price for this kind of company – starting at only US$500 for 3 months

Places are strictly limited – email to discuss your digital marketing needs

I’ve only been in this business for a little under two years, which is quite a bit when you consider how new online music marketing services are, and how fresh the digital music industry still is.

I don’t claim to know everything about online music marketing, I began with a range of techniques that I knew were successful. Distributing content through out channels and platforms and automating promotion on sites such as myspace was initially quite effective.

When I was forced to reevaluate the value of myspace promotion for bands, I quickly got an idea of how quickly the roles of a fan manager or online revenue facilitator or web guru or whatever you want to call it would have to be continually expanding to meet the needs of artists in a rapidly changing industry.

I moved from thinking what software, what tricks and insider secrets would I be able to provide for clients to give them an edge online, to how to create a full and complete service for musicians so that their online marketing and management requirements are met.

Not just the quick fix of instant gratification, but lasting success in engaging and monetizing loyal fans.

That’s why I’ve added so much to my service. Sure we do Myspace and Youtube promotions with automation but that’s not even really a major part.

Professional musicians need professional platforms and to use technology in a professional, brand conscious way. You can’t be a professional musician without this any more.

All through the middle of this year I had to learn about administering websites with my own domains and my own hosting. I new a little about web design but I really had to bring myself up to speed with website administration so I could continue to progress toward the goal of creating a complete online music marketing and management solutions.

There’s no point me doing all my fancy scripts and bots and SEO tricks etc. just to have web designers and graphic designers charging you the earth for stuff that’s pretty straight forward. The digital environment is like that, there’s always experts waiting to overcharge you.

Musicans, especially up and comers need affordable services but they also need them to be solid in order to benefit in the long run. A friends list of 10,000 on mysapce is nothing if you don’t engage them. But when you’re a musician developing and marketing an online brand – especially if you’re not established – this is a lot of work that requires professional attention if you’re to take your music career to the next level.

I had to bring on web designers, graphic designers, people ready to carry out the excruciatingly boring SEO tasks that are required to make a broad impact on the net. These things need to be in place and to be affordable or you just won’t get the result, even after months of work.

My focus, as I’ve refined my brand is simply solid strategies for revenue based on my success and the rudiments of online marketing. As I’ve said before, if you want to make money from a digital model, it’s best to start looking at people who are already successful making money online and learning what you can – which is what I do, and probably the reason I’ve become successful in such a short time despite – as is the point of this article – I charge about 2-3 times less what others do in this niche.

I don’t provide a service for this cost that will do everything. I don’t work with a lot of established artists who have the budget for that which is about US$500-$2000 p/month.

That’s what you can expect to pay once you have reached the “1000 true fans” model.

If you haven’t got a 1000 true fans then you’re probably best to stick with someone like me who charges $US200-400 p/month.

For that price, I can’t wave a magic wand and make you famous. This service is designed to make it affordable for unestablished and up and coming new musicians to start growing toward a break even point, growing towards making the “1000 true fans” model work. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it usually won’t happen in 3 months either.

We’re on a digital timeline now. Things take time, and that’s not just waiting, but working as well.

Overtime, my earnings have increased because I’ve been committed to the strategies I espouse and deliver for our clients. Without commitment to the work being done, artist can’t expect to move forward.

Let’s look and compare some basic online music marketing and management services – these are based on real examples of reputable service providers.

Publicity focused – COST: $US2000 for 3 months

Publicity focuses on servicing your content – whether music or traditional PR that solicits for media mentions and attention- to media organisations, from radio and other music organisations to

Usually when I’m working with an artist I won’t suggest publicity until you’re ready to start spending this kind of money, you’ve already established a track record with digital earnings.

Sure, it’s like Andrew Dubber says – first, fans must HEAR the music before they BUY it.

But what’s the point in firing up your audience if you haven’t got a proven system to make money? What’s the point in engaging fans if you have no proven way of maintaining a profitable relationship with them?

Publicity is also very much based on the old model that is currently being uprooted. Firing out a blast of music to the world is great and worked when radio stations still mattered. But the world is becoming more niche, more long tail, how do you identify and engage your core?

Your fans are the ones that make you your money – how is it done?

Sure your fans must hear music before they want to buy it, but you’ve got to remember people are buying less and less music – at least “copies” of music anyway.

How can publicity help you directly monetize your music at that crucial stage where you must create cashflow from sales, fees and other revenue to recoup, reinvest, and continue to progress?

So with publicity you could easily spend $US2000 and have your song playing on dozens or maybe hundreds of internet radio stations etc. but are really able to leverage the attention you get from those sources to earn of fans long term?

Fan Management focused – COST: $US500-2000 for 1 month

We talked about fan management recently. We’ve talked about why this is so important – because your fans are your core revenue.

If anyone is going to buy copies of your music, it will be a fan. If anyone is going to buy merch,

Fan management means creating the platforms and  the professional branding touches that show that you’re a serious artist to your fans.

It’s about your websites and your social network remaining active and engaged, it’s about facilitating the artists content within the digital space to keep fans interested and contributing to the musician.

But the issue with fan management is that it illustrates that maintaining a fan base is a task in itself.

This kind of fan management is designed for bands and musicians, acts that already have at least 1000 true fans who are committed to them.  These are acts and artists who already have the following, now they just need to continue the interactions so that when new products and value propositions are presented, there is high engagement from established users and so income streams – whether from traditional music copies or otherwise – remain solid.

The fan management model, although essential for established professional musicians, doesn’t help artists to establish more and new fans and create revenue in the most creative and innovative ways.

Internet Marketing focused – (that’s me) COST: $US500 – 1000

Now of course one of the main reasons I charge less is that I come from New Zealand. It’s nowhere near a third world country but our currency has taken an absolute hammering over the last few months, so I can afford to charge half as much as my competitors and still do well for myself.

But when it comes down to technique, I’m all about transferring what I see working in internet marketing over to musicians. So when I’m working with musicians in marketing and management, the first priority is to create platforms that have the potential to become revenue sources in the future.

Now I’ve taken it one step further – my track record speaks for itself – I’ve learnt to earn a 6 figure income online, I know how and what works, it’s just a matter of transfering my successful strategies to my artists and for artists to get real:

US$500 over 3 months is not going to get you to where I am after having spent 3-4 years building this business and if you would be happy with a 6 figure annual income, then you should respect that.

Let’s look at some points why I believe the internet marketing approach is the most effective for music marketing and management online:

– It comes down, as I said, to proven strategies. Internet Marketers are experienced in creating income online – sure, their bread and butter tends to be weight loss, dating sites, credit cards and pharmaceuticals but these guys only do stuff that works, and they don’t bother with anything else. If you’re in this seriously, then you realise you’re in business

– SEO and Google. Google was made to find things, and it’s success at that has made it one of the biggest brands on the planet. Being found on Google is the most straightforward, easy and possibly cheapest way an ordinary person can get a lot of exposure and make a lot of money.

– innovation: The selling of copies of music is an old model and old ways of thinking are not going to engage or excite people. We need to look to internet marketers to see the techniques that even excitable young teenagers who consider themselves internet marketers use to engage their audience and get traction, because they work. Marketers know understand the power of value, and leveraging the knowledge that they cannot control their content in the digital environment.

They must rely on activity that is conveyed as strong, powerful marketing, branding and sales propositions.

I’m talking about techniques that online marketers use – list building, membership sites, sales funnels with cross selling and  upselling, niche tapping, scaling vertically and horizontally, outsourcing as much as possible, building backlinks, building blogs, building landing pages, running ppc campaigns on landing pages, affiliate marketing offers, leveraging income from free sign ups, using competitions and free content to build subscribers, leveraging networks, launching joint ventures, leveraging other media for promotional purposes such as customized software and building you own apps . . .

All the way round to building and launching a product. Which is what a band used to do when it released an album and the labels used to be good at it.

But the old school mass media model is over and now if you a want to be successful you’re going to need some real modern marketing nous

And that is what I charge for starting at US$500 for 3 months.

To contact me email The price will be going up, it always has. When I started I was charging NZ$100 p/month.
So basically, in music marketing, you can engage and should engage media and influencers with publicity. You should have a fan manager who interacts and monetizes fan loyalty, once this becomes a seriously viable long term strategy, and judging that point could be critical.

But the cheapest and most essential thing I offer my clients is the power of technology.

The power of benefitting from a digital environment now. Benefitting with savings and affordability as well as leveraging tools and tricks that will not only expose you to more people and engage your targets, but provide techniques to advance these people from the casually interested to followers and fans who will become an asset that creates significant recurring income.

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